How to Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time

Congratulations! Now you have a boyfriend! Well, technically, he will officially become your boyfriend after the first kiss. Are you ready for that intriguing moment?

Best Tips to Kiss your Boyfriend for the First Time

Dress in a sexy and elegant way.

Kiss your Boyfriend for the First Time

Please note that too many women want to be sexy rather than elegant these days. That’s sad because high-value men generally prefer elegant women.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you should only show one side of your personality in front of him. In fact, I highly encourage you to be a multi-dimensional woman in love.

Therefore, it’s perfectly okay to be sexy and elegant at the same time. For instance, you can wear a beige silk dress which shows your cleavage. Meanwhile, you can wear a longer necklace with its pendant pointing at your cleavage.

When you are dressed up in this way, your boyfriend will begin to have sexual thoughts while being with you. Hence, he is very likely to kiss you.

Suggest that you are ready for the first kiss under the radar.

Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time

Let’s say you and your boyfriend are drinking wine in his house. Now you can give him subtle signals:

  • Your fingers are tapping the stem of your wine glass slightly. This is a very sexy move. Of course, if this is something you want to do, you should probably paint your nails beforehand and always use hand cream.
  • Introduce the grand re-entrance. That means if your boyfriend hasn’t kissed you after quite a while, you can go to the toilet and re-apply some lipstick (make sure there isn’t any lipstick on your teeth). You may even change the color of your lips entirely, e.g. if you were wearing nude lipstick previously, now you can wipe that lip color and wear hot pink lipstick instead. When you come back, you look better (and different) – that’s a grand re-entrance which is very refreshing. Now he might begin to have sexy thoughts and probably want to kiss you.
  • Ask him to help you with your necklace. Figure out a way to loosen the clasp of your necklace, and then ask him to help you with your necklace. When he is fixing the clasp, he will get very close to you and can smell your perfume. Then he is very likely to kiss you as a result.

Make the first kiss inevitable.

Make the first kiss inevitable

Because this is the initial honeymoon stage of your relationship, everything looks perfect. That’s why the first kiss is actually inevitable if you plan logistics right and you give him enough signals.

For example, you can take out a small bottle of perfume and spray it on your hair or your neck in front of him. Then you ask him, “Do you like this scent?” Now he will get very close to your face, so he will possibly kiss you.

Or you can bring a bottle of kombucha and try to open the bottle. Then you say this to him, “Oh, I can’t open the bottle. Could you help me?” Make yourself sound like a child, and then his heart will melt because he wants to look after you so much!

As you give him the bottle, your hand “accidentally” touches his hand. When he gives the kombucha back to you, your hand “accidentally” touches his hand again. Note that while doing this, you should sit very close to him so that kissing him is unavoidable!