Kissing Advice: 6 Best Kissing Advices to learn Today

Few Kissing Advice to follow:

Is it OK to kiss on the first date?

I think it is OK to kiss on the first date.  I wouldn’t consider making out on the first date, but a goodbye kiss is nice. Click these links If you want to know more about how to kiss a guy or how to kiss a girl

How can I spice up my kissing?

I have some different kissing styles on my site.  Check them out at  Kissing Games

My boyfriend has a long tongue and he sticks it all the way down my throat.  What should I do?

Tell him honestly that you would prefer to be kissed with less tongue.  That you enjoy the feel of the tip of the tongue.  Otherwise, if you don’t tell him how will he know?  Tell him that you also want some variety and that you found some different types of kisses at my site and would like to try them out.

I feel like when I am kissing my boyfriend that I breathe too loud on his cheek.  Is that normal?


I’m afraid to kiss my boyfriend because my nose is too big, and it might get in the way and that would be embarrassing.  What should I do?

You shouldn’t worry about it.  Your nose won’t get in the way because your heads will be slightly tilted so that the noses won’t bump straight on.  And even people who have small noses bump occasionally so don’t sweat it.  Just enjoy it!

I’m a teenager and I haven’t been kissed.  I have a little sister who is 12 and is already kissing.  I am worried about her.  Is that the right age to be kissing?

I think that is pretty young to be kissing, but it seems that these days they’re starting younger and younger.  Don’t compare your inexperience with your sister’s experience.  Everybody has their first experience at different ages in their lives.  I’ve even had people in their 20’s tell me they haven’t kissed before. 

So you’re not alone in thinking that you should have kissed by now.  There is no age when you should be experiencing your first kiss.  When you meet someone right for you who you really care about and who cares about you, that is when you should be having your first kiss.  So don’t worry.  It will happen.  And chances are your little sister isn’t telling you the whole truth, either.