How to Kiss a Man [Best Tips for Experts]

Kissing a man is a skill. If you wonder how you can up your game in the dating department, then learning how to kiss a man properly will be the gamechanger.

Make him want to kiss you

Make him want to kiss you

The best salesperson makes the customer want to buy something because nobody wants to be sold to (people want to buy stuff). When you influence someone’s motive, you change the game.

Hence, making a man want to kiss you is so key. There are a variety of ways to achieve this result.

Let me explain.

First of all, you can emphasize your lips when you are applying makeup before the date. For instance, you may wear a plumping lip gloss after applying your lipstick. This will draw attention to your lips.

Note that you should avoid red lipstick or any dark lipstick because men feel intimidated by bright red lipstick and dark red lipstick. This is especially true during the daytime.

In other words, if you are going to have a date with a man before 5 pm, you’d better avoid red/dark red lipstick altogether. Instead, you might want to apply a pink lip color that looks more kissable. Second, when you are on the date, you can figure out a way to make him look at your lips.

For example, let’s say you and your date are eating ice cream together, you should totally use your tongue to lick your lips when the time is right. This can be done when you are drinking coffee or wine with your date as well. But please don’t overdo it!

Third, if your date still hasn’t kissed you yet, you can take out your mirror & lip gloss and re-apply lip gloss in front of him. Now he has to look at your lips, which means this makes him think about kissing you.

Plan the logistics

How to Kiss a Man guide

In order to make a man want to kiss you, you also need to plan the logistics well. Remember that a dinner date is usually not the right time for a kiss.

Because, when you are sitting in a fancy restaurant with your date, chances are you aren’t sitting side by side – when you are sitting side by side, it’s much easier to physically escalate.

However, most dinner dates don’t facilitate a make-out session because a typical dinner date looks like a job interview. Having said that, it doesn’t mean a dinner date isn’t valuable.

In fact, I would say a dinner date is highly valuable as this is the perfect time for your man to treat you right – you deserve the best food and the best environment. And you can make him want to kiss you after dinner!

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Perhaps your man will take you to the cinema after dinner, and that’s when you will sit side by side.

If that happens, you would be well-advised to see a horror movie together. In this case, you will need his physical “protection”, meaning he will have to touch you while seeing the movie together.

When the movie is over, your date will probably drive you home or walk you home. When you arrive home, you should say this to him, “Thank you for the wonderful night. I really enjoyed it.” Meanwhile, you look at his eyes and give him a genuine hug.

Kiss a Man - how to guide

Then you pause. And you look at his eyes again. This time, you should have orgasmic eyes, i.e. you look slightly drunk. Now he is very likely to kiss you if he is a well-calibrated guy.

Well, if he still hasn’t kissed you yet, there are two major possibilities:

1) He doesn’t like you – that’s fine because you shouldn’t be arrogant – not everyone likes you, and that’s okay! You just need to find the right guy who likes you.

2) He is a virgin. This is more common than you think because most men have much less sex than you would assume.

If he is not experienced at all, it’s your responsibility to teach him the right things. Trust me – nine times out of ten, a guy will be very grateful because an inexperienced young man usually wants a mature woman to teach him how to kiss properly.

Kiss him with a passion

Kiss him with a passion

When your man has initiated the kiss, you can use your tongue to tease him a little bit.

In this way, he will feel even more excited and intoxicated because not every woman has the courage to do that.

At the same time, you can touch the back of his neck, his back, his lower back, and his hair. Please note that men are yearning for women’s touch as well.

In the meantime, you can make some noises that indicate how much you enjoy the kiss.

This will encourage him to kiss you for longer and more passionately. In psychology, it is called “positive reinforcement”.

All right. If your man doesn’t initiate the kiss, you can initiate it. Let me show you how! This should be done at his place or your place (and shouldn’t be done in a public place such as a café).

Ask him to lie down on the couch and play some background music (think Enya or Secret Garden).

Tell him to close his eyes.

Yes, it’s time for you to kiss him upside down – in a unique way.

I’m pretty sure that this man hasn’t experienced anything like this before. This is creative, inspiring and naughty.

Indeed, when a woman initiates the kiss, it has to be artistic and unconventional – this will make you look high-value and memorable.

That’s how you give him an unforgettable kiss. Many years later, when he looks back, he will always remember this passionate kiss that other women wouldn’t give him.