How to Kiss a Guy Shorter Than You [Best Tips]

Are you dating a hot guy who is shorter than you? These days, more and more women are quite tall, so that some guys can be shorter than them. That’s very normal. So, if you plan on kissing a guy shorter than you, here is how!

Best Tips to Kiss a Guy shorter than you

Don’t wear high heels.


When you go out with a shorter guy, you’d better avoid wearing high heels. A female friend is a model who met a handsome guy at a party. She took off her shoes and left the venue with that guy – she didn’t want him to leave her because of her height.

Therefore, if you are a tall woman and you know the guy you are dating is shorter than you, you would be well-advised to avoid high heels when you are going out with him. In this way, you can feel more comfortable wearing comfortable shoes, and you don’t need to worry about intimidating him due to your height.

I understand that not wearing high heels can be annoying sometimes because you feel more confident when you are wearing high heels. Also, some clothes are supposed to match high heels to make the outfit work. Having said that, I’m pretty sure some ways allow you to dress well without wearing high heels.

For instance, you can wear a high-quality dress or jacket, meaning the item that occupies the largest percentage of your body should be amazing. Then your shoes won’t be the centre of attention.

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank to dress well. As a matter of fact, you can go to H&M and buy some wonderful clothes at lower prices.

Kiss him when you two are sitting down.

Kiss him when you two are sitting down

Don’t kiss him when you two are standing because he is shorter than you. Instead, kiss him when you two are sitting down somewhere. In this way, the height difference isn’t obvious anymore.

For example, you can kiss him when you are sitting on the couch with him. It should be a relaxing environment, i.e. an artistic café or in your/his house.

As you are talking to him, slow down. And then look at him while getting closer to him physically. Move your face towards his face.

Gradually, he will feel the sexual tension and probably want to kiss you.

If he still hasn’t kissed you, you can playfully touch his lips while telling him a joke. This shows you are a spontaneous and adventurous woman.

He will be aroused if your nails are beautifully painted (like pink or purple). Because you touched his lips spontaneously, he is very likely to kiss you.

You can kiss him first.

You can kiss him first

Even if he is very shy and hasn’t kissed you yet, it’s okay for you to kiss him first. Many men secretly hope their women can be more proactive. So, why not surprise him with a kiss?

You may use some tools to help you with this, e.g. play some background music which happens to be a song about kisses – Casablanca, Sealed with a Kiss, etc. Then you say to him, “Wow. I feel so inspired by the lyrics of this song.” That becomes your excuse to kiss him first.