How to kiss a girl? Tips you MUST Learn

Here are some tips for to how to kiss a girl:

Will she be able to tell I’m inexperienced?

Not at all.  Because everybody kisses differently and everyone has their own style of kissing.  So she’ll never know unless you tell her yourself.

How do I approach her for that first Kiss?

For those of you who are really shy you can take the gentleman’s approach.  When your date is over, make sure the two of you are alone.  Let’s say that you’re in front of her house, saying good-bye.  Tell her what a great time you had with her.  Then ask her nicely if it would be OK to kiss her good-bye. This is a way to how to kiss a girl nicely.  Using this approach takes the guesswork out of who is going to make the first move and when.

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For those of you who are bold and brave, the best approach is to just do it.  It’s the most romantic and will have a better lasting effect on her.  So let’s say again that you’re in front of her house, saying good-bye after a date.  Tell her what a great time you had with her and you want to see her again.  Let her reply.  Then take her hands in yours, or better yet take her face in your hands, and slowly move close to her and bring your lips gently on hers.

Is it OK to give her a French Kiss for the first kiss?

We wouldn’t advise it, especially if she’s nervous and maybe she’s never kissed before.  What we recommend is that you start off with a gentle close-mouthed kiss.  If that goes well, then you can move into a French kiss, but it’s not necessary.  So don’t feel pressured into giving her a French kiss.

How do you know when a girl wants to be French Kissed?

You won’t know unless she uses her tongue first.  The best way to approach a French kiss if she hasn’t first is to kiss her.  If her tongue doesn’t enter your mouth to touch your tongue then just move your tongue between her lips until it touches hers.

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