How to Kiss On the First Date

We live in an ADHD modern world where things happen very fast. Therefore, kissing on the first date is commonplace nowadays.

Pre-frame the kiss.

Kiss On the First Date

No matter you are a man or a woman, you should totally be prepared for the kiss on the first date because it happens more often than you think.

That means you should not have bad breath. Hence, it is very important to brush your teeth, floss your teeth and eat a mint before going out for the first date with someone you like.

If you are a man, I would like to encourage you to wear a colognecol as the right scent will turn women on. Invest in an expensive cologne if you have the budget – this will make you look more high-value because how you smell is a factor which determines women’s perception of you.

If you don’t have that kind of budget, you can go to the department store and try different colognes. Then you will decide which one suits you.
Kiss On the First Date - perception

A high-end department store should have coffee beans available because each time when you finish smelling one cologne, you will need to smell coffee beans before you try another cologne – in this way, the scent will remain authentic from your point of view.

Once you’ve identified which cologne is the best for you, you would be well-advised to wear it for at least two hours and see if you still like it. This is because the scent may change after a while.

Okay. If you’ve decided that you like a certain cologne, you can buy it from below links. Of course, you may also buy it when it’s on sale with a discount in the department store.

Perception is reality in many cases.

If you are a woman, you can also wear a perfume that turns men on. My suggestion is wearing a feminine perfume that a man can’t find in his own home.

I know some women prefer unisex perfumes, but that’s not the best approach if you want men to kiss you on the first date.

Remember: we all want what can’t appear on ourselves when it comes to dating and relationships. That’s why masculinity is attracted to femininity.

Therefore, a woman should wear a feminine perfume, e.g. Chanel No. 5, Miss Dior and Princess by Vera Wang.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Here is how to do it properly:

I highly encourage you to spray some perfume on a cotton ball and put it in the middle of your cleavage, i.e. in your bra. This will draw a man’s attention to your breasts in his subconscious mind.

No matter your cleavage looks perfect or not, you can make it look even better by applying some makeup on your cleavage, i.e. use some highlighter towards your breasts and use some light brown eyeshadow in the center of your cleavage.

This will emphasize your cleavage, thereby turning him on under the radar.

Get ready for the kiss

Get ready for the kiss

All right. You’ve pre-framed the kiss by preparing well for the date. Now you are on the first date with someone hot, so it’s time to get ready for the actual kiss!

If you are a man, it’s your job to initiate the kiss. All you need to do is to read a woman’s signals right.

For instance, when a woman gives you intense eye contact on the first date, that means she is interested in you. When a woman’s voice becomes husky to some degree during the conversation, she is attracted to you.

When she laughs at every joke of yours, she wants to impress you. When she finds excuses to “accidentally” touch you, she definitely likes you.

These are all signals of wanting to be kissed by you. If you see more than one signal, you should initiate the kiss.

If you are a woman, it’s your job to make him want to kiss you. For example, make sure your nails are painted well and use your fingers to “accidentally” touch your lips – this can be done when you are laughing at his jokes.

When your beautiful nails touch your lips, he will pay special attention to your lips, even if your nails look better than your lips.

According to Anna Bey (founder of School of Affluence and a jet-set babe), high-value men prefer women whose nails are painted beautifully.

That being said, don’t overdo this – you aren’t supposed to paint your nails, wear rings and wear bracelets at the same time. That doesn’t make you look elegant.

Instead, you should choose two, e.g. painted nails and a bracelet. Usually, I don’t encourage single women to wear rings in general (particularly not on your left hand).

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Enjoy the kiss like a pro

Enjoy the kiss like a pro

If you are a guy, it’s your responsibility to make your date enjoy the kiss. That is to say, you should give her a fantastic experience so that she will want more!

Of course, you should also enjoy the kiss yourself. Make it a memorable, mindful and magnificent kiss by kissing her upper lip, her lower lip and her tongue slowly.

If you are a lady, it’s your responsibility to make your date enjoy the kiss. (Yes, I know I’ve said the same thing to men as well, but this world will certainly become a better place if both men and women assume the responsibility to make each other’s lives more enjoyable).

You can do this by making some sexy noise with your sensual voice. Then he will know you like it, so he will be turned on further.

No matter you’re a guy or a girl, it’s totally fine to touch your date during the kiss on the first date, as long as both of you are into it.

Of course, if you are not interested in a full-on make-out session on the first date, that’s fine, too. You can save something for the second date!