How to Kiss Your Girlfriend for the First Time

So, now you have a girlfriend! Are you wondering how you should kiss her for the first time? Keep reading and remember to take notes!


How to Kiss Your Girlfriend for the First Time

The context is very important. In actuality, women’s sexuality is contextual.

Some women can be turned on by looking at a beautiful flower. Some women can be turned on by looking at the sunset.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Many women have told me stories like that.

Hence, it’s your job to create the right context for your girlfriend so that she will feel turned on and aroused easily.

Some ladies can be aroused by getting physically closer to sexy men. Some women can even get wet by talking to hot guys. These aren’t surprising at all.

Now you’ve understood the gist – you have to create a romantic, sensuous setting for your girlfriend, particularly when you plan to kiss her for the first time.

Note that a romantic setting doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, most romantic contexts are very simple. It can be your home, as long as your home is clean and chic.

It can be a cinema, as long as the movie is romantic and sexy. It can be a coffeehouse, as long as the ambiance is warm and relatively dark.

But don’t try too hard, because if you try too hard, you will look low-value. For instance, please don’t use too many candles when you invite her to your place.

You can light one candle or two. But if you light 27 candles in order to impress her, she might be turned off instead. It’s just counterproductive.


How to Kiss Your Girlfriend for the First Time


Let’s say you’ve invited your girlfriend to your place and now you are ready to kiss her for the first time. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: You prepare background music, candles, and wine before she enters your house.

Step 2: You build massive sexual tension by looking at her eyes and her lips while drinking wine (don’t kiss her immediately; give her some time and space first).

Don’t hide your desire. Be honest with her. You are a normal dude with a normal libido. There is nothing wrong with you.

Step 3: If she gives you positive signals, you know it’s on. For instance, you hold her hand and pinch her fingers slightly. If she also pinches your fingers slightly, you know it’s definitely on.

Step 4: You push her against the wall in a relatively aggressive way after she has been aroused. This demonstrates your masculine character.

Step 5: You slowly, gently give her a soft kiss on her lips. This demonstrates your gentle flair.

Note that Step 4 and Step 5 are the unique pairings, i.e. you show her that you are an alpha guy with a gentle side in your personality. And she will appreciate that! As a matter of fact, she will be turned on further because of that unique pairing!

Bonus techniques:

  1. If your girlfriend is wet enough, you can sleep with her by initiating the foreplay in the living room and then finishing the intercourse in the bedroom. This won’t make her feel like a slut.
  2. If your girlfriend isn’t ready for intimacy yet, you should respect that. Perhaps you can do it next time.