How to Kiss a Tall Guy [Beginner Friendly]

Dating a guy who is much taller than you and wondering how to kiss him? You are reading the right article right now.

How to Kiss a Tall Guy (Best Tips)

Wear high heels.

Kiss a Tall Guy - high heels

If you know the guy you are dating is significantly taller than you, you would be well-advised to wear high heels because this will make you feel more confident and attractive.

As a matter of fact, your shoes are usually more important than your clothes because when you wear cheap clothes with a pair of good shoes, the look still works, but when you wear ugly shoes with very expensive clothes, the look is ruined.

Therefore, you may consider investing in a pair of high-quality high heels. They don’t have to be expensive, but they must be right.

Initiate intense eye contact when you two are in a relatively intimate space.

How to Kiss a Tall Guy-intimate space

Frankly, many Hollywood movies are great examples when it comes to how to kiss properly as the visual impact is oftentimes achieved with careful planning and design – very artistic and romantic.

Hence, when you are thinking about how to kiss a tall guy, you can look at some examples in movies such as 50 Shades of Grey in which the man and the woman are kissing in the elevator.

Next time when you enter the elevator (or lift) with your guy, you should totally initiate very intense eye contact with him, especially when nobody else is in the elevator.

Due to the small space, he will feel aroused by that and may want to kiss you then and there!

Chances are you only spend 20 seconds in the elevator, so he will probably begin to think about kissing you while you two are in the elevator. And then after leaving the elevator, he will kiss you immediately. And that’s even hotter!

The right position is key.

The right position is key - How to kiss a tall guy

If you and your guy are standing, you’d better embrace his neck so that the height difference isn’t an obstacle.

If you and your tall guy are sitting somewhere, the height difference isn’t a problem at all.

Thus, I highly encourage you to kiss a tall guy when you two are sitting side by side, e.g. when you are sitting on the sofa at home or in a romantic café. This is the best setting for you to kiss a tall guy.

Extra tips:

  1. Always make sure your lips are soft and beautiful. Please use lip balm before going to bed every night so that your lips are moisturized sufficiently all the time. Also, you may want to wear a natural lip color that doesn’t intimidate men (think pink or nude lipstick). A bonus technique is to wear a lip-plumping gloss that maximizes the volume of your lips – you will look instantly sexier when your lips are bigger because most men associate a woman’s lips with her honey pot.
  2. Wash your hair every day so that your tall guy can smell the fragrance of your hair when he is kissing you!