How to have your first kiss | Tips and Advice

Hi, today we are going to discuss how to have your first kiss. We get so many questions from readers who are anxious about their first kiss. This is understandable since anything that is unknown can be scary.  We’ve all seen people kiss, either in movies, onTV shows or in real life.  But how exactly is it done?  How do you get over the nervousness?  These questions and more will be answered on this page about The First Kiss.

One note, though.  In order to experience a truly wonderful first kiss, it must be done with someone you really care about.  Someone whom you’ve been thinking about day and night.  Someone who makes your heart beat faster.  Otherwise, it’s just another kiss and that is boring.  So do not kiss someone just to say you’ve been kissed.  Kiss someone that really means something to you.

Some Tips on how to have your first kiss

When Is The Best Time to have your first Kiss?

The best time is when the two of you are saying good-bye.  This is probably the easiest and most comfortable because it’s usually the time when a kiss is expected.  It is OK to kiss someone on the first date.  This shows that you really enjoy being with this person and want to see them again.  But it’s not absolutely mandatory that you kiss on the first date. If you miss the opportunity during the first date, definitely make an effort by the second, or at the latest the third.  If after that you still haven’t kissed then the other person may wonder if you really enjoy being with them.  Also, make sure that the two of you are alone to have some privacy during this exciting moment, with no distractions or interruptions.

How Will I Know If That Person Wants To Be Kissed?

You can usually tell by how well the date is going. If there was flirting involved and a sense of romance or passion in the date, then, by all means, go for it.  But if things are a matter of fact and the other person seems a bit disinterested in the whole thing, then I would wait until the second date.  Also, if there is lots of eye contact and closeness between the two of you, this is a good sign that the other person would like to be kissed.

What Type Of Kiss Should We Use The First Time?

I would suggest starting off slowly.  You don’t want to scare them away the first time with a lot of tongue and saliva.  You want the kiss to be gentle yet exciting.  You can do this by approaching with a close-mouthed kiss or a tongueless kiss.  Let the kiss be gentle and let it linger.  Let the other person yearn for more so that they will be in dire need of another kiss from you the next time the two of you are together.

Will The Other Person Know It’s My First Time?

Not at all.  Because everyone has a different style and way of kissing.  Also, some people are more into strong, passionate kisses while others prefer to start off gently.  You won’t know what style that person has until you’ve kissed them a few times, and vice versa.  Also, once you’ve kissed someone a few times your kisses start to meld together, meaning that your styles start to intertwine with one another’s.  That especially happens when one person didn’t realize it was enjoyable to kiss a certain way until they tried it with that person.  So then they change their style to this new technique.

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How Do I Approach The First Kiss?

This can be done in one of two ways.  You can either just do it or you can ask/demand a kiss.  Asking for a kiss is gentlemanly but not romantic.  After the date is over, when the two of you are alone, tell her/him what a good time you had.  Then say something like, “Is it OK if I give you a kiss goodbye?”  Of course, the other person will know what to expect but it’s not very romantic.

But you can demand a kiss.  You can say something like, “I’d like to kiss you goodnight” or something along that line.  More appropriate I believe.

Just doing it is the best and most romantic way of having the first kiss.  It shows that you have enough feelings for that person that you just HAVE to kiss them!  The best approach for this is the slow and gentle approach.  You’re standing in front of them as you’re saying goodbye.  Then take a step or two towards them, hold their hands in yours and lean towards them. 

Then give them a gentle, lingering, close-mouthed kiss.  An even more romantic approach is to cup their face in your hands.  This is extremely exciting when the guy does this to the girl.

How Long Should A First Kiss Last?

A first kiss should only last a few moments.  Don’t worry about the exact time.  Once your lips have touched the other person’s lips then give it a few seconds and end the kiss.  To end the kiss just gently close your mouth and pull away gently.

If you get carried away and find that you’ve lost track of time and the kiss is still continuing then that is OK.  As long as the other person is reciprocating in the kiss the kiss can continue for as long as you wish.

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