First Kiss Stories

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Not including dares, spin the bottle, and such my first kiss was a few weeks ago [June-ish] with a good friend, but I had been crushing on him for a very long time [he didn't/doesn't know]. We were always making perverted jokes [just jokes *shifty eyes*] until one day I asked him if I could have a..... let's call it a mint because I hardly find scooby-doo gummies "romantic". He replied with something along the lines of] "sure but you know what you'll have to do to get it." I was too scared since I hadn't really French-kissed a guy before, so I told him he'd have to get it from me && he did. It was hilarious because before I let him get it I kept stalling because I was scared so when he got it, it was warm, flavorless && gross tasting... Anyways we did it again a few times in the park after school [this time with HALLS] && it was much better... I'll never look at HALLS the same way again.
Melissa, 14, Canada
I was 14 when I got my first kiss. We were probably together for a week or two when it happened. He decided to go to church with me and we rode the church van. We made it through church and on the way to take him home that night like right in his driveway he asks me if I want a goodnight kiss. Like the crazy person I am I'm shocked he asked but I managed to say yes. After we kissed he got off and went home and left me sitting in the van thinking Oh My God! It was awesome and I don't think I'll ever forget it. Oh and just so all of you know me and my boyfriend have been together a year.
Tia, Ar
My first kiss was with a boy I liked for a whole year. We we're at a party for a friend and while everyone was dancing we went to a room. He told he had never had a first kiss I didn't want say anything about me so I kept quiet. I knew more than ten girls like him so I didn't try to do a thing but I really wanted to. When I sat on the bed he followed me then I looked at him he said I was the only thing he can think about. Soon he went on top of me and kissed me. I was really sad that he had to move six months after.
My first kiss was when I was fourteen, and through a dare. It was with a kid I barely new and I completely regret it because all he wanted was a piece of ass. He just leaned over and stuck his tongue in my mouth in front of all my friends. I practically gagged. He turned me off kissing for two years.
Anonymous, 16, MI
My first kiss was well worth the fifteen year wait. All of my friends were getting kissed at 12 and 13, and I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me! Finally, in October of 2005, I started dating Tim, who I'd met at school through my friend Paige and a few Friday night football games. We started dating on October 15, and we really hit it off. He knew I'd never been kissed, and he never attempted to make that move, so I was still in the mind set that something was weird about me. On November 19, we went on a date to Falls Park, a place in Greenville with a river, beautiful, well lit walking bridge, great scenery, etc. It was extremely cold, but we were having a great time. We sat down on a swing to take a break from walking and we were just gazing at each other. He reached out and placed his hand on my neck and said, "I love you," and then he came in for the kiss. I'd always thought this moment would be awkward, but it really wasn't! It seemed like it just came naturally. It was incredible.
anonymous, 15 yrs
My first kiss was very unconventional. In fact it was downright terrifying. I was home alone one day when I was 13 and my 17 year old neighbor, Bubba, [Yes, its awful, I know.] came over to "borrow a canoe." I didn't happen to have one and so we started joking around. We started rough housing a little and were getting very physical. I was having a good time, but I was a little nervous having him in my house while I was alone. We started arguing and pushing each other playfully. I noticed he kept moving closer so that I had a hard time breathing. I was taller than him, so he laid his forehead on the bridge of my nose once we got close enough. I was thinking in my head, "Not with him! Not with him!", but while we were arguing he started moving his lips so in between every word, we'd kiss each other on the lips. He was holding the small of my back and once our lips started touching, we backed up against the wall. I was terrified, but the pecking rapidly turned into kissing and before I knew it, we were Frenching for several minutes. I didn't know what to do, but he was pretty skilled. After 3 or so minutes, I pulled away and instantly said in a dumbfounded voice, "Wow. THAT was weird." I will never forget it because I deeply regret it, but it definitely gave me the experience that I needed and a few kisses later from two other boys, I finally found one I enjoyed. =]
McKinsey, MD
my first kiss was with the most amazing boy i have ever met. we're 14 and it happened sometime in february. we were having a little valentine's day party with our best friends who were also dating. after eating and everything, we decided to tease my boyfriend and we put "emo" makeup on him. he was adorable and i knew at the end of the night i wanted to end it with a kiss from him. well, when that time came, he gave me a hug and said "you look beautiful" and he just kinda stared at me for awhile, and then he kissed me. i loved it, we did it 2 more times after that and each time was even more perfect. we are still together and will be celebrating our half a year in 10 days..haha :].
leah, 14
My first kiss was when i had just turned 12. This boy i liked had just asked me out at the football game we were at and so we were all happy and we spent the rest of the game together. towards the end of the game, Jim and I were about to kiss and then my phone rang, it was my mom telling me where to go when the game was over. so then we tried again, and then my sister called (sounds a little weird, huh? LOL) so then i was like "whatever" and hung up and then said "you know what, i think we're gonna get interrrupted again!" and we both started laughing and then hugged and really quickly i kissed Jim on the cheek and then on the lips for about 15 seconds! It was so cool! It took a while to get the nerve up to kiss him but once i did it, it felt awesome
Sadie, 12 years, Georgia
well this happened one saturday. my classmates and i had to go to our school to finish up on some school work. so sum came early like 3 of us includin maself. so my best friend, he was at a teachers office doing some drawings so i went down there leaving my two friends up the top. [ we liked each other but neva said a word ] so i went there troubling him and goofing off so i got a call on ma cellphone another was coming so i had to leave him. he was not having it so he took away ma cellphone and place it to his other side so i strected over and then he grabed me!!!!! we both looked into each others eyes when it happened we kissed well i dont know if he kissed me r i did him neway it was marvelous. it took me 2 and a half minutes to notice what was happening then i backed off!!!!! then he kissed me again!!!!! i did not want to leave but i had to meet my friend!!!!! then he huged me and said "I LOVE YOU" and i replied then he hugged me again.
16, Jamaica
My First Kiss, was when I was 13 going on 14. Well this kiss was so unusual because I wasn't expecting it! Well first, he came up to me and he was all over and then he just kissed me...... I thought "Oh my god! My 4-year CRUSH just gave me a kiss?" Well we were home alone and we were kissing like for five minutes. I was so scared because he was older than me and I bet he already had experience, so I just went with his FLOW. It was a nice moment. I will never ever forget it! And 1 more thing we still talk... and I visit him once in a while. =)
La Nena Linda, 15, FL
tonight was the perfect night ever me and my LONG time crush went to the local park and sat by the river as we were sitting and talkin i looked the other way and then he put his finger on my chin and turned my head towards his and we french kissed it was the best feeling ever! and it was perfect and he said i was a good kisser to top it off, my night was perfect
anonymous, 16 years old
My first kiss was at my school dance. i was 13. so there was this guy who i had been friends with for a few months. we both knew we liked eachother but we never did anything about it. so we were at the dance and he asked me too dance a slow dance. we both wanted to kiss eacother but there wher chaperones, so he asked me if i wanted to go outside cause it was getting really stuffy in there, it was a nice breeze and it was night time. so we were just talking about school and teacher and stuff like that then came the akward silence. the he broke it, he face me and said he had liked me since the first day of school. then we stood there for a while then he kissed me. it was all closed mouth then he frenched me, we made out for like 5min before going back in for the last song. all my friends asked me what went on but i said nothing because it was i moment i would treasure forever and i wanted to keep it a secret forever (well at leat till monday. LOL!!) we have been going out ever since, we even made out in the woods behind me house which was so romantic awwwww
Nikki, 13, Memphis
my first kiss was at one of my closests friend's birthday party. he didnt know my boyfriend at the time but i convinced him 2 invite my boyfriend for me anyways. well my boyfriend and i were dancing for a while (even though he is a bad dancer) so we went and sat on the couch. i was sitting acros his lap and laying my head against his chest just resting. then he leaned into me and my whole body tensed up (it was my first kiss and i was nervous) then our lips met and my whole body relaxed and all i was focused on was his lips...the music and the people and the talking all seemed 2 dissapear. then he pulled away and looked at me and leaned back in and we kissed for what seemed like forever....we broke up a couple weeks later but i will never forget our kisses.
kayla, 15, CA
Im Cassie (17 yrs old) and I got my first kiss when i was 16 last houston, texas Well, I had always wanted to kiss somebody but I had been deathly mortified about if for some mental reason. And, my friend Christina introduced me to her good friend Austin and immediately we hit it off. We were flirting and having fun and all of the sudden Christina had to leave and go back home. So Austin asked if I needed a ride from him instead and in the car he just randomly pulled over and asked if he could kiss me. He looked like one of those really experienced popular guys but at the time he also looked extremely nervous. So I was just like... uhhh okay and I leaned over. We kissed (open-mouthed) then kinda frenched.. but it was still so awkward. To this day, I dont know if I did anything wrong and when I just had the opportunity to make out with a really good friend for fun I got wayyyy to nervous (my heart was beating and my legs were shaking) I turned hikm down. i mean wtf... aghh now im scared. - Cassie, 17 years
Cassie, 17 years
anonymous, 14, Hubbard
My first kiss was amazing!! I like my BFF's godbrother and he likes me too. Actually it wasnt too long ago. We were at the movies(me,my BFF,her boyfriend, and my crush) We were watching a scary movie. I was terrified and I was sitting next to my crush and I grabbed his arm. I mean I was really sceared so I was squeezing it hard!! Then the scary part was over and I let go. As soon as I let go he started laughing at me cuz I was breathing really hard. Anyway I looked at him and I said "What.....why r u laughing??" He just put his hand gently under my chin and then he put my face to his and he kissed me. I was shocked!! He pulled away afraid that I didnt want to kiss him back but I looked up and he moved back in and kissed me again. Some advice to those who are yet to be kissed.......Just go with the flow...It may seem hard and difficult but It all comes natural and easy.
anonymous, 15, USA
I was at a party with this boy, Jalen, and we had been on two dates, he asked me to go steady and held out a ring. I said I wasn’t sure and then he leaned over and kissed me. Then , I just said “why not?” and he kissed me more. Then they put on a movie and we kissed in the back of the room.
Stephanie, CA, 12
My first kiss happened when i was 16, at a friends party. I kinda had a thing for one of my guy friends, daniel, and after a while me and him were sitting next to this little wall that my friend has in his backyard. Well, to be accurate, he was sitting and i was laying with my head in his lap... So anyway, he says something about how he wants to make out, and asks if i want to. I know this isn't the most romantic thing ever, and i didnt claim it was, but the thing is, i've always been extremely nervous around guys and so to have a guy i actually thought was hot want to make out with me was a first... So i said ok and he told me to sit up, but im the type of person who hides nervousness with stubbornness, so i said no and that he had to kiss me like that. So, after a bit of manuevering, he leaned down and kissed me ever so gently. And ok, so i lied, this wasn't my first kiss per se, but it was my first that wasnt a dare or a part of a spin the bottle game. Prior to that, i really didnt see what was so great about kissing... Anyway, the second his lips touched mine, i literally could not breathe, and when his tongue parted my lips i wanted to die out of sheer bliss. After a moment, i remembered that i was supposed to be kissing back, but i pulled away out of nervousness and when he leaned down to kiss me again, i managed to kiss back.Seconds later, i pulled away and made some inane remark. But yeah, thats the night i realized i was seriously in like with this guy, and two years later, we're best friends who have made out a couple times since (more successfully i might add), and oh yeah, ive since fallen in love with him. So yeah, thats my tragic (or not so tragic, whatever) story... Oh yeah, and since then, whenever i see a "lap kiss" as this site calls it, or any sort of upside down kiss, i cant help but think of the guy who knows me better than anyone, and the night that changed my life....
Erica, 18, Tx
My first kiss was with my friend's ex-boyfriend, soon to be mine. We both knew we liked each other a lot. We couldn't tell anyone though, his ex, and my friend would have been crushed, so we kept it between us. It was our freshman year of high school and he would periodically skip P.E. To meet me in the library. One day I asked him if he would want to leave early with me and I would walk him back to his studyhall. He agreed so that’s what we did. I had hinted about *something* the night before. I asked him if he knew and he said he didn’t, but that he had an idea. My response was, "try it." That's when he leaned in...And I laughed. It was great. I felt so comfortable with him. I said "sorry hot-shot, you guess wrong" Then he looked really hurt and said "oh, really?" and I said "Nope" that's when we kissed for real. Just FYI, we went out but broke up, and now, about a year later we're back together and going strong. =]
14, Catie, NY
Hey, I'm 14 and about to go into 9th grade. i had my first kiss when i was 13 in 8th grade and it was 4 days before christmas 2006. so my friend was having a HUGE party on the day we got out for the 2 week x-mas break. There were about 15 ppl there. we were so loud we had to go upstairs. there were only 2 boys there. well, they were looking out the upstairs window out onto the streets and getting icicles. then they see James outside and call him up into the party, he gets inside and immediately puts his arm around me. See, like a week before i told him i liked him and he said he liked me too. he's really hott(blonde hair, blue eyes, nice bod) so, he got upstairs and i sat on his lap, then he had to go, so he stood up and asked for a goodbye kiss. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! i gave him a kiss on the cheek. then he led me to the stairs and we madeout for about 15 seconds. it was soo wonderful. it was everything i thought it would be. it wasn't messy, it went nice and slow, and it felt like we were the only ones there. even though there were alot of ppl there. i wil never forget. i think it was more of a hook-up cuz we weren't very good friends, and we never even considered going out. but thats fine with me, he's the bad boy in school. 😉 and he told me i was VERY good for a first timer 🙂
M.W., 14 yr old, Michigan
I was 11 (now being 12) i had been going out with this guy who i barely even knew and after we dated for like a week we snuck off to the mal and we were hanging out and his little friend said "can i tell her??" he said "yeah go ahead" he looked at me and said "leighton was wondering if you would kiss him" my face hurt i smiled so big and i sounded like an idiot saying "Ive never been kissed before" and "im kinda nervous" my mouth went dry and i had shivers up my spine then before he had to leave we walked around the mall and his friend kept telling us to do it putting me on the spot so i agreed i fixed my hair and licked my lips and thanked god i'd brushed my teeth then he pulled me behind a large block of cement and his friend kept peaking around the corner and i was so happy/nervous because i had waited for this moment then we let his friend watch then he grabbed me by the top of my arms and planted a kiss upon my li[s i kept my eyes open and stayed stiff as a board as he hugged me afterwards i was thinking "its really happened ive been kisssed!!!!" he walked me home and i hugged him afterwards that was the night he told me he loved me we have sadly broken up but i still love him.
Gabrielle, 12, Oregon, usa
I was and still am twelve and my very first kiss (and best kiss) was from a guy named James. He's really cute! Lol I will get to the point. So, he invited like 30 people to his house for a Valentine's day party. Well he let all of us into his home theatre (he's loaded too!) and him and me had like barely met ever be4, but we sat next to each other during the movie, which was "What a Girl Wants." We talked throughout the entire movie about ourselves, despite angry glares from the people watching the movie in the rows above... Well towards the end of the movie, he leaned over to kiss me, but I said "No, wait." I couldn't handle it right then and there, even though I had just met him... Anyway, so after the movie, we were back in the playroom area of his house ( which is huge), where he installed a disco ball sorta thing and all of us slow danced. On my invitation, he had written me to stay half an hour after the song ended. We danced to the rest of the CD, like "Follow You, Follow Me" and "Forever"... So at the end of the scene, he admitted he had his eye on me for a long time, then he put in the last cd with the song "Photograph" on it, then he shut off the lights. We danced alone and in the dark, and finally, his lips touched mine, and they were so smooth, it was like the perfect date. We read each others minds and went from lip to open mouth kissing in a matter of seconds... and I want to keep the rest of that night private with him. Anyway, we are still together and I still love him to death!
Amber, 12, New Jersey, USA
Like a few people on this site, I met this Suz at summer camp. We were in the same group type thing and we hit it off straight away. And at the end of the week I realized that I would probably never see her again if I didn't do something about it so I asked her out on the last day. I got her number and all that jazz. Because she was going on holiday to France in two days we went to see a film, nothing much happened there but when she got back from France she had really missed me and I the same so we went ice skating the next day. We both had a great time and she had been hinting all day that she wanted me to kiss her. When she almost had to go I just gave her a quick kiss. Then we went some where a bit more private and made out till her mum called saying she was outside. We are still together.
CJ - Male, 14, England
Hi, I'm now 15 years old. I got my first kiss when I was 13. I was at my friends 4th of July party at her barn. My parents were gone and there were a bunch of people and kids. There was this guy (lets say his name was josh) he was my friends brothers friend. I personally thought he was pretty cute and funny. So after it got dark the adults started setting off the fireworks and a bunch of the older kids 12-16 went swimming. He was 15 years old and a freshman in high school. While we were in the pool he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. This scared me a little and I immediately turned around, and said "Not now." Then Josh said "maybe more later". His sister had already told me that he liked me (we had hit it off right from the start). About 15 mins. later he grabbed my hand and said follow me, I want to talk to you. We got out of the pool and went behind some trees to this swing set. It was perfect. Under the fireworks, him pushing (not hard) me up against a post. Then about 30-45 mins later I returned to the pool and told my best friends all about it. Yes, it was very awkward yet very enjoyable.
anonymous, 15, TN
My first unforgettable kiss was when i was at my boyfriend's home. He was going on vacation and i went to his home to meet him. Nobody was at his home. That day he was showing soooo much love that i couldn't stop him. He kissed me sooo passionately, tenderly and lovingly. My first kiss was one of the best moment of my life. I love u ,M . I thank God that i have u.
Ruby, 18
My first kiss was at a party. Everyone was there, it was an "end of the summer" party held at my BFF's house and we were having a lot of fun!! It was seriously, great. So it turned out that everyone already planned to play spin the bottle, and I wasn't too sure I wanted to go...really, i hoped to get a kiss from a guy i liked at the party, but it's not like i was sure he was going to get me (or vice versa). So everyone sat down, and I sat with my friends on one side. Actually there was only about 20 people (most of them are my friends, some guys were invited because my friends had crushes on them). So the game began, and after almost 15 rounds, actually, (to tell you the truth) I did get kissed by my bf's friend, but he didn't even really do it--his lips just brushed over mine so it doesn't really count-- but yeah, and then, that guy (now my boyfriend and forever will be), spun the bottle and it landed between my friend and me. She knew i liked him so she purposely said that was me. I didn't know what was happening (actually I was brushing my hair and drinking sprite when he walked over and pulled me up, put his arm on my waist and led me to the "kissing room" (the lights are off, and the only light was coming from the door so you can see the faces of the people). Naturally, I was so shocked I was speechless. I didn't say a word. He locked the door, and he smiled and said, "I've liked you since junior high." and i was totally shocked, but i was soo happy i was about to burst, and just then, i felt his arms around me he held me really close to him closed his eyes and kissed me. Actually, I was really really nervous and I didn't know what to do with my hands and i reached up the best I could and wrapped them around his neck. IT was AMAZING...first he kissed me real gently, (for like 10 seconds) and then he opened his mouth and i could taste his tongue. It was wonderful. he's my lover forever and ever.
Cyndi, NY, 17
i had my first major kiss just last Friday night at a football game. (it was a french kiss too!) i am only 13, so i didn't know how to french kiss. i had never done it before. this one guy named dillan said that he liked me even though he was going out with another girl. i was so shocked! he put his arms around me and we cuddled for about a minute, then we started kissing each other on the lips. finally he kiss me on the lips, and then that kiss turned into a french kiss. i didn't know what do to, and when we got done, i said" that was my first french kiss." and he said," i know, cause it kinda sucked." i felt so embarrassed!
michelle, 13, arkansas
My First kiss took place at age 14, not quite that long ago. My guy friend had began to hint that maybe he kind of liked me and we were at his house with his 2 brothers and little sister. Our parents had gone out and left us at his house and we were just watching his little sister. We were just hanging out and it started with his brother that is actually my age, going out to their bunkhouse room for bed. We had gone upstairs and were trying to get his little sister to sleep, finally he took her down to his brother cause she wouldn't go to sleep. When he came back up, he sat next to me on the little sofa and we covered up with a blanket and were just sitting there. I was extremely curious at this time still if he did truly like me so I casually kind of leaned back against him and he let me which just overall confirmed it. We were sitting there and just to add to my curiosity i was like "My hands arre Hot" and doing as i somewhat hoped he would, he said "Let me see" and started to measure my hands and finally we ended up holding hands. We held hands and layed there for a really long time so finally we got bored with the movie we were watching and went downstairs to watch TV since it was safer since we REALLY didn't want to get caught. We started watching Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith and he pulled me next to him on the couch and we layed next ot each other on the couch for a long time then his parents got home and he went into the bathroom before they got into the house and I told them his brother had baby and his step-dad went out and got her. They then went upstairs and he came out and went out to the bunk house. This whole time I'm praying for him to come back in and to my amazement, he actually did. (I thank god now that when you walk down the stairs at his house it sounds like a stampede as squeaky as they are). So we went back to laying on the couch and he put his arm on my shoulder and i lightly kissed it. Then i started to fall asleep and so did he so i sat up cause that really isn't something i wanted to explain to his parents in the morning. When we sat up i just kind of regularly put my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead and from he i looked up into his eyes and i began to just lightly touch his lips and then he began to pull me on top of him and we began to make out like that for a while from here I pulled him on top of me and then we slid onto the floor and then he pulled me on top of him for a little while and then finally we slowed down and finally finished, we pushed to sofa cushions back in and sat back on the couch. Finally i told him i was going to go to sleep and i moved to the other couch. That night lasted forever and i still think about it all the time. We are still friends, nothing has ever happened since then, we often look at each other and there are infinite moments of eye contact but neither of us seem to be able to do anything in the presence of other people. I'm constantly afraid that if anything were to happen between us that my mom would find out and our parents would tease us to no end and we would never be trusted alone but all I know is i still like him and I can wait as long as he still reassures me every now and again that he still feels the same way.
Person, 14, Washington, USA
my first kiss was when i was 21 years old, and with my (then) boyfriend. we were lying on our friend's bed since we slept there after a night out. the entire night, he had his arm wrapped around me as i snuggled close to him. he woke me up early morning by kissing me on my cheek. i knew that a kiss was a part of his agenda so i was pretty nervous. i always made him miss his mark when he aimed for my lips. so he decided to distract me by talking to me and then bam! he kissed me. it was a close mouthed kiss. more of a peck actually, but it was nice. it was a month after before we kissed again though but we made up for lost times because this time, we had French and it was so amazing. he was such a good kisser. he wasn't sloppy at all and he always took cues from me as to slow down or go further. he really really made me feel so alive especially when we decided to take things to second and then third base. when we kissed, it was like nothing else mattered. we couldn't care less if our friends or other people were watching...
anonymous, 21
Ok, so I was 12 and Andre was too. It was in may last year, and we had been going out for like 2 weeks or something. so we were at the movies, watching ice age 2. (yeah, i know, lame.) anyways, he had his arm around me, but the thing is i'm way taller then him. so i was all hunched over. i'm shy but if i wasn't, id put his arm down, and put mine around him. anyways, i could see him through the corner of my eye looking at me all the time. i knew that if i looked back, he would kiss me. finally towards the end of the movie i turned my head towards his. we leaned in and suddenly his tongue was in my mouth and i had no idea what the hell to do. i didn't like it that much, cuz he's a really bad kisser. i think we kissed for like 20 seconds. i pulled away cuz it was unpleasant. a few minutes later he was like "are you wearing chapstick or something?" it was funny. anyways, we didn't french kiss after that. i left for 4 months and we were still together. then i came back and i didn't like him that much. we're still together (5 months) but i'm thinking of breaking up with him. i don't like him that much!
Lolie, 13
My first kiss had to have been one of the most exciting and most fun kisses I have ever had. It was my freshman year, and he was a sophomore. We were at a Pep Band game, near the end of school (my boyfriend is the drummer and lead percussionist in band. I myself, was not in band at the time, but with a class, as the whole school was watching the basketball game.) We had been going out for exactly a month, (he asked me out the Second of February, 2005.) Anyways, we had talked about a kiss for while then, we had and still have very open conversations about things. We had just recently started hugging, our relationship was slow moving, but strong. I had only had one experience before with a person who wasn't really a boyfriend, but an "experiment" (Ex=Experiment). Nevertheless, I had never kissed anyone before, and therefore was extremely nervous. We were sitting behind the drum set, and he got up to play whenever the teacher directed. The drum set was set in the bleachers, on a platform on the top of the bleachers, and the rest of the band, containing basically the rest of my friends were down below the drum set, sitting in the bleachers with their instruments. Near the middle of the pep band game, he started flirting with me, and insisting that I should kiss him, because he felt the female of the relationship should be the one to make that first move. I resisted, saying that I was too nervous too, and I was, my mouth was parched and my mind was whirring with all sorts of anxious thoughts. I changed my mind a few minutes later though, and agreed to kiss him. I tried many times in between when he had to play the drum set. He was extremely patient, and waited right there, watching me, while I tried to kiss him, but I always pulled away whenever I almost got to his lips. He would just tell me things like, "It's ok, you almost did it that time." And encouraged me to do it again. He also added that it would help him play better if I kissed him, because it would make him incredibly happy. Then, he started to poke fun at my chin, which just so happens to be slightly cleft, which he called a "double chin". I was getting embarrassed, and just out of the blue, I leaned over to him, basically entirely missing his bottom lip, kissed him as he was laughing. I turned my attention away from him, looking away, and basically trembling from what I had just done. He leaned down to my ear, whispering how proud he was of me and everything. When I finally mustered up enough courage to look at him again, he kissed me back, much better then I kissed him. There was no "open-mouth" or "making-out", because we both find the "tongue habit" rather discusting and unnessicary. But anyways, my boyfriend and I have been together ever since, (8 months so far) and plan to get married. I love him always and forever, and nothing can break us apart! 😀
Krissy, 15, Alaska
im 14 and in grade 10....well i had my first kiss in grade 6 it was at a dance in front of a lot of people so it was a little awkward... but just this year i had my very first french kiss and it was strange. i had a crush on him for the longest time but i wasn't a very outgoing person or anything so i kept my distance unless i was helping him open his locker which he frequently has troubles with, anyway, one day we both had a spare and i went up to him said hi and casually asked him what he thought of me , if he liked me or not and he said that he did, then he asked me as well and i of course said i did, then there was a big awkward silence and then he blurts out .. "do you wanna go make out" i giggled and said sure, trying to keep my cool seeing as it was my first time. so we started with little pecks and made our way to frenching, it was perfect in the weirdest way hahaha
Amber, 14 ,Ontario, Canada
My first kiss was when I was about 6 and I was in Kindergarten. Well, me and this boy named David were in this dark room and we were talking about what marriage was. Then, he asked me did I want to kiss at nap time. I said yes, so we got back to the classroom and we were laying across from each other. Then we were french kissing for like 10 seconds and we just kept doing it. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was a good kisser!
My first kiss happened in Ukraine, 3 days before I was about to leave, I used to live there before I moved to U.S. with my mom to my step dads house. I went to Ukraine over the summer to visit my grandma. Anyways I spend my whole summer there trying to find a bf. Because I was so sad that my bf dumped me and since my parents are like seriously freaked about me going out with anybody until I’m done with High school I thought it was my chance to have fun!!! My parents were still in U.S. and they were coming back to pick me up at the end of the summer so I had two month to myself, P.S. my grandma doesn’t watch after me all the time and I can do w/e! All summer I spend going to the beach looking for guys! I REALLY WANTED TO GET KISSED FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!! My friend, she saw a guy that used to go to her school there and she decided to say hi! He is like a total HOTTIE!!! And he had a lot of guy friends! I tried to get him to like me and I thought he did and one time he and his friends came over to the place where we were hanging out! (That place was right by our houses!) We stayed talking and playing till 12:00!!!! I was really shy because he is like so hot and at that time I thought that I was like so lame! (Not anymore though) Then when everyone was running around hitting each other and playing! I saw him and other guy talking about me and I came up to them and bumped there heads! (That was so lame) He grabbed me I thought he was about to do something but instead I guess it gave him an idea that I want to kiss, he gently hugged me and leaned forward I turned back, (STUPID MOVE!!!!!!!) He walked away he was staring at me the rest of the night but the worst part was that I saw him kissing some other girl at the beach next day! I’m glad I didn’t give in! But instead I noticed his friend always looking at me! I started to like him!!! And one night I was bored so my friend had that guy’s #! By the way his name is Alex! LOL! Anyways I was bored and I decided to send him a text message! I told him that I like him! He wrote back and said that he likes me to! I had to get to bed at that time it was like 11! But next day he and his friend came over! We walked around and talked a while! My friend went home than he hugged me I got butterflies in my stomach! Then he asked if I want to go somewhere private I said “No” I was scared! Then I got over it and asked him if he wants to go sit down somewhere!? We sat on my friend’s fence! His arms around me! We talked about me and he asked in how many relationships I’ve been! I thought he was pretty experienced at that stuff so I said a lot! (I don’t remember the #) He turned 14 April 11 and I was 13 and was about to turn 14 in October 2!! I was going to 8th and he was going to 9th! We talked about that and my friend’s and her boyfriend’s relationship! Then it just happened, he leaned forward and kissed me! It was so wonderful even know he stuffed his tong in my mouth and when we kissed we sort of missed our mouths, so when I pulled off the corner of my mouth and around it felt wet! But nice, nice wet and I didn’t want to wipe it! LOL It happened August 9th at about 9:00 but I was leaving August 11! L Since than we met for the last 3 days and kissed, talked and just had a good time! He didn’t ask me out but with a kiss it’s just happened!!!!!! We promised each other that we would not go out with anyone until next summer! (9 month, without him without kissing him, without love!) I thought I wouldn’t take it and I wasn’t sure he loved me and truly cared about me!!! I called my friend a month after I came back to U.S.! She said that Alex is really sad, he misses me and I was his first GF!!! How sweet!!!!!!!! awww I like some guys in my school here in U.S. and couple of guys asked me out already but I turned them down I’m trying to stay true to Alex!!!! I hope I can do it! I wrote him a letter he just got it yesterday I can’t wait for him to reply!!! My first kiss was great I hope yours will be too!!! THANKS FOR READING MY LONG, LONG, LONG STORY! - Kate, Alabama P.S. for all the girls who are in search of love don’t look for it really hard, because the harder you look, the less you can see but if you just turn around he might stand right next to you!!! (The right person you’ve been waiting for so long!)
Kate, Alabama names Dianna. I was 13 when i got my first kiss. i was datin this dude i really liked for about a week. it happened at school. me and my friend were with him by the office and we were suppose to b in class but i didn't care as long as i was with him. N-e way i told him that i was jis gonna go back to class since he was being a jerk. then i gave him a lil' hug then when we were walkin away he pulled me back and held me and said i love you babe and you know that. i said well if you love me them why are you bein weird to me. he said becuz i wanted to do this. and he macked with me! when we were done he said and i thought you didn't want to. i said well i didn't. but i did. then he said oh whatever you know you like it and kissed me. i was so happy after that. we were together for 1/2 months then broke up b-cuz he was going to a diff. skool
yo, i'm rach, and this is my story. I got my first real kiss 4 days ago. My boyfriend ricky and i were hanging out on our friends porch. we were swinging, and he had his arm around me. we were having a lot of fun just talkin with our friends and stuff. then ricky asked me if he could kiss me. i said yes, but not here. so we went back to his house with one of our friends we were watchin tv. then he kissed me on the lips really nicely. it was nice, but i wish it would have lasted longer. we must have kissed at least 10 times before i left. i hope to french or at least have a open mouth before the weeks over.
Rachel, 13, Pittsburgh
my first kiss was sloppy! i was 15 and he was 18. it was new years and he was drinking whisky. he was sloppy and uncoordinated. his breath stunk so i told him to go brush his teeth and he did. when he came back we made out for a while. but pretty much my first kiss sucked.
there was this guy in seventh grade that i had been crushing on for a loooong time. he finally asked me out though, which was lucky for me. so we went to this chick flick movie, and though he was really sweet and everything, we didn't do too much touchy feely except for an occasional arm around my shoulder. anyway, i was staying at my friend's house that night because we and some of my other buddies were having our weekly sleepover. so he brought me there, and when we were at the doorstep, he looked at me and said goodnight, and i looked at him and said goodnight. then , he held my shoulders and started leaning in. i was like, oh my god, because i really hadn't kissed anyone except my relatives then, so i was really nervous. he only kissed his forehead and let it stay there, and i was sort of disappointed, but then he kissed the tip of my nose, and sometime after that, i closed my eyes, although i don't remember doing it. i guess it was sort of a natural reaction. anyway, i felt his lips kiss mine soon after. there was no tounge involved (yet) and we sort of just mashed our lips together for a while. then he sort of drew back, and when i opened my eyes, i saw he was staring at me. i thought he looked really cute, so i put my arms around his neck and started fiddling with the hair on his nape. he leaned in again, but this time, he went straight for my mouth and sort of sucked on my bottom lip. it felt pretty good, so i opened my mouth a bit and he slid his tounge in and voila! full fledged make out session. when i went into the house after we had said goodbye, i found out that my nosy friends had been peeking through an upstairs window all the while! naturally, they asked me how it was and i truthfully told them it was great. i always had an inkling that that guy was good at frenching.
Sam, 14
im 12 and i had my first kiss in march 10th 2006 my 12th birthday i have wanted to go out with this girl for ages but she just kept on saying i was too short (138 cm) so on my birthday i had my pool party and i invited her and her friends... well the night went on and we ended up playing spin the bottle and i think it was rigged because i kept getting chosen i had kissed about 5 girls when finally it landed on Melissa and so we were about to kiss when we got dared to do it underwater so we held hands and jumped in the pool (it was dark because the lights were off) and we slowly leaned in and as our lips met the lights switched on (coincidence) and we are now going out and i am planning to have a pool party on my 13th and never know what might happen 🙂
Jordan, 12, Rossmoor, Australia
My first kiss was when i was 12 i was over at a friend's and we were playing truth or dare. And everyone was daring me to kiss this guy and i didnt want to but i did anyway cuz everyone would think i was scared( which i was )anyway i did it and it was french i was freaking out because i really didnt know how i was just going along with it. After the kiss i was like okk... and everyone was like you really did it. I pretended it wasnt a big deal but i couldn't believe i did it.Now that i look back i wish i would have kissed a better guy!!
Abby, 12, TN
When I was 13 years old I had a huge crush on this boy named Micheal. The problem was he was cute and back in the begining of the year i was really ugly i wore glasses and everything. But then i got contacts and everything changed. I also started wearing makep wich made it even better! I had no classes with him but my BFF Abby had 1. I told her to him ask questions about me. Then one day she asked him if he liked me and he said yeah. There was only one problem, this stupid SLUT named Lexy told him I already had a boyfreind and that i was a tramp. After that he didn't ask me out. But during fall break he asked me out to the movies. I obviously said YES. During the movie we went to get popcorn and we got "lost" then at the entrence of the movie he grbbed my hand and head then we made out for like 5 minutes! We've been going out since!
Mila, TN
I had met this guy my freshman year that I instantly fell for [he was a sophmore at the time]. I would absolutely go weak at the sight of him. Well it wasnt till the beginning of my sophmore year [his junior year] that i realized he was attracted to me. We were now both 16 at this time. After school we decided to hang out in the cafeteria. He stopped both of us in the very back where no one usually goes. The next minute we're frenching there. It didnt start with little kissing, it went straight from no kissing to all out. It felt weird at first, my eyes were open at first and i was trying to get a feel for it. Soon I was into it and completely excited. The rest of the day I couldn't talk, I couldn't function. I had the thought of that kiss in my head. We to this day have never gone out on a date or even considered ourselves as a couple, but we are best friends and it's deffinately something I will always remember.
Deena, Arizona, 17 [16 at the time of kiss]
I was laying on the trampoline at my cousin's house with my boyfriend on top of me, It was just last summer - he was 16, I was 15. Neither of us had ever made out with anyone before. We were kissing normal and all for a while, and then he just leaned in slowly and started to kiss me. That was when we found out that making out for the first time is pretty much purely instinct :). And then it became a hobby that I love!
Ok, so me and my boyfiend Justin had been going out for 3 weeks(thats today) and we have 3rd period class together so, like every A day we would say goodbye to each other before we would walk home.(our school has this really weird system, so like, our 1st-3rd periond classes were on one day, called A-day, and 4th-6th periods were on B-days...yea, kinda screwed) So, today was an A-day and my friend was totally anxious to leave, but i really wanted to say goodbye to Justin, but he was kinda busy with his friends so i thought i might as well leave and see him the next day. So right as my friend was dragging me away, i heard this soft "Mary..." behind me, so i turned around, and Justin was standing behind me with his arms outstretched. I walked over to him and have him a goodbye hug, and just as i was about to pull away, he turned a gave my a beautifully soft kiss on my cheek. I blushed and we said our final goodbyes. I know this sounds totally pathetic to all those girls who have been kissed and all that, but from Justin, a kiss ment a lot more to me, even if it just was on the cheek...but i will make sure to keep you posted...
anonymous, California
Today, I got my first kiss, except I kissed the guy since he's a grade younger than me and he's asked me if I'd ever kiss him and I said yeah but on my birthday which is in like a week or two and I guess he thought I wouldn't. Since my bestfriend and my boyfriend are like good friends, my bestfriend told me he doesn't think I'd ever kiss him and I proved him wrong, well on the bus. So this morning I said close your eyes I have something I want to give to you, so he closed his eyes and I was pretty close to his face, about to kiss him and he opened his eyes so I made him shut them again. He didn't do anything after, he did his homework -- he never does his homework! So I had my bestfriend ask him when I wasn't around if he enjoyed it. And luckily he did! For people who haven't got their first kiss, you'll be so nervous but take chances.
Amanda, 13, Washington
When I was about 7 years old or so I had a huge crush on my best friends brother we where the same age. I was trying to get him to kiss me for weeks and he thought kissing was grose, so one day his sister chased him down in the back yard and held him down so I could kiss him. I kissed him right on the lips and said there how was that do you hate kissing now he got up and ran as fast as he could. Many Years latter we dated and now are engaged to be married.
My first kiss was like a miracle come true. I'm 12 and in 7th grade. It was the winter dance and I was slow dancing with my girlfriend and we were really hitting it. So the day before the dance we had decided to get together after the dance and kiss. So after the dance we met behind the handball court (so no one could see us) and we were both first timers so it was hard. So the kiss lasted about 10 seconds and we tried to tounge and she was really for a 1st timer! and it was like heaven. And were going to kiss like that more often.
Anonymous, 12 years old
my first kiss was with the best guy in my life. I was round at his house and in his arms. it was our first date. He had lots more expareance than me and he knew he was my first. we were sat on the sofa cuddled up together when he tried to kiss me the first time, but i moved my head and he kissed my cheek instead. when he came back i rested in his arms again but this time when he needed to check on my suprise he didn't miss. He was so gentle and fantastic, it shows waiting 14 years for the right guy can be worth it. And for all you girls out there that are woried about finding the right guy for your first kiss, remember my rules. 1)when you look into his eyes if all you can see is happiness he cant stop thinking about you, and 2)if he strokes your arm, leg and belly gently he doesn't want to hurt you in any way. if he shows you these signes then i wouldn't be woried about it.
Kona, England, 14
Ok, i had my first kiss last Saturday. Both of us are fourteen. We were at the Arlington (second largest theatre in Santa Barbara, CA) and we were watching the eragon movie. there was no one to our sides, but there were these two guys in front of us who would eavesdrop on us, so we moved. then they moved -arg!- anyway, being the nerds we are, we over-analyzed the whole movie and somewhere near the end i said something about there not being a kissing scene in the movie. we had sort of... almost kissed before, but we hadnt REALLY. But during the credits she said something, i looked at her -at a downward angle, i am like 6 inches taller than her- and we sort of stuck like that for a bit. You know the rest. We had fun, that is the important thing, we eventually had to leave because the next showing was starting and the trash collectors were running around. i just think people considering kissing and whatnot should make sure they are doing it with someone they are sure about as a person. all my friends say that i lucked out because my girlfriend is about the same as me as anyone could possibly get, and it is true.
I had been dateing this guy for about two weeks he had been planing a b-day party for about a week. Three girls were invited and two guys. Well we were all takeing a walk out in the fields behind his house and all of a sudden he stopped and kissed me on the cheek I was in shock!!! After that we kissed on the lips!! When we went back to the bonfire ,that his dad had built while we were in the fields, we all sat down and he kissed me again! Then another time when we were in the house playing deal or no deal and it was on the couch. The sad thing is i totally regret it because a week later he dumped me for some blonde!! 🙁
Veronica ,12, Ohio
Well I had been dating this boy since 6th grade off and on, off and on. Well one day in 7th grade he came over to my house and he knew I had kissed before and that the night before i had kissed just a friend on accident and he didn't get mad but hes like can i have a kiss? So of course I just leaned over and kissed him. Well I stood up and then he did and he clenched my waist while I clenched my arms around his neck, and we just started open mouth kissing with no tongue then with tongue. It was great and this went on for hours. Well, since this was his first kiss, we kissed like every 3 seconds, including when we were outside and his mom was pulling up. She saw up and she didn't do anything. So it was very special. Now months later we are apart but love each other very much. We just think we need a break.!
Bran, 13, WV
Hi. my name is Nataly. im 14 yrs. old. my first kiss was on December 15 @ like 12:30 in the morning. But anyway...I like my BFF's godbrother and he said he liked me too. We had liked each other since mid june so we had spent alot of time getting to know each other. But I was in the store Christmas shopping w/ my momma and auntie when my bff called me and asked if I wanted to stay the night. So I said sure. I called her back before I was going to leave and she was like ohh yea...I forgot to tell you that my god bro is staying the night. mann I was pretty excited. so I got there and her mom was gone to pick him up. but any way when he got there we all just hung out and talked. And then my bff said that she had to go to bed because she had a soccer game the next day. so I said yea I probably need to get to sleep too but I couldnt fall asleep. then finally like 20 minutes later her god bro came in. he started talking to me. then he managed to lay himself in my arms. and we talked for a few more minutes. then he move closer and closer and finally i could feel his eyelashes move when he blinked because he was sooo close. but i didnt want him to move. then he took my arm and put it around his neck. he had his arms around me. he started tickiling me. i turned away slightly. why do you do that to me I asked?? he whispered simply...because I can. and then bamm he kissed me. I was just kinda laying there because he caught me off guard. then he backed away slowly. and then he came forward again and he frenched me. it was sooo amazing. he had one arm around me and the other hand running through my hair. wowseres!!!! it was amazing. he backed away and the came forward once more. then we finally decided that it was time to go to sleep. so he leaned in once more and kissed me. and then he hugged me. I kissed him on the cheek and he went to sleep in the living room. my first kiss is somthing that I will remember forever. and a lil bit of advice to those first timers....dont be nervous....just do what feels right. it will all come natural.
Nataly, 14
Almost every girl I know has a perfect first kiss, whether it be on the beach or on a Ferris Wheel, or whatever. And by the tenth grade, they're all telling the "my first kiss was terrible!" stories. And I can say that whatever I imagined my first kiss to be like, he did it better. Much better. We were sitting in a gazebo at sunset next to a playground and a football field. We'd been talking and singing and laughing for a half and hour, and we knew it would happen soon. The moment was perfect. He started laughing to himself and then looked at me and said, "Do you trust me?" I thought about it and said yes. He smiled. "Do you trust me not to drop you?" I said yes again, wondering what he was talking about. He then pulled me into his arms and told me to "go with him", and he dipped me back like in those proffesional dance competitions. I smiled and he held his lips right above mine, and then he kissed me really softly. It was just light and simple, and it only lasted about 5 seconds, but I will never have a better kiss.
Sammi, 15
my 1st wuz w/ my girlfriend, it wuz outside, after school and it wuz cold, we were standing 2gether waiting 4 her brother 2 pick her up, i wuz holding her waist and she had her arms around my shoulders. i looked in2 her green eyes of wut it seemed like an hour and i started talking and and i wuz about to ask her wut she wuz thinking about, but. i got as far as wut r u thinking ab....... and she kissed me, buttttttttt, omgsh, she caught me by surprise, soooo, i sorta freaked out and pulled away rejecting her, sooooo it wuz WAY bad, and im prude sooooo idk, lol, plus idk how 2 kiss so it sucks really bad.
This happened about a month ago. In school we are doing this music video project. I forget what his song was, but this guy I used to like for 8 months needed a kissing scene. They were trying to get a ton of people who were already girlfriend/boyfriend to kiss on Camera, but obviously it was uncomfortable. This guy was flirting with me since I got over him. We became good friends. All of his friends knew that he likes me. So they were chasing me and him. Eventually we found ourselves in the spare classroom, with everyone outside. I know this may sound wannabe, but just to follow on this, I asked if we had to go out there, what type of kiss would we have to do. He said, and may I mention that I liked him again after we did this, but he said "Something like this" and then he kissed me. It went pretty well- he's a good kisser. But it didn't take me long to realize it was planned. After all, his breath smelled like winter-mint. And then I saw a little red beep in the somewhat dark classroom. "We got it huh?" said the people outside. I was blushing furiously. I stormed out, pretty mad. I didn't like any of his friends anymore. I don't think they will use the footage, seeing my reaction, but I think he enjoyed it, just the same. So did I. We haven't talked since. After all that, I really wish I could just drop out of school! But boys can be silly, no exception. Although, it was rather nice. For being on camera. Hehehehe....
Mera, 12, CA
My first french kiss. Some people are lucky, some people are not. I am one of the many that are not. People describe their first french kiss as, "Perfect", or, "Wonderful." Me on the other hand, not so. My first french kiss was sloppy, I litterally had to wipe his spit off my face. I've known this guy for 6 years, we've been neighbors and I've pushed him down the stairs quite a few times also. We were at my house just being kids, oh ya did I mention he is 3 years older? Well we were just messing around on my tramploine. He was getting ready to go and I was going in to give him a hug. Let's just say I got a bit more than a hug that day. It was ok until we parted and I had slobber all over my face. My first french kiss was anything but, "Perfect."
Kat, 15, Colorado
My names Gabrielle and i always felt like a loser cuz id never had a first real kiss and all my friends had, well today i went to the abandon shitty mall with my boyfriend (seth) and we were hanging out and we started playing truth or dare and when i play i give two choices for dare, the first one was to tell some random person he loved them and the other was to kiss me, he picked the second one and i layed down on a big bench block of cement behind the mall and he leaned over me and kissed me lightly on the lips, then without me daring him to he kissed me once more and then he kissed me but dident pull back and we started making out, neither of us have ever been kissed so we dident know what to do but we went with the flow and it was the moment id been waiting for my whole life and it couldnt have been more perfect, after that we made out three more times. I LOVE YOU SETH!!!!!
Gabrielle, Oregon
I had a first kiss but I donʼt count it because it was a bet! But anyway this is the first kiss I do count. My boyfriend and I were at this a new years party at the ski lodge in Boone, NC and it was raining and we were both soaked. The fire works were going off and he asked since it was news years I wanted to kiss? I hadnʼt said anything all new years because I was thinking of the right first thing to say but out of no where I said I am really not that good (I am a dork I know) but then I said ok. And we waited then after a while I was like it is going to be awkward because it is like we are planning it and he said I know. We waited even more and then it was like someone else was controlling me I just faced him and put my arms around him and we kissed!!!!! He held me in his arms the rest of the fireworks and then kissed me on the cheek. It was so sweet!
12 yrs old, North Carolina
me and my boyfriend had been dating for about 2 weeks and we had talked about kissing and so we decided that we were ready and the next day we were in the bus lanes and i had ponted to my lips and it happened (somtimes you have to just go for it)
Me and this guyy went out lastt year and ended up breaking up because we never talkedd. but then this year we started to like eachother again. so we started going out. and like he started calling me like every secondd that i wasnt aroundd himm. and then one day he came over and he was a completely different person. like he had his hands ALL over mee and like then we were sitting on my couch watching a moviee, and he kept asking me if i wanted to kiss him, and finaly i just said yess. and he kept tapping my shoulderr and i would act like i didnt noticee bc i was soo nervouss bc i knew he was gonna make a move, but then he satrted calling my name so i was like omgg i cant act like a cant hear himm. so i was like what ?!?! and i was like starring at the wall and he was like look at mee and i looked at him and he like started to like lean in so i was like okay i cant act like this isnt happeningg so i just kissed himm. not like a french or anythingg, but the scarriest part is afterwards bc u are like in such shock u cant even like speakk. yeah so that was my first kiss, i was hopping it was gonna be like a movie or something but no it was just normal.
13, Texas
I was in Pennsylvania during the summer and i really liked this boy name Mike and he liked me too. So he asked me out the night we were at the lake and I said yes. Our first kiss was a couple of days after. He was walking me to my house at night and we stopped on the street right before my house so my grandmother wouldnt see me. And his friend goes well im leaving you guys alone. We just stood there foor a couple of minutes smiling at eachother. Then right before I left he gave me a kiss on the lips. This might sound crazy but it was the best kiss ever. Then a week after that me and him mdeout the day before I was going to leave back to New York. It was awsome! We are still going out and on August 21, 2007 it'll be a year since we will be going out.
my first kiss with my present boyfriend...whom i love and is the most important person in the world to me...was about... 4 months ago at a chaminade (boys college prep school in STL) football game. Me and him we're sitting on a stone wall talking and he had his arm around me, at that time we'd only have been going out about a week, and we were just talking and he randomly leaned in a kissed me...while his creepy ex-stalker-gf was watching us..but besides her the night was magical and we've been going out 4 months and are still going strong!
Lauren, St. Louis, Missouri
My fist kiss was so amazing . Let me tell you the story!This all happened 3 and u half monthes ago. Me and my boyfriend meet at a privet school.So one day i was in the classroom with my class mats and he was trying to patches things up with umatimus but when he came to the classrooom he saw me there very sad and let me tell you why. I was not felling good and yes we were friends before this and i was drinking somwthing for my stomack problem and he sat next to me and he told me to hang in there and that i was going to be okey!so the mounths went on and just this passed january he came over for the new years day and he came over to my house and we tlaked foe a while and w talked to him mom talking to my mom!Well thing got more interisting ater him mom left and the rest of my family was out side so me and sean went to now my favertie room in the hosue my did white sofa! We sniggled and cudles and he kiss me on the forehead and i just go muts aver it ! Then the intersting part comes. I told him i want to talk to him and the next thing you know we were making out on the couch him on top of em and to this day we are still together and still going strong! He bought me a blue topaze ring from zalez and i bought him a crarf for christmas! We see each outher on mondays when we dont have school!My boyfriend is 16 years old!
anonymous, 17
My first kiss was incredibly sweet! I was at homecoming with my boyfriend in October of last year, and it was at the end of the dance. We were about to leave when he suddenly looked me in the eye and said can I do something? I said sure. Then he leaned in and kissed me! It was simple at first, but then we ended up french kissing and he was pretty good :]
Kim, 14, California
My first kiss was amazing I had been going out with this guy fir about 3 weeks and it was rite b4 thanksgiving break and he wasn't going to see me for a while. We were leaving study hall walking down the hall holding hands when every1 was past us he pulled me back and went in for the kiss it was amazing!!! I rele hope we don't break up any time soon I am young but in love. I only hope out first make out (which will b very soon) will b this good.
Pennsylvania, 12
My first kiss was about a month ago (in January). This is kind of long so sorry. I was spending the night at my neighbors' house. One of my neighbors (Kate) is my little sister's friend (their both 10) and the other (Jake, 14) is a year younger than me so we get along well. Well, one of their family's friend (Ryan, 16) who is a year older than me was over and he was spending the night along with one of Jake's friend from school (Matt,14). All our moms were away on a trip to palm springs and their dad was asleep, so we all stayed up to about 10 watching Road Fools. Us girls were all upstairs playing on the computer in Kate's room and the guys were down stairs. Then Jake came upstairs and asked me if i wanted beer. His dad had gotten a huge bar-b-qe for christmas and it had a beer tap on it connected to a full keg and the guys were all drinking. I said no so he went back downstairs. Then a little while later, he came back upstairs and said he needed to talk to me so he pulled me into his room. "Ryan likes you and wants to ask you out," he said but I didn't believe him because he always kids around. So i told him that i Ryan wanted to ask me out, then he could come up stairs and do it himself. Then i went back into Kate's room. A few minutes later, the guys all came upstairs and ryan pulled me into jake's room and i shut the door. I was so nervous, i though my heart would explode. I didn't know if he was going to be serious because i though he might be drunk. He didn't say anything and I'm a really outgoing person when it comes to guys, so i said "i know what you're going to say" and he said "what" and I was like "Jake told me you were going to ask me out" and he was like "i really like you but" then i cut him off, 'but you don't want to be tied down since you go to a different high school and we only see each oth about once a month," "Yeah" he said and he was looking down at his shoes and the room was really dark so I couldn't see his face. 'Well how about we're only 'boyfriend and girlfriend" when we see each other, no commitments." Most of my friends are guys, so i knew the idea would appeal to him. "Sure" he said and then we came out of the room. Around 11 my sister and Kate fell asleep so I crept downstairs since their dad had a rule against guys and girls being near each other at night. I sat next to Ryan and leaned against him. We sat up till about 3 watching Road Fool and then jake fell asleep. Since Matt was sitting on the same couch he kept giving us knowing looks and kept winking us. It was about 25 degrees outside which is FREEZING for southern california. I'm also a dare devil so all of a sudden I was like "I'm going outside" and i got up and brought my really thin blanket with me. "You're crazy" Ryan said but he followed me outside anyways. Jake was asleep and Matt was engrossed in some movie on tv so I knew we wouldn't be bothered. I put my blanket on one of the two-person chairs they have around the pool because it had rained that day and the chair was wet. We sat down and I leaned against him. The air was really cold and crisp and there was a full moon so it was really light outside. I started to shiver and he was like "I told you you were crazy" and he laughed. "here Ill warm you up" and he put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to him. We sat there for a minute and then he whispered "Tay" really softly and I turned to look at him. He looked at me and then he kissed me. I thought my heart stopped. It was one of the best moments of my life. his lips were really soft. He opened his mouth and I did tooo and then we started making out. I definitely wasn't cold anymore. We made out for like 10 minutes and he ended up on top of me with his hands in my hair and I had my hands around his neck and in his hair. Oh my gosh, it was heaven. We eventually went back inside because i thought my toes were going to fall off and Matt was like "you guys were out there for a long time" and he laughed. Later we watched House of Wax and it gets bloody and i hate blood so i was burrying my head into Ryan's shoulder and then he kissed my head and laughed at how i kept screaming. At one really scary part the guy leaves the girl in the car while the crazy guy is there and he was all like "i would never leave you" and we stared making out again. Well, at least until Matt started making gag noises. I see him more often now but we're still in the "friends with benefits" stage. (Oh and if you think this sounds too "storybookish" its all true im just a good writer and am planning to major in journalism)
Taylor, California
My school was having a Halloween Carnival and after that there was a Bonfire for the 7th graders. My boyfriend [now my ex] had been wanting to kiss me, but always chickened out. We danced like a lot, and then we started to slow dance again, and after the song was over, he kissed me on the forehead!--yeah i know it's kind of weird! But my heart flipped! Everyone was like "ohh he missed!" it was pretty embarrassing. But then he was like Nicole come here I want to show you something. We were holding hands and he walked me into the woods by this little lake. I knew what he was gonna so, so I just went with it. He looked into my eyes and he kissed me-on the lips! It was so sweet! I will never forget my first kiss. 🙂
Nicole, 13, LA
Well There's this boy who's amazing, his name's Jay Kay ;] and today me and my friends went to meet up with him in glasgow to go to the cinema to see Blood and Chocolate. well he done the most sweetest things ever, when we met up 'cause he likes me his heart was beating fast and he put my hand on his heart and then he whispered/sang into my ear when your heart stops beating by plus 44. It was soo cute, and then i wouldn't go in the lift at the cinema because i'm scared of them he grabbed my hand and went up the stairs with me then he didn't let go att allll, we sat together in the cinema and he then held both of my hands and he was saying how much he liked me then he asked if i had ever kissed a guy before, and i said no because i dont know how and then put his hand under my chin and kissed me and went "like that" and he kissed me again but i kept pulling away because i was scared and he just laughed and said "you were doing fine" and then he said "thats soo special to me being your first kiss, you are soo special to me" :O I couldn't stop smiling lol, then when we began to watch the film again he's like that, "wait, we just kissed when they kissed, that's like soooo spookey" (meaning the couple in the film) :\ lol it was like woahh 😐 Cal being the nosey one had passed it down the whole row of our friends lol and at the end when we where walking out holding hands this punk guy behind us went "awwww look at the little scene kids" xxxxx
Nicole, 13, Scotland
Hmm.. My first kiss was really romantic.. Well' it was Valentines Day' and i was with my friends.. we were behind the buses just chatting normally.. My first and only boyfriend's one year elder to me, as in he's in 8th and i'm in 7th... Anyways, Valentines day, when i was with my friends he came up to me and gave me some box, i was to busy thinkin what it is and he just kissed me on my neck and went.. It felt so good!!
After being rejected by the first two loves of my life, and then for some reason that is still unbeknownst to be, losing my feelings for this really great guy who really liked me, I was ready to just give up on love. I decided that it was best to try and live without it. Sure. Why not? I can focus on family and work and school. No problem. Then, I unwillingly began to start acquiring feelings for one of my friends. After finding him staring at me several times, him hugging me with every hello, and that cute laughter of his, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. I was sure this would be the standard heartbreak I am used to; you know the same-old, same-old. But as the days progressed I found that I was deeply and truly in love with him. I was hit with a concentrated mixture of butterflies, nerves, love, and a big old bag of the sighs~ I began to think about kissing him for a while. Being that I didn't know how he felt I figured I'd just kiss his cheek. So the day right before Christmas break (meaning now or never) I decided I would do it. I had never kissed anyone before so I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. So all throughout the day I planned out my move. I would do it right before the last bell of the day. But unfortunately it turned out that his friends from another class came in to spend the afternoon with him. I had wanted to give up but my friend kept encouraging me. She's very sweet. Finally, she and the other kids left 5 minutes before the dismissal bell. So I grabbed my things, ready to leave. He came up to me to give me a good-bye hug. When he did, my mind screamed at me, "Now or never!" So as he was letting go, I moved my head from his shoulder and did it. I placed my lips softly on his cheek for about 2 seconds. It wasn't so much a kiss as my lips touching his cheek. In the instant that I was doing it, I thought, "What the big deal? This is nothing." Then when I pulled away, I hung my head a little and covered it all up by saying, "Have a great birthday." (His birthday was during the break and I wouldn't see him then.) His face was so strange at that moment. It was a mixture of extreme surprise with a big, big, big smile. He said very happily, "Thank you!" As soon as he said I couldn't help but blush. THAT was the big deal! While walking out of school my other friend asked me if I did it, and when I replied with a yes, she squeezed me and messed up my hair in a giddy manner. All the way home, I couldn't stop thinking about how soft his face was. I gave him my first kiss as his birthday present. Then later when I gave him my second kiss, while it was a bit rushed, but it was nice. It made be realize something. He was the only one that I ever want to kiss. As for if anything is going to happen between us, I really don't know. Everything is still pending. So we'll see~ Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll kiss me.
Ashley, 16, Florida.
this happened last week. my crush jimmy was sitting next to me in class. It was the last period of the day, and all of jimmy's friends were telling me that jimmy wanted to ask me out that day. i was really nervous because i really liked him. well, the bell rang, we packed up, and the class was walking outside. My friends Amber, Jenny and Jada were walking ahead of me, and Jenny went over to hug her boyfriend Ronnie. Jimmy said "Ellie, can I talk to you?" and i was thinking, CRAP! anyways, we walked under a big tree, and he said " you know that i like you, right?" and i looked down and said, "yeah." and he's all, "Do you want to go out?" and i was all, "Okay." I had all this relief, until he put his arms around my waist and kissed me! It was perfect! We're still going out and I'm sooooo happy.
Ellie, 13, Bishop, CA
My name's Emy, 13 years old and my first kiss just happened last Saturday. There is this guy named Sam who is a year older than me. I liked for about 2 years and I thought he didn't like me back. But I just waited for him to notice me. Last Saturday, we were in school for a practice. Sam was also there because they have to go to school too for some reasons. When sunset came, I went at the back of the gym to draw the sunset (I'm an artistic kind of girl..^^). I didn't get to finish drawing since dark clouds suddenly blocked the sun. Yes, it was going to rain. When I was about to keep my things, I saw Sam approaching me. I was shocked and I blushed hard. Then, awkward silence... Then, rain... We both ran fast to a nearby shade. He was so sweet because he used his coat as an umbrella for both of us! (Just like in movies!) My heart was racing fast. When we reached the shade, we were both already soaked and laughing. Then, he said to me sweetly, "Emy, you know, from the first time I saw you smile, I fell in love with you." I still remember those words and it made me feel like the happiest girl in the world. Then, he got out a handkerchief and wiped my face. Then, his face moved close to mine and then... BOOM! we kissed... just a sweet kiss. After that, I said to him, "I love you too!" and I hugged him. Right now, I'm not sure if he's my boyfriend but we're deeply in love with each other.
Emy, 13, Houston
My first kiss was with my best friend ( i' ll call him Kevin) he was sweet and gorgeous and just his smile made my day. We d been friends since third grade but something about him this year caught my eye and i became a fiend over him. I told him about my feelings for him and he said that he just wanted to be friends and i accepted that. then one day after school he looked me dead in the eye and told me he loved me and that he lied about how he felt and then he kissed me. And it was the sweetest deepest kiss i ever felt. I felt it all the way in bones. Well anyway we ve been together for 5 years and yesterday he proposed
Espi, 18, Espana
I was 12 years old on my first kiss. It was at my best friends house, her brother had his friend over, then both of them left both of us alone. we both had a crush on each other, then we both got up then he started walking up to me. So I took one step back, and I hit the bed that was behind me (it was standing up on its side) then he grabbed my waist, (he had to look down because he was like 5 inches taller than me) then he tilted his head, so I put my arms around his neck, we both closed our eyes, then, BAM, we kissed, he used a little bit of tongue, then we both turned it into a french (i know usually you not supposed to french on a first kiss) . even though it was my first kiss he said i was a really good kisser. but we didn't end up as gf and bf because my best friends brother caught us. we are just friends now but he still gives me this look were he want to kiss me again.
my first kiss was a little under a year ago when i was 14. i was at the 8th grade dance and i wasn't going with anybody but my friends but despite that i was going to look good. anyway, my favorite song came on and i had to sit on the side with others (its a slow dance song and dj's rules were couples only). i was hoping my crush would ask me out b4 the dance but he didn't so i just sorta gave up. until he walked up to me in the middle of the song and tapped me on the shoulder and asked to have the dance. when we stepped out i felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. so after the song ended, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to show me something so i followed him outside and he was showing me the stars and stuff. we were sitting on this bench and we decided to share his jacket cuz it was getting chilly which meant we were close. then he said, "i've been meaning to uh tell you something." I said "what?" then he turned and took my head in his hands and leaned in and kiss me perfectly. then he said, "i like you. a lot. girlfriend?" "definitely" was all i could say before kissing him again. best night of my life which i am lucky enough to still share with him. I LOVE YOU MATT!
anonymous, 14, il
Kay, so my boyfriend and i had been going out for a little over a month and i had been soooo nervous about our first kiss considering it was my first kiss and i knew it wasn't his. He was getting a bit discouraged seeing as every time he tried to kiss me i would turn away. We were texting one night and i gathered enough courage to talk about it. He got excited and said he couldn't wait. The next morning at school as soon as we saw each other he ran up to me and gave me a peck. i didn't even expect it so i turned around and started talking to someone else then the bell rang and we had to go to class. He kissed me two more times that day but very briefly, one was a peck and the other he kinda ate my face so i pulled away. haha. thankfully we've had a lot more practice since then and we've been going out for FOUR months now!!! I love him like no other <3
Anonymous, 14
My first kiss was this fall, and one of my good guy friends was having a bonfire. Well, me and a few of my girlfriends and some guys that lived in our neighborhood snuck off to play truth of dare. of course, it turned into a game of just having to kiss whoever wanted a dare. My friend Malcolm was dared to kiss me on the lips, so I'm like, sure, whatever. So, he puts his arms around my shoulders and kisses me. His lips were soo soft except EWWWWWW! they were like covered in spit so that totally wrecked it. i know this doesn't count, because it was a dare. A couple months later he asked me out, and we went out for 2 weeks, and then he broke up with me. Still, i'll always remember that. . and how he's such a bad kisser! LOL.
Anonymous, 13 years old, IL
hiiya my name is sammi. my first kiss wasn't what i expected it to be it was so much better!!! Me and my current boyfriend where at the movies and he made the move on me (put his hand around my shoulder) and then i cuddled into him but then he said to me "sammi" thn i said "ye "and he said "get closer i want to tell you something "then i said "ye what is it" and he kissed me right on the lips then we started french kissing and i think i have been in love ever since it was so romantic, I LOVE YOU JACK !!!
13, Scotland
My first kiss happened towards the end of the summer in 2006. I used to live in a town about 30 minutes away from the house I live in now. I was about 7 years old, and my brother used to hang out with this boy who lived fairly close. I remember seeing him, and thinking he was the most adorable boy I had ever seen. 8 years later, I managed to get in contact with him to let him know how my brother was doing. My brother is in the Army and is currently in Iraq. Well, I told him how my brother was, and said if he wanted to know anything else, or just wanted to talk, I was there. He e-mailed me back, and we started talking on messenger. He had told me that if I wanted one of his new CD's (he's a one-man band) he would come by my house and give me one, and catch up on things. At first I thought he was only kidding. He wasn't, and brought it up on another occasion. So I finally got up the nerve to ask my parents if it would be all right if he stopped by and they said it would be fine. I called him and told him, and he said he'd be over around 5 the next day. I was extremely nervous, because we were both single and I still thought he was adorable. He came over, and we talked a little, and he asked me if he could call me later. He did, and he said that if it was all right, he'd like to come over again the next day before he went to Cedar Point. I said it would be fine, and again, we talked. He even gave me a hug before he left. This continued for a few more visits until one night, he played the guitar for a little while, and we talked. I can remember grabbing his hand, and he smiled at me. Later on, around 10 or so, he said that he should probably get going. We walked outside, and he gave the usual hug, but I guess I wasn't satisfied with that, so I walked over and gave him another one and he held me for a minute. The next day, before he left for home, he was about to say something and then decided against it. That night, online, I asked him about it and he told me that he had never met anyone like me, and wanted to know where I thought our relationship stood. I told him I really liked him, and so he said he wanted a relationship, and we started going out. Now, the kiss part. We were sitting on our couch, watching tv, and he wrapped his arms around me, I looked up and smiled, and looked back at the television, and at that moment, I decided I couldn't wait for it anymore, and looked back up at him, he looked at me, and without thinking I leaned up and kissed him. It was one of the most happiest moments for me, and 8 months later, we're still together and couldn't be happier!
Sara, 16, USA
My first kiss was a few weeks ago on the bus. It was with a guy that I've liked forever (I still like him now). He never pays any attention to me except for when we're on the bus together, he'd always ask me to make out, but I was afraid to so I'd always say no. One day the kids on my bus wanted to play truth or dare and everyone agreed. I had been wishing that he would get dared to kiss me, but I didn't want to dare him myself. (I didnt want him to know that I liked him). I had already been dared to kiss him on the cheek but that wasn't good enough for me. Finally Morgan dared him to kiss me on the lips. He wasn't sure if he should until I said "ok" and he did. It lasted only a second and close lipped but i was satisfied. I was a little "bubbly" afterwards, but I tried to pretend like it was no big deal. I wish that I could get a real kiss that wasn't by dare. Oh well....
Nikkie, FL, USA
my first kiss was on the cheek but what the heck. i was round christmas time and we had a lock - in at my church and my ex was there so me and him hanged out that night. and i was about 4 in the morning and he was really sleepy so he was falling asleep and then he woke up and just gave me a kiss on the cheek!!!! i was surprised cause i never thought he would do that and because we already broke up. then when our church went to the beach it was about 5 in the morning when we reach . i said u know that thing u did in church and he said u mean this and he kissed me again!!! . the when we were leaving i said see ya at church then he kissed me again !!!! that was the best day of my life even though it was only on the cheek.
nadya, 13
My first kiss was pretty amazing. It was with my current boyfriend whom i've been together with for four months now. My friends and I are pretty popular so my boyfriend and I were the last to have our first kiss. In the movie theaters we have two seaters. MY friends Alec and Karrisa (couple) were sitting in front of us. (very experienced kissers) and me and my boyfriend sitting behind. He was holding me tight and I could feel his nervousness. He was having an anxiety attack! So I decided I'd go to the bathroom. My best friends new I wanted to kiss him and knew he wanted to kiss me. (and i am classy, i believe guys make the move) so i patiently waited. while I was coming back in from the ladies room I heard my friends talking loud giving him kissing lessons on how he should kiss me! (how embarrassing!) I walked in on it to. So the moving was beginning to end and I gave up hope. But he was getting nervous again so i assumed he'd do it. (I've gotten offers to be kissed before but I wanted it to be with someone special) and i knew this was the kid I wanted to kiss first. So I took my phone and sent him a text message saying "kiss me!" (yeah i know, i broke my rules) and he lifted my chin and did it and after he just looked at me and was like "thanks, I needed that push" and kissed me again! it couldn't have been more perfect!
anonymous, 13, Dracut
My first kiss was a magical one. It was homecoming, and with my current boyfriend (though, he wasn't at the time). I was with the guy that I had liked for AGES but was just always afraid to tell him exactly how I felt, so needless to say, I was fluttery enough just being there with him. A slow song came on, and he asked me if I wanted to dance, so we were standing there slowly rocking on the dance floor, and all of a sudden he takes his hand and gently lifts my chin smiled at me right in the eyes and kissed me. Talking later, we both realized that each had liked the other for months, but had just been afraid to tell each other, and now as my friends say we're practically "joined at the hip", you'll almost never see one of us without the other. What a fairytale come true!!!
Anonymous, 18, Florida
My first kiss was after a swim meet. After all the people left and we were waiting for my mom to pick us up, my boyfriend and I just started talking for like 15 minutes. Then all of a sudden he starts staring at me and I am just sitting looking retarded and he leans in and then kisses me. At fist it felt a littlw weird, but then I kissed him back and we kissed for like 20 seconds. It was awkward at first but then it felt magical because e is the first boy that ever told me that he loved me and meant it...
anonymous, 15
I remember everything about my first kiss it was December 9th, 2006 and was with my current boyfriend. I was 15 at the time and I know you are thinking took you long enough whatever it was the most perfect kiss. It was before me and my boyfriend started going out but we both knew we had strong feelings for each other. So we were sitting there on the couch watching that old movie nightmare on elm street and playing around like we always do like I had this book and he took it and wouldn't give it back so we were cracking up why I was trying to grab it back from him we were loving the movie and having a great time. Suddenly he like started holding my hand and putting his arm around me and playing with my hair it was so sweet. I kind of knew it was coming. Then I got up to mess with the DVD player and he was like come sit back down so I did and he leaned over and kissed me and when I say kiss I don't mean just a peck on the lips it was so passionate and romantic. We started officially going out after that and we are so much in love now that we will probably be together forever and nothing can tear us apart he is the first person I kissed and the first person I fell in love with. We have been going out for like four months now and I cant picture my life any better. Every time we kiss is so special it's like our tongues are going wild in there I remember every kiss but I especially remember and cherish our kiss kiss I LOVE MY BABY!!!!
Ashley Missouri 16
It happened on March 5, 2007. It is now April 22, 2007. It was 2 whole months after I considered him my boyfriend. I wasn't waiting, I was scared. Of what? I don't know. I called Jibril, which is his real name, up on the phone yesterday because I had something important to tell him. I put a lot of thought into it, I had finally decided that I was ready to have my first kiss. Of course, with his English being so bad (he is in foreign exchange) I had to tell him twice and it was hard enough the first time. So, I went to school on the bus, giving me 35 minutes to plan what I was about to do. The biggest problem was finding a nice private place in a not so private school, you know, where students can go anywhere and I mean anywhere. Except the wrong bathroom, of course. I finally decided on one of the entrances to the auditorium and there were a million to choose from. Naturally, he was at school already, having been there since 7:30 because of early morning soccer practice. Now that I think about it, it was this early morning schedule that made all this possible. I found him in his usual spot on the top step of the stairs inside the school. I reminded him what I had told him on the phone yesterday and dragged/led him to what has been dubbed “the sweet spot”. It is pretty much a blur from here on out, but I’ll do the best I can. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head toward the ground, still being afraid of something new. This motion made our foreheads meet instead of our lips. I think we stood like that for ten minutes with me making up excuses, and him keeping asking me why. And then…the bell rang, but neither of us made a move towards our classes. A quick movement that I can’t remember and next thing I know, I have my mouth situated so all he has to do is move his head slightly and it would be all over with. I’m just standing there mouthing, “come on, come on” repeatedly until…It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. If I had more experience in kissing I would probably rate it a 2 or 2.5 out of ten. But it was definitely a ten to me. Now, with that in mind the very last thing I wanted to do was go to class. I think I hugged him with my tightest hug ever. Eventually, I walked him to his class, and he asked me a question about something mundane. With my first ever kiss still very fresh in my mind, I was shocked we could talk about anything normal. I cleared my head as quickly as I could and answered it. After I started walking towards my first period, I could hardly contain myself, so I sprinted to Spanish class; it just wasn’t far enough away.
17, Centralia, Washington
I had my first kiss recently. It was after school and I was about to walk home with my friend. I went back to check on something really quickly. Then, my boyfriend came up to me and said, "I've got a gift for you". I said, "Okay, what is it?". Then, He leaned in and kissed me! I was so shocked.
Kimi, 12, USA
this kiss was so freaking awesome bu8t it wasn't my first kiss but it was my first french kiss....ok so im in middle school and we were doing this project for science and some of the chemicals made some of the kids in my class sick and the guy i liked went to the health room before me and me and my friend got a little sick to so like we did the project and then asked if we could go to the health room and my teacher sent us and when we got there like 2 of my friends were already there and there was this small room inside the health room with like beds and stuff and like me my crush and 3 of my friends and this guy i had never met before was in there and there was 2 beds so me and my crush sat on one my 2 friends sat on the other and my friend and the other guy sat on the other bed and my 2 other friends sat on the ground and like the door was closed and the lights were off but there was like a opening above the door so yea and like we all had head aches and some couldn't breathe but we were ok for like the half hour that we were all in there only like head aches and it was like freezing in there so me and the guy i liked were sharing a blanket and almost everybody in there knew i liked him so they started teasing us and the girl i came to the health room with was his cousin and we all started playing truth or dare and he chose dare and his cousin said "i dare you to kiss ashley" and at the same time we both blurted out "what?" at the same time and she said i dared ------- to kiss you" and i was like "but im sick" and she was like "well so is he" and i looked at him and then back at her and then i heard him say "umm okay" and i looked back at him and he said "just know it was a dare" and i really didn't want to kiss him even though i liked him because he was one of my friends and i was leaning against the wall that the bed was pushed against so like i couldn't move to avoid it and he was like and inch away from my face and i automatically closed my eyes right before his lips touched mine and he just stayed the for a second or 2 before he pulled back and smiled at me and i smiled blushed and looked down and everybody started like laughing and cheering until like the nurse came in and told us to be quiet or she's sending us back to class and she shut the door and we all looked at each other and laughed quietly and we went back to playing truth or dare and i chose dare and she said i dare YOU to kiss HIM for more than 10 seconds" and i was like "2 seconds" and she was like "10 seconds" and i was like "4" and she was like "10" and i was like "6 seconds" and she was like "10 seconds" and i was like "fine!" and i turned and looked at him and said "it was a dare" and he said "fine" and i put my hand on his shoulder and leaned in and kissed him open lipped for maybe 5 seconds before my other friend said out loud "french" and i didn't want to because i had never frenched anybody before and so i didn't and then all of a sudden his hand touched my face and his tongue brushed past my lips and touched mine and i was thinking holy crap this is fricken awesome! and 10 seconds seemed like forever until i finally pulled back and looked away from him and then he turned and looked at me and asked "will you be my girlfriend?" and i was like "okay" and he turned and looked at her and was like "there are you happy?" and she said "depends are you?" and he smiled and said "shut up" and like we were in there for like two hours and we were talking and he was like holding my hand and then the nurse came in and i quickly let go of his hand and then the nurse said to come out side and said i can go back to class and i said i had to get my bag and i picked it up and i kissed him on the cheek and said bye to everybody and and right when i turned to leave he grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him on the bed and kissed me and i was like "maybe i should stay a little while longer and he smiled and was like okay and i walked outside and told the nurse i still had a bad head ache and good thing im good at faking and i walked back in and closed the door and sat next to him and he kissed me and everybody else in the room was like "Oooooohhhhh"
ashley, 13
I'm 15 yrs. old going 16 this year (2007) and my first kiss...well, what can i say, it really lasted only like a few seconds but it was good because i was quite innocent at the time and knew it was wrong because i knew my mom would definitely kill me if she knew. My first kiss happened on January 1, 2006 (which is a date which I'll never for get and it is hard to forget also) with my present bf who happens to be about 4 yrs. older than me...age is just a number, trust me. He wasn't my bf at the time, he wanted to hook up, but I refused. I hooked up with someone else then we broke up and now im with him. It happened in one of my friends mom's car. (My bf is actually her cousin so if it wasn't for her, don't know where id be right now). Mosquitoes were biting us outside so she suggested we sit inside the car. We did, i sat behind the driver's seat and he sat in the back. There was a separation between the head of the seats and he rested his head there, and he said "Kiss me" I was so reluctant, and i said no, but after a while i did but pulled away because of my conscience. Up to this day, i don't know what made me do it, what got into me to kiss him. After that i had this strange feeling in my stomach, i didn't understand what it was, but i had like mixed emotions...i didn't know what to think, but now i understand that i just had strong feelings for him but was so caught up to realize. That wasn't officially my first kiss, because we kissed before that, but this was actually my first french kiss. It felt odd at first to know that tongues and all were connecting, but after doing it a bit more, i enjoyed it and appreciated it more, each time i see him and we kiss, it gets better and better. Its just a way of expressing our love to each other and how much we want each other. I love him so much, cant wait to see him again... 🙂
Anonymous, Jamaica
hi i always dreamt that my first kiss would be like fire works but mine was better me and this lad aaron liked each other a lot but we weren't bf an gf we were sitting on this wall with trees and grass to sit on and he grabbed my hand and we started talking for 2 hours i know it seems long but it was good he leaned in and said it will be good and we kissed each other only gently and we started making out but my older cousin who is 17 seen me and never let me let it down since
my first kiss was kinda scary because I really didn't know what to do. but yet, it was also sweet!! I really enjoyed it!!! he was really sweet!! he didn't kiss me until he asked me first!! he was such a gentleman!!
Well my first kiss was just after midnight on the 19th of April 2007. I was at a popular bar in Sydney and I was on the dance floor when I started dancing with this girl named Alana. To cut a long story short she started tickling me in the stomach and we sort of started flirting until after a while she got really close to me and I went in for it and it worked! *Sigh* My first pash! It was quite surreal to be honest. Although she was a bit hesitant and I didn't really know what I was doing we stayed together for a while until she told me she had a boyfriend she had been seeing for 2 years and then she left me. I still haven't concluded that this is true but who knows? Girl's think in weird and wonderful ways but still it was awesome and I'd do it again without question! Only took 19 years for it to happen! My advice to anyone still waiting to experience their first kiss is to be confident and more importantly, be yourself!
Lewis, 19, Sydney, Australia
I was at my girlfriend's house (it was the first time we met in person) and after we watched a movie, she took a pillow, set it on the ground next to her bed and said "Jordan, come here." I laid down next to her, and we started making out. That was the best kiss I've ever had. I really don't understand why so many people say their first kiss was awkward... mine wasn't at all.
Jordan, 16, Wisconsin
It happened yesterday and I really didn't realize it was my first kiss! Me and my friends were talking and one of my friends were like no way no im not kissing him even if you paid me and then somebody told me that a boy was gonna pay my friend if she kissed my other friend. He had a crush on her for like ever and they were good friends. But she wouldn't do it. So we were just talking and somebody was like I will pay you if you kiss him! and I needed the money so I agreed. It was during school and he asked when we should do it. I suggested after school and he couldn't so we had to do it during school. We couldn't do it in the classrooms or the halls so he suggested the bathroom! I was like the girls right and he was like people are always going in there so it had to be in the boys! After the bell rang we walked separately to the boys bathroom. I was taking my time getting there. I walked in and saw toilets and things. It was gross and it smelled. I was just like standing there and he was like are we gonna do it and I was like ok. I closed my eyes and leaned in and his lips touched mine! I some how didn't expect his lips to touch mine and I was surprised so I pulled back quickly. I didn't really like it and I had trouble going out of the boys bathroom unseen. But now I have a crush on that guy and I wish we kissed longer. But not in the boys bathroom. Seriously!
Elana, 12, North Carolina
Well i was 13 at the time and i was going out with a boy named Shelby. He was cut, funny, and he knew how to talk to a girl. We had been together for about a month. On the day before our Christmas Vacation he asked my to go take a walk with him. I said ok and we started walking and it was cold and snowing. He said are you cold and I said yeah. then you hugged me and held my hand! He was so romantic. We were standing there for about 2 minutes then he looked at me and told me that i was beautiful and that I was the perfect girl. I just gave him a little smile and then he put his hands on my face and gave me a kiss. It was short and sweet and it was exactly how I imagined that it would be. It was perfect and he was a good kisser. Then we continued walking and he walked me all the way home and when we got to my house he pulled me close to him and he kissed me again. It was the perfect first kiss ever. Unfortunately, we broke up and now we are still friends and we are thinking about getting back together.
Kalene, 14, Arizona
My school was having their last dance of the year the day right after my birthday. Yesterday i had just turned 14 and my birthday wish was just to dance with the girl that i liked. Unfortunately this wish didn't come true the night of it. Instead i met a completely different girl who i had never met. This basically turned out as a first date as i danced with her twice! After that i went to the hallway and got her phone number while we walked out with each other to the exit. Everyone else was leaving just like us and neither me or the girl i liked had a ride there to pick us up yet. Basically right before we left her friend showed up and kept saying things like look at you two, etc. Never did i think that i would kiss a girl directly after meeting her but i did not even knowing it. The bad side was everyone saw us and blabbed it all over the school, but i couldn't ask for a better birthday week!!!
Nate, age 14, USA
Well.... It was quite embarrassing for a first kiss, and I don't consider it my first kiss for that very reason! It was on the 15th April, 2007... I had been going out with my current girlfriend for 2 and a half months and I wasn't necessarily holding back from kissing her, I just was scared for some reason... My friends were pressuring me to kiss her, and I wanted to, and she also wanted me to! But whenever the perfect time came, I was overcome with fear, so I backed down... Then one day, I just decided that I had to... I really wish I had waited! We were at a movie night at a friend's house, and we went outside for a walk. When we returned, we were on the front porch of her house and I said "I think it's time for me to step up and be the man...", and her reply, which came back was an extremely relieved "Thank you!". Well what happened was that I went in for a nice, sweet little pick on the lips, whereas I think she forgot it was my first ever kiss, so she went in for the real deal; a French Kiss... Well, needless to say, it was rather awkward... So I just started laughing, and pulled away, and it was deemed a complete FAILURE! The next time I did it was simply on the lounge at my house while we were watching a movie. Totally cliché, I know! But I ended up doing it, and even though it was still a little awkward, and not particularly good, it gave me a little confidence to try again, and boy has it become better! Even though she is the only girl I've ever kissed, I believe she must be the best kisser ever! Two nights ago, on the 19th May, 2007, we enjoyed a lovely 30 minute French Kissing session, at that same friends house, where the first, failing kiss took place... I simply cannot stop thinking about it, and how amazing it was, but moreover, how amazing she is... I hope your first kisses go perhaps a little bit better than mine did, and that your future, or current relationships turn out as happy as mine is right now... It truly is a gift from God to have someone who makes you truly happy! God bless you all!
Anonymous (16y/o) - Sydney, Australia
my first kiss was on may 25, 2007. it was the very first day of summer and me and my bff Makala were hangin out all day when we decided to go over to this guys house that I had a major crush on. we rang the doorbell and we got his grandma she said that he wasn’t there and that we would be back at 6. so I was texting him at 5 :30ish when all of a sudden he said that he really needed to see me. I thought something was wrong so I talked my brother into giving me a ride to his house. when I got there he gave me the biggest hug (I was kinda weirded out by it a little but all well). then we walked down his drive way where he told me that this summer he was going to leave for CALI for a couple of weeks (I was about to cry) then I gave HIM a big hug and when we were done instead of letting go he kinda came closer to me then he looked at my eyes and then at my lips and then the next thing I knew my eyes were closed and we were kissing! it was bout 10 seconds because his cousins came out and well we didn’t want them to see us kissing. so he took my hand and said lets go for a little walk. so we walked around and his little cousins followed us for a while then they got bored and left when he gave me a hug again and told me that he was going to miss me a lot then we kissed again for along time! then we walked again when I said it looks like its bout to rain and you still got to pack so..... then I gave him a hug and then he just kissed me while I was talking and then I felt something go across my lips. it was his tounge and when he did it again I did too. then I left I felt like I was really high in the sky! About an hour later he couldn’t believe that I was never kissed before. I asked him why and he said that I was a really good kisser and would like to see me again later in the summer!
Kristina Sieler- Alamogrdo, New Mexico age 13
My first kiss was after the homecoming dance at the homecoming game i had been asked to the dance by the guy i liked and we had been having a really fun time. we where hanging with our friends alex adrian sophia zayla and nathans ( my crush) little sister Emma who is like my bff. anywway we were walking on the track around the football field and everyone wanted us to kiss. So he turned to me and asked me if i wanted to and i said ok and he kissed frenched kissed me and everyone giggled. we hung out the rest of the night and then his girlfriend showed up! they had been dating for a weeks! (3 days after he had asked me out!) i ran away in tears behind the stands emma came with me and told me she had no idea her brother had a girlfriend. we decided to go sit on the stands and watch the game my other friends showed up later and they told me they had a surprise for me, they had brought one of my best friends andy over and he told me that he liked me! all my friends knew he did but never told me. so we hung out the rest of the night and we gave him a ride home (zayla was sleeping over and andy lived across the street) so zayla and i walked him over to his house and he turned around and asked me to be his girlfriend i said sure we gave each other and then he kissed mezayla couldn't believe it and i loved it it was so perfect.
Camron, 13, California
Not even a year and a half ago i became very close with a guy! We were like best friends. Of course there was some mutual flirting but it was all in good nature! It was sort of like we were practicing on each other. You now the occasion handhold or the brush of the arm or sitting really close to each other when we would watch a movie. You know harmless stuff like that! I honestly never thought it would go further then that! SO anyway, we would hang out with one another almost every weekend day and we always sat at lunch together. As time passed we became inseparable! Literally two pees in a pod! One day we were at this really lame party where everyone was getting really drunk. Because neither of us drinks we were basically the only sober ones there. So we were really bored and were sitting on the couch laughing at what idiots are friends were being. Finally after 20 minuets of just laughing and having a good time he whispered in my ear, " Wanna go up stairs this totally blows!!!" I replied by saying " thank god! I though you would never ask!" So we headed up stairs and being the cluts i am fell because i was running too fast. In my moment of panic i grabbed on to the nearest thing, which was the back of his shirt. We both fell down like complete idiots. After regaining ourselves i burst into a fit of laughter and he quickly followed my lead in laughing. I swear to god that was the hardest i had ever laughed. I even began to cry! After regaining our self's we realized the position we were in. I was basically lying on his lap with his leg wrapped around mine and we were in a sort of hugging position because my arms were underneath his arms supporting my self on the wall behind us. I quickly realized how wrong this looked and began to get up but then he tugged me back down and maneuvered me so that i was sitting on his lap in a sort bridal style. I just went with it wrapped one arm behind his neck and laid my head on the stair above us and shut my eyes still mildly giggling for being such an idiot! Then all of a sudden i lifted my head and saw him looking at me intensely with a slight smirk playing at his mouth! I being completely clueless said, " What are you smirking about!?" He replied, " You are so beautiful! And you don't even know it!" I said " AAWWWW you’re just saying that to get into my pants!" Which was a complete joke! He then brought his hand that wasn't supporting my back up to my chin and sort of tilted my head so i was looking at him. He then began to bring his head forward and i began to mimic his move. Finally our lips met. It started out innocently enough and then i realized his tong was slightly grazing my bottom lip. We began to intensely make out. Finally after what seemed like forever we broke apart and headed back down stairs holding hands. When we got down there for the rest of the night we would give my small pecks or play with my hair or comment me in the most romantic way possible! I am still with him to this day and couldn't be happier and i also couldn't thin of a more romantic way to have my first Kiss!
Cameron, 14, Washington!
My first kiss was when i was seven in a old tree house down by the lake. he looked into my eyes, told me i was 'beautiful, and the best thing that ever happened to him and how he would die for me' i fell in love at that moment. Now, nine years later, im 16 and were still crazy about each other. that day was the best day of my life, but every moment spent together just gets better and better. I love you Tyler. xoxo
I went on this music camp and me and my friends were all looking for guys, and one kept catching me and my friends eye. we nicknamed him "sexy emo guy" and were way too nervous to talk to him, but whenever we saw him we went crazy. One of my friends found out (a guy) and decided to go and tell "Sexy emo guy" i liked him. He of course had no idea who i was, and asked my friend to show him me. I hid for the next hour, until we had to go to an activity. This was the only activity we ever did with another camp group, throughout the entire camp. I was hiding from him the whole time and i thought as long as he didnt know that i was me i'd be fine, it was all going well until in stuck in the mud i was the last person and my friend shouted out "run bree". "sexy emo guy" instantly looked at me and my heart sank. He knew it was me that liked him. Then all his friends, and mine played the setting up game. At dinners my friends would sneak to his table and take photos of him, and his friends kept coming over to me saying "hi i'm his friend if you want to know anything ask me" and stuff. I was blushing 24/7, until some idiots, my friends, invited him to our table. That desert was the most awkward ever. I really liked him though, and all his friends kept complaining they couldn't get him to sit with them anymore. We had the thing we had prepared for the whole camp the next night, we had 8 hours singing training and "Sexy emo guy" was always playing guitar, so we'd all trained hard for this night. It was in town hall in sydney. He had to catch a different bus and the whole day i was thinking of him. Then just before the concert i finally met up with him. The other friend who had a crush on him had a fight with me, and we'd fallen out, so she told him not to get involved with me. However all his friends said she had no right to say that, and because of these huge fights me and him ended up walking around to get away from the drama. People tried to follow us so we went in an elevator, to the third floor. We were walking along the corridors, and he looked and me and said "i think you're rather pretty" i was blushing so badly, and i looked back and him and said "i think you're rather pretty too" 🙂 we both laughed and by that time we'd reached the end of the corridor. We sat, with a view over the city out of the window ledge we were on. We sat for a while and just talked about movies and life, and laughed about holes in the building & such, until there was a silence. I saw him leaning in and before i knew it we were kissing. All that i can remember running through my mind was "omg his tongues in my mouth omg i'm kissing him omg" 🙂 we went from sitting down to standing up and he squeezed my butt. I accidentally bit his tongue and felt so embarrassed. We were kissing for about 15 minutes, when these girls ran up the stairs and the sound quickly drew us apart. It was my friends and they apparently had been looking for us for an hour, calling our names on loud speaker and thought we'd been kidnapped. Apparently they knew i'd run off with "sexy emo guy" and had been outside the disabled toilet knocking on the door for ages. The whole concert i was grinning, and my friends wouldn't let me go back to him incase i disappeared again. At the end neither of us saw each other and went home, we've been going out on and off for the last year.
My first kiss was this year. I was in my room with some of my friends. Us girls were talking about boys and make-up, stuff like that.. The boy were getting kind of annoyed so they started talking about girls. Soon we were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. All my friends are about a year or two older than me so when I said I never had a boyfriend or first kiss they weren't surprised. So one of my close guy friends leaned over and kissed me! I was so surprised and kind of embarrassed. Everyone started laughing and teasing me. But a couple days later he asked me out and now we're dating! LUV YA KAMAL!!
Rashayla, 13, Oakland, CA
Ok, this was my 2nd bf, but my 1st 'real' bf. ya know, the 1st guy 2 actually treat me like hiz girl...we were chilling in his room, playing Guitar Hero II (yea, im a video-game girl!! lol), and in between songs he gradually got closer and closer to me on his bed, where we were sitting at. I knew that he wanted to kiss me, because a few days before he wanted to kiss me just after midnight at my New Years Eve party. But since there were a lot of ppl at the party, he decided to wait...well i had to go home, and just before we walked out of his room he turned to me, mumbled something, put my hair behind my ear (its usually covering my face a lil), moved his hair (yea, he has LONG hair), and gave me a few small pecks. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his room and into the main room of his basement. I told him 'i love you', he said 'i love you to babe', and he walked me home...i wanna laugh thinking back, b/c i KNOW i waz a terrible kisser then! teehee!! he knew it was my 1st tho, and i knew he was WAY more experienced than me...he kissed me again about 5 min later when we said good-bye at my house, and it already felt more natural!! Sadly, i broke up w/ him 3 weeks ago 2day b/c he was fooling around w/ another girl....*tear*. But we still talk, and may get back together in the future... =]
Anonymous, Age 14, Indiana
It was the last school dance, well actually the last dance for 7'th and 8'th graders. I was there with my first girlfriend Shanee who I love more than anything and I was constantly telling myself, 'Okay, now remember you are GOING to kiss her tonight!' Neither of us had ever kissed anyone before but I was sure that she would love me enough to kiss me. I was talking to my best friend Billy, who tried to have a relationship with her the previous year but he was to forward about it so she refused him, and he told me that there was no way she would kiss me. That did make me a little more nervous but I was able to put it out of my head. At about 9:10 the song I was waiting for finally started playing. It was 'My Heart will go on.' from the movie Titanic. Anyway, we started slow dancing and we were just talking about nothing important and then I said, 'You know what Shanee? Those girls in your elementary school were wrong. You really are beautiful.' Then she hugged me and when she stopped I held her chin and tilted her head up to look at me and then I kissed her. No one can ever tell you how a first kiss feels because it is so wonderful that you have to experience it for yourself and even then you can't describe it, I will never forget that night. We are still a couple and have no intention of ever splitting up.
Sam, 13, Groveland, MA
ok my first kiss was horribal and to all of the girls that are on here looking at these storys because u are nervus and u want to see how people got their first kiss....ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. i was exactely like u but afterward ur gong to think..."is that what i have been waiting for for so long?" well anyways time to go one with the story ok i was at my my best friend andrea's house and me, her, and tessa were at the pool. our guy friends francis and jasiah called and wanted to hangout so we did. they drived to andrea's house and we watched them skate for a while. well anyways before they left me and tessa were at the pool, but andrea was outside the pooling hanging out with them. well anyways idk what happened but then andrea almost got her first kiss with francis and she gave francis and jasiah a kiss on the check. ya she was spazing cause it was almost her first kiss lol.then they had to go home and have dinner but they said they would come back. so andrea was all like spazing cause francis is kinda hot. lol. so ya then they called us when they were eating dinner and were like hey when we come back do u guys want to play truth or dare and we were just like ok shure. so then they came and it was all retarted like we kept on walking around the neighborhood looking for a good place to play. so anyways we got to a place in like the middle of a coldasack and we started. the dares we retarted then because idk i guess we were all nervus so like everyone like just started kissing each other on the checks and getting kissed on their checks. but anyways so then andrea's mom called and she said that she had to go home. so we walked to her house then her mom said it was ok if they came inside so we let them. we whent down in the basment and played it again because jasiah kept on freaking insisting that we do. so ok then tessa dared me to kiss jasiah on the lips. YA MY FIRST KISS!!! ok jasiah is pretty ugly so i was just like eww but then i didn't want to seem prude so i did it! it was like a half a second peck. BOOM there u go my first kiss. i thought the guy was a ugly pervert and i got my first kiss with him. so then i i dared my friend andrea to kiss him because he likes her and there we go bOOM her first kiss with a perv. that she didn't like.i was waiting 13 years for that and i got it with someone who's face make's me feel like im going to freakin throw up. ya. but the only good thing was when they had to leave i gave everyone hugs and when i gave francis a hug he kiss me on the lips 😀 it was a peck but i used to like him and i thought he was hott so that mad me somwhat happy about the situation lol. but all the stress and all the worry and crap me and andrea worried about was soo not worth it. so all u girls out there who r freaking out dont cause its natural and everything will be ok. lol. and one tip enless u know like for a fact that u r going to kiss the guy u like in like a kissing game dont do it espacally on a first kiss. u might end up like me kissing a guy u think is discuating as ur first. and its ur first forever and u cant ever change it so just trust me and do it with ur boyfriend or someone u really care about. lol
Today I had my first kiss with the sweetest guy ever! I have been going out with Ray for almost three months now and today was the last day of school. He kissed me on the cheek in front of almost all my friends and it was amazing!
Anonymous, 12 years old, Newburgh, New York
So half the people say your first kiss is not the best and the other half say its complete bliss. So I figured I had to put my word in. My boyfriend (now) and I were swimming in a small little lake so we decided we were going to swim across it. We got to the other side and stood in a shallow area and were talking and just kinda screwing around. I knew he liked me and we were standing really close. He put his hands around my waist and our eyes locked. Then he kissed me and it lasted like a minute, then he asked me out.
Kasey B., 15
my first kiss was amazinggggg. me and my friends were at the mall one say and we decided to see a movie. as we were in line a few guys came up to us and offered to buy our tickets so we let them. we saw the movie and it was great. i got his number and we talked on the phone every night for a week and then we all decided to go to a movie next week too . we did me and him ast next to each other and he put his arm around me. about half way through the movie he reached his arm across me 2 get skittles but on his way back he grabbed my head and kissed me. it was the best first kiss ever. and now its my favorite movie. =)
My first kiss I never though would ever happen. It was with my first real boyfriend and first date. (if you call a dance a date), it was February 3rd any way we were in the auditorium in our school. Me, my at the time boyfriend of almost a month (we are still really great friends), and one of our best friends was trying to get away from all the noise outside. He sat down in the seat and led me toward his lap. I sat down and just laid there because i was tired even though it was only like an hour into the dance. My friend was sitting in another chair with his video camera and looked over at us. "Just kiss her already." he said. My boyfriend looked over at my friend and mouthed 'no' very jokingly. "Just do it!" My boyfriend shook his head again and laughed. He looked nervous. "On the cheek?' my friend asked him. My friend kissed me on the cheek and i kissed him back. "Again...." He kissed me on the cheek and i repeated. My friend continued. "Again...." He kissed me again but this time he got closer to my mouth and was almost at my lips but i moved my head slightly so i missed. I kiss him on the cheek again. My friend sighed "again...." I said out loud that i could tell that he was getting closer. Then there was a long pause and i just looked into his eyes. He leaned forward and then kissed me. It was a brief second and i couldn't believe what had just happened. I looked over and the camera was still rolling. "There you go!" my friend yelled. I continued to be shocked. But it was one of the best experiences i have ever had.
KC, 15
Well, okay this wasn't technically my first kiss, but I think a first kiss shouldn't be technical. I think it should be labeled with the one you truly love. That's why this story is about love's first kiss (like in Snow White). I won't go into details because that would take all night, but I'll just say that it was at the most perfect spot ever. It was at the park by my house, under my favorite pepper tree near a rock creek. That had been my favorite place to go to so I took him there when he came over. So we had been going out for a month or so and we had gone to Disneyland a couple weeks before. There, we had made wishes at Snow White's Grotto in the Wishing Well. Now, at the park, he was insistent on me telling him my wish since he had already told me his (which later turned out to be the same as mine). So it took me 45 minutes to tell him. So this is his first kiss, not mine but I was never as nervous about a kiss as I was right then. My lips were shaking...literally (they do that when I get nervous). THEN (sigh) he told me that no matter what my wish was, (because I told him I was afraid of his potential reaction to it) he would always love me. That was the first time he told me that he loved me and I have never felt the way I felt at that moment. Guys had told me they loved me, but never have I felt this feeling that I had. So I told him my wish (that he would kiss me) and so he did. It was amazing. It was simple (just a regular kiss) but amazing. And I am officially counting this as my first kiss because it was Love's First Kiss. And I have never truly felt this way about anyone before so I'm going to say it now. I love him. I know I love him. I'm not sure if he knows but I'm going to tell him on Thursday when we go to Disneyland. God has brought him into my life and I am extremely grateful to Him for it. So for those of us who had terrible "official" first kisses, just know that you don't have to count those. Love's First Kiss complete overrides anything in that category.
Danielle, 17, USA
My first kiss was (and is still) the most amazing in my life. It was at the start of my school's spring break in 2006. There was a girl I had mutual feelings for, but she was taken. I had missed my bus so I could meet her family (It was also parent-teacher night, but my mom was still at home). We got along well, and the girl came to my house for the first time. Our moms were talking and her brother was playing games on my computer and it was just me and her. We talked and had several moment of awkward silences, but never did anything. Finally, I went in to kiss her. "A quick peck and I'm done" I thought, but she ended up Frenching me. It was the first time in my life I did a double take... I can still feel the eruption of feelings... but it doesn't matter now. She's engaged to her bf and rarely speaks to me now that I'm home schooled.
anonymous, 16, Ohio
I was 17 and Sue was 13. I was extremely shy, especially around girls. Sue was my friend Pauls’s sister. It was a hot Summer, Paul’s family had a swimming pool and I was a frequently invited visitor. I would show up in the evening, after my summer job. I think it was because I had known Sue for so many years that I felt so comfortable around her. As the Summer wore on, it often seemed that Paul would only swim for awhile and then go off with his other brother or other friends, leaving me with Sue. Sue was just so easy to talk to that I found myself looking forward to going over there more to see Sue then to see Paul. The funny thing is that Paul must have figure it out at some level because he would invite me over but sometimes he would not go in the pool at all and I would spend 2-3 hours with Sue. We would swim for awhile, sit on the deck and talk and then swim again. One night, a thunderstorm rolled in and Sue and I sat at the picnic table, under an umbrella and just enjoyed the rain. I was very attracted to her but it was strange because it was Paul’s sister and it was not like we were on a date or anything. We were just together and enjoying it. I recall with great embarrassment the night I called Paul’s house hoping to be invited over and in particular hoping Sue would answer the phone but Paul’s mother answered the phone instead. She asked if I was calling for Paul or for Sue? My heart was racing but I chickened out and said “Paul”, the mother probable knew the truth. It was towards the end of the Summer and I had been trying to get up the nerve to kiss Sue but I just couldn’t quite do it. Some nights, Sue and I would swim until after 11 o’clock, it was just the two of us. I would get ready to leave and want to kiss her but again, I would chicken out and then I felt miserable for my inaction. It was finally mid August, a hot muggy night, around 11:30. Sue walked me out, we were standing right by their garage door (how romantic). We were just standing there, an awkward moment of silence when I finally asked Sue “do you trust me”? Sue said “yes”. I said “close your eyes”. She did and I kissed her. It was an awkward moment but it was a nice little kiss and a kiss that I have never forgotten
I had my first kiss on july 22, 2007 (yesterday =P) and it was the best thing EVER!!! it wasnt just like a regular kiss though...he was like my bestest buddy ever but we had already admitted that we liked eachother 2 or 3 weeks ago...he invited me to go with him and his family to there summerhouse in the we were flirtin and stuff a lot and i was pretty sure we were gunna kiss durin the trip...but hes really it was after the trip and i was at his house waitin for my dad to come pick me up...and all weekend we held hands, hugged a lot, cuddled every chance we got, and we always do this stupid lil' thing where he'll get hurt (barely) and i'll say "want me to kiss it n' make it better?" so we've given eachother lil' pecks on the lips and stuff...but neyways...we were in his room and his parents and sisters where downstairs...the door was closed and i was layin on my stomach on his bed and he was sittin in a chair and we were talkin bout how crappy his cell is (romantic, right? -.-) and i said "i'm lonely, come sit with me" and he walked over to the bed and laid down next to me...i laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him and he had one arm wrapped around me and the was playin with my hair with the other...and he said "whatcha thinkin bout?" and i said " i was actually thinkin bout my first kiss...and i wonder what its gunna be like" and i lifted my head up to look at him...and next thing i knew...his tounge was in my mouth! so we made out for bout 5 minutes and when we stopped he said "now you dont have to wonder what its like anymore" and i hugged him so hard and kissed his cheek...and when i looked back up at him he kissed me again and that time it lasted about 7 minutes...and i swear it was the best thing felt so freakin goodand it was a lot better than i imagined...i mean after all i am only 12 and i was pretty surprised he made out that yeah...i thought that my first french kiss wouldnt last that long but it sure did =P it was the best thing thats ever happened to me (so far)! =) Peace!
Bailey, 12
well my name is Ruby and im from Texas and i have been with this guy for 5 months.i was 13 wen i got my first kiss. it was on May 8th 2007 at school we have a little space between the band room and choir room...its like a rectangle and its dark.well by dat time we had been goin out for about 2 moths!and iw as in his arms and he had his head leaning on my shoulder. so i turned around and it happened!i dont know how but it justt did!the next day we frenched kiss.....OMG!!!i cant blive we kissed we love each other a lot...and hes my 1st boyfriend too.hopefully we still stay together
Ruby, 13,Texas
Hi i am 13 my first kiss was on the last school dance of the year with this kid named nicklas it was still 13
Janice, 13, Weirton,West Virgina
My first kiss was pretty great. I am on my school’s dance team and “pom squad” and we had just finished performing at the halftime show at one of the basketball games. My (now) boyfriend was on the basketball team and was cheering me (and the rest of the dance team) on the whole time. He came up to me after we walked off the court and he said, “Great job, as usual!” and I said, “Thanks, you have no idea how hard the whole team’s been working,” Well, I TRIED to say that, but after I said “you have no idea…” he put one hand on my waist and the other on my cheek and leaned in and kissed me! It totally caught me by surprise. Our lips were closed and it only lasted for like 10 seconds because his coach was calling the team. But after the game was over, (we won) I ran up to him and gave him a hug and then he kissed me again and that kiss was much longer and much better. ILY CONNOR!
my first kiss is kinda long there was this karaoke at my school and i was with my boyfriend and then this girl who i hate starts singing and she was good so my boyfriend was like really hitting on her and i was right there. my friend comes up to me and tells me to go and sing cause my school thinks i can sing good so i was like sure and my best guyfriend was there telling me to go up there and i waz really mad because of my boyfriend and i was all shut the fuck up and he took like 3 steps back and i was singing everithing back but you and i saw that my guyfriend was mad and so i felt horrible. i came down from the stage and he wouldnt talk to me cause he was mad amd i was like get over it i tell u that all the time and then he just turned around and told me that he liked me and i was like ok and then he just walked out through the backdoor and i saw him come back again and i went up and started to sing contagious by avril lavigne amd when i finished i gave him a hug and i told that was for him. we walked outside and we were just siting and i was leaning on his chest and i looked up and i saw him totally different more hot and i got up and he put his hand on my waist and kissed me for about a minute closed mouth and then we were making out then he asked me out and i said yes. its seven months and were still together. my boyfriend tried to get back and i was like hell no you should be with that slut u guys make a perfect couple
anonymous, 12 years
Until now i have always had dreadful luck with boys, and because of this developed a two week rule; i had to be completely interested in one boy for two weeks before i would let him kiss me. The rule saved me from a few guys looking for merely a weekend fling, but i never imagined that i would end up breaking it. I had been completely interested in a boy named Jerad for quite a while, and when he actually showed signs of being interested in me too, i got nervous of a broken heart. Over spring break we were sitting watching a movie together, and soon his arms were wrapped around me and our fingers tangled together. My head was resting on his shoulder until a the Jigsaw clown came up (and i HATE clowns! they're SO scary!!!) and i cringed into his chest, closing my eyes. Then he whispered "shh, baby it's okay" and he put two fingers under my chin and lifted my face up to his. He french kissed me gently and softly, eventually breaking to rest his forehead against mine. "You broke your two week rule," he said. "opps!" i said, and then i kissed him again. We have been dating for 6 months now and he is just about my everything. I adore him! I guess it was worth it to bend the rules for the right guy.
It was my 7th grade year and a bunch of my friends and I started playing truth or dare. We were always cracking up during lunch time while we played. Eventually the guys at the next table start playing too. So me and my friend went up to them and asked if we could join cuz the girls werent exactly people you would call daredevils. They let us play and we would play every day at lunch. one day my friend dared me to kiss my crush on the cheek(he was playing too) i was a little nervous bcuz i really liked him but i jus wasnt sure if he felt the same. I never turn down a dare so i went for it. right before i kissed his cheek he turned my head toward his face and we kissed. It was so amazing. We were all the way in the back of the lunch room so no teachers could see us so we kissed again. Then he stuck his toung in my mouth. everyone at the table was cheering. We frenhed for about a minute but we stopped so we wouldnt get caught. We have an after school program togehter. We were playing basketball together and he said if i make this basket you have to be my girlfriend. I agreed. Turns out he missed the shot. I went up to him and kissed him again and said I'll be your gf anyways. He smiled and then we went into the back of the gym where there was this huge closet with sports stuf. We went in and made out for 2 hours until the program was over. Lets just say were lucky the counselor was so cool about it cuz she saw us come out together. That was without a doubt the best day of my life!!!
Anonymous, New York, age 13
Woww, I remember my first kiss on the lips, and cheek too. Ill just tell you about my kiss on the lips. One day at school, my friends had asked me "How long have you teo been together?", and so I told them. Then they asked, "Has he kissed you on the mouth yet?", and I replied No. Then they kept on telling me, that they'd bet my 5 bucks that he was going to kiss me, but why would I bet just for that? ahaha. Anyways, then laster afterschool, (btw, it was cold) he saw me shivering, and he came to me and hugged me tight. Then he said he had to go, but then after he told me that, he kissed me, and said ILOVEYOU. The kiss lasted about a minute, lol. So, as of tomorrow OCTOBER 6, 2007, it will be our two month anniversary. HOPE TO EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS, THAT YOUR FIRST KISS GOES WELL, BETTER THAN MINE AT LEAST.
There was this guy and we were just buds and hung out alot at school we never really talked about anything but games and school soooo one day after school we werejust talking after everyone left....then everything got silent we leaned in and it just happened we never realy talked about it though.
Kyle, 13, Las Vegas, Nevada
Well my first kiss happened on jan 20 2006 at 4 am after i went to visit my boyfriend after dating couple of months on the internet. when i was scared to go and meet him so i took my best friend with soo i feel more comfortable. We got a hotel room and we chilled for a bit.after it was time for him to go to sleep after a long night. so he was good bye to my friend and he expected that i go after him to the hall! it was a quite hall way. i was a bit scared. He pushed me gently against the wall and i put my hand on his chest.Then it felt soo right i felt his heart beating soo fast then i knew that he likes me! then he got closer to me and then he start kissing me! it was the best feeling ever it was soo romantic for me! and now we are married and i love kissing him every day 🙂
hi my first kiss was one of those funny ones. during cookie break one day right before class i was standing there with my bf and my best friend and her bf. no one was talking and it was very awkward because the other day i asked my best friend if she would ask her bf to tell my bf he could kiss me if he wanted to. so back to cookie break we were all there looking at each other and my best friend is smiling at me making me feel uncomfortable and her bf is hinting to my bf to go for it and it really started to freak me out so i stared at him to stop but i couldn't take it anymore so i looked away from the group for a few seconds to smile and during that my bf beside me comes in from nowhere and tries to kiss me with no warning and i freaked cause i didn't know he was gonna do it when i wasn't looking so i accidentally ducked AND HE HIT MY NOSE it was hilarious we couldn't stop laughing and i guess i was relieved when the bell rang for class i said bye to my bf and walked away in shame of not letting him try again, but after class let out it was then lunch time where i sat with him and all my friends, but that awkward feeling came back because he was there first and i was there second and no one else was there for awhile and it made me terribly uncomfortable but he lightened up the situation by saying "r u going to ignore me now?" i turned to look at him and he kissed me and we finally hit on the lips that time. This was all a year ago, we broke up after 3 months of dating but 9 months later he asked me out again and i accepted. we now have been trying to try us again for 1 week and 1 day and im loving every minute of it and on the the third day after he asked me out this second time he gave me our first kiss in our second try lol and im just saying it was much better than our first first kiss. he says he is never letting go of me again and i feel like he would never hurt me so we are doing great and looking forward to many more months together. I was 14 when i got my first kiss and i am now 15 dating the same man i believe to have loved me the entire time and i just didn't know it. so to tip to guys speak up and dont forget to mention to ur girlfriends that u love them u will be glad u did. He loves me and i love him so wish us luck and i wish all u ladies luck with ur relationships as well
My first kiss was when I was 14 at the new years ball at my high school. I really liked this guy Spencer and I asked him to the homecoming dance before and he rejected me. =( I didn't want to be a stalker and ask again so I went to the new years ball with friends. All my friends and his sat on a picnic table outside the school. Right before they were about to light the fire crackers everybody left besides him and me. I was playing with my phone because I was really nervous, and then he came over and sat next to me. The fire crackers started and I put my phone away to watch them. Right before the big ending, he looked at me and then I turned my head to look at him. We weren't smiling, we were just looking into each others eyes. Then we bothed leaned in and we kissed for like 5 seconds. The fire crakers ended and everyone was applauding but it felt like it was for the kiss and not the fireworks. I pulled away and we bothed smiled at each other. I scotted closer to him and he pulled my hand and lead us to a patch of grass behind everyone. As everyone pilled inside we stayed outside and looked at the stars. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. Then I fell asleep and didn't wake up untill I was in his car. His mom was driving me home. My friends told me the next day that when he found out I fell asleep he slept too and when the dance was over he told my brother that his parents were taking us home and picked me up and carryed me to his car. He's so sweet and ill never forget the night me and my fiance got together.
Delilah, 18, San Antonio, Texas
I am 16 years old and I had never been kissed until last christmas. This boy I have liked since I was in the 7th grade moved into the neighborhood and I was kinda excited because I thought he kinda liked me too. Anyway his parents were throwing a holiday party it was December 23 2006 (it is 2007 now) and my family had just arrived at the party and a lot of people were already there (people from the neighborhood and his parents friends etc.) His mom asked him to bring up some more sodas from the basement in the freezer and he asked me to help so we went down to the basement and started to walk toward the laundry room where the freezer was. While we were walking for some reason he looked up and then I did and i saw mistletoe and he said "well I guess we kind of have to" and I jokingly "said well thats romantic" and he started moving closer and I backed up a little (not because I didn't want him to kiss me but because I was a bit nervous) and my back touched the wall. All the while we had been staring into each others eyes and I could swaer his were smiling. Anyways he was looking into my eyes and he put his hands on the back of my head in my hair and he kissed me it was a really great first kiss and he is the only guy I've ever kissed since then and we haven't told anybody and we aren't dating but we are good friends and every time we see each other he gives me this look that kind of says I love you and I want to be with you but we don't really talk about it only sometimes when we are alone and we are sure no one is listening. He told me it was his 1st kiss to and it was the best kiss he's ever had. I'm the only kiss he's ever had but its still kind of cute. A couple of times he's said he wanted to kiss me again and I say the same thing and I mean it but we never do. Anyway that is my story
anonymous, 16 yrs old, USA
My first kiss was better than i expected! I've always thought that my first kiss was going to be so awkward and embarrassing but luckily, my first time was perfect. I went with three of my closest friends to watch my crushes baseball game. After their victory, he came up to us and said, "Julia, can I ask you something?" and of course I walked over to him and he asked, " Will you go out with me?" inside I was screaming like crazy but i calmly said, "Of course!" Then he put his hands on my waist and gave a a kiss on the lips. My first kiss was way more than expected, it was perfect!
Julia, 13, California
hey my first kiss was like a month ago.....The guy Ive liked since the beggining of the school year is one of those kinda crazy boys who always gets in trouble and stuff BUT HES SO CUTE 🙂 and hes always nice to me. Hes wayyyyyyyyyyyy more experienced than me (my freshmen friend hooked up with him last year when he an me were in seventh...) But i like him ALOT and he likes me. So yeah one day we were hanging out with this younger girl who likes him too, but he doesnt like her in that way. SHES ALL OVER HIM and i'm just like.....uhm. And so my guy was talking about kisses and he like looked at me and leaned in and tapped his cheek like he wanted me to kiss him. But the other girl got there first and I was like UGH. so then later after she had left, he was sitting down with me an the bell rang so i get up and am talking to him and he tries again. SO I kiss him and he smiles and I smile and i pull him up to his feet and he hugs me and wont let go...and then he like comes up to me after school and he puts his arm around me in front of the other girl and he kisses me again and I go along with it and hug him and yeah its cute and shes all like............awkward. So she leaves and i have to go so he kisses me one last time but this time he kinda bites my bottom lip and it was soooooooooo hotttt and i loved it and made me happy. my first kiss!!!!!
anonymous, 13, CA
Call me a band geek, but mine was on the band bus coming back from a football game (no, it was way after band camp). We had been going out for 2 weeks and 1 day, and we were cuddling on the bus coming back. Our cheeks were together, and we both were kindof, moving closer to get our lips together. He started kissing the edges of my lips, and then I moved my lips closer so we could kiss. I think I was horrible seeing as it was my first, and I didn't really know what to do, but it still felt amazing. Only thing annoying was the adult who told us to stop after awhile, and the section leaders joking arounf later and saying "nice job". To all other Marching Band people; don't tell other people of your crush, it only brings embaressment and annoyingness. Anyways, that was tonight, and I still <3 my drummer ^.^
A Colorguardie & A Drummer <3<3<3, 15, PA, USA
My first kiss was with a guy i've liked on and off for two years. We weren't going out when we kissed. We are in the same geometry class and a couple weeks earlier I noticed he had started giving me a ton of glances, even at lunch, and one day he sent me this message on facebook, hitting on me, and we talked for a long time, and he asked me to hang out, so we exchanged numbers. So he came over to my house for about 3 hours and we never really got around to doing geometry, we just talked the whole time. The next weekend he came over again, and we actually did our geometry homework... he was over at my house for a little over 3 hours. It was about half an hour before he left when we started talking about how we were hungry and we like "want to go make food?" and i said (wanting to kiss him) "i know something else i want to make?" and he guessed a couple times and then i said after he wasn't getting anywhere "you can come sit next to me" (i was sitting on my bed, he was sitting in the chair) and he didn't guess what i wanted to make so i gave him a clue and said "what are those two people on the wall doing" i pointed to a picture of two models about to make out. at this point i was really nervous, thinking what the hell am doing?! so i wasn't looking at him and he looked at me with this big grin on his face and didn't say a word. he started to lean over me and started to kiss me. i had never kissed a guy before, and he we started to tongue, or i guess french kissing you could call it. at first i was under him and then i rolled on top of him and grazed my back and butt with his hands and we made out for about 5 minutes and the whole time i was really nervous because i didn't know what i was doing... and then i stopped it.
Elle, England
I got my first kiss when I was 15. It was Friday 08 Febuary 2007. It was snowing in England (It hadnt snowed since dec 2005). I went to school (deadline for my creative writing essay) and realised that barely anyone was in the school. When I went to my homeroom and realised that it was only me and my crush, Omar. We been friends for 5 years. Our friends thought that we would make a cute couple, though I denied the comments, a part of me agreed with them. Every time I'm around him I just felt so nervous and heart beat doubled everytime I saw him. Recently he stopped talking to me and started to avoid me when possible. I was about to leave but he grabbed my arm and asked me to stay with him and I reluctantly agreed with him. We sat next to each other and I automatically started staring off through the window looking at the snow. Suddenly out of no where he pulled me into i hug and kept on whispering apologies. We just sat there in each other's arms until the bell rang for break. We went out towards the fields in silence and it was bugging me. An idea came to me to him up. I quickly said to him "Let's race!" and I quickly ran. In the end I won (I cheated coz I used a fire exit! :P). He dashed a snowball at the back of my head. From then on we just chased and threw snow at each other. we stopped becuase he wanted wipe the snow off his face, but from the energy left in me I didn't give him the chance and jumped onto him making us collapse on the fall. I saw the position that we were in and immediately stood up but he pulled me down onto him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, I looked him in the eyes and saw that he was closing them and leaning towards me giving me a kiss. My heart was banging against my ribs. I closed my eyes as he kissed me. In my head I was like "OMG I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!" When he pulled away I whispered to myself "This must be dream" but Omar heard me and started to chuckle and brought his mouth next to my ear and replied "This isn't a dream" which sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't take it anymore and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. We made out for about 10mins then the bell rang. We all were told to go to the hall to watch a film since we wouldn't be able to go home until the blizzard was over. We got to sit at the back of the hall in the dark. I sat on his lap and we both fell asleep through the whole film.
Anonymous, 16 London, England
Ok My First Kiss Was really weird me and my friend went over to justins house and i liked justin but my friend was dating him and turns out my boy friend was hanging out with justin. well after a while me and my boy friend had a dare to kiss i went down to kiss him and he put his head up and we smacked heads it hurt so much i think i split my lip i did kiss his lips but i prefer to say i havent had my first kiss yet. but i actully wanted to have my first kiss with justin but it didnt happen. 🙁 So im still late with the first kiss but i have a new boy friend and were going to the movies this weekend perfect time to get that kiss in =D
hi my name is Isaac Driver iam 14 and iam from Oregon and my first kiss was just this year in Ocober her name is melissa and she was and still is the only one that ever gave me the shakes or the sweats or anything like that and just after we saw a movie we walked back to her place and as nervous as i was we walked into her house and we started to say good-bye and i wanted to kiss her so bad that i actually kinda tripped into her and and planted my first kiss right there and then and it was the best thing in my life so far.
Isaac Driver, 14, Oregon, USA
my first kiss was a really weird experience. it was the last day of 6th grade and my friend mary was having a goodbye party for my boyfriend because he was moving that summer. we had been going out on and off pretty much the whole year and we never kissed on the mouth. the whole party we were acting like normal but everyone kept saying FORREST IS GONNA KISS YOU! and it was getting really annoying cuz i didnt want to know, i wanted to be surprised, i didnt want it to be planned. so it was like 10 o clock at night and his ride came to pick him up. we couldnt find his jacket anywhere so we were looking and i finally found it and he came up to me and then we hugged and then he went for it. BUT MISSED. he ended up aiming a little too high. haaa. i just laughed and hes like whatever and he just tried again. all i remember is i kept thinking, wow this is different then what i expected. and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth and im like OKAY. so we just kissed for only a little bit, like 10 mississppis. it wasnt that great. but then when we surfaced, every one was looking at us, it was embarrasing. and his ride that came to pick him up was his cousins and they were like GO FORREST! it was all pretty embarrasing. i kinda wish we ddnt rush into french kissing but oh well. i never saw him after that because i dumped him cuz i dont do long distance relationships. yeahhh.
My first kiss happend in 7th, about the middle of the year. I was at my friends ashtyn's house and ive been seeing this guy for about a day. She invited him and her boyfriend over. The whole time we were cuddling and smiling at each other. Ashtyn's boyfriend kept on insisting that i kiss him and pressuring me, but thats not how i roll. It was gettting to the end of the night and my dad was outside waiting for me. Right when i was about to say goodbye, we hugged. Then he was still hanging on to me, THEN BAMMM. he did it. It wasnt necessarily the best experience, since we were only going out for a day.
Laquita, 14 yrs
Well There was this girl and I always thought she never noticed me it was two days before the big danceand she hadjust broken up with her BoyFriend and I was thinking well this is my chance.I decided not to ask her to the dance just because.Anway come the night before the dance I was walking home with a group of friends and she was to behind us well as were walking both groups get smaller till it's just us and I said hey she said hey back And I asked her are you going to the dance she said Maybe havent really thought about it I said well maybeIf you want we can go you know just as friends she said I'd like that I said cool.....*At The Dance*.......We where just talking about stuff outside behind the school and she started telling me that she like me for a long time I told her the same It started to rain so we went under this huge tree It got quite then we looked at each other she leaned inand whispered in my ear I've always noticed you then we kissed into the night.comebout ten minutes later a security guard tells us to go home so we walk home she says maybe we can uhh hang out tomorrow and I said ya...We never really talked about the kiss but no one else know bout it but us.
Kyle M., Las Vegas, Nevada
Ok, my first kiss was unforgettable. My boyfriend had come over to my house to hang out like he always does and we were just doing random things like talking, playing video games, and watching a movie. We were cuddling on the couch while we watched the movie, and we always joke around about kisses and things. We got really close once that night to kissing, but my little brother walked in and told me that my dad said it was time for my boyfriend to go home because it was getting pretty late. So, we dropped him off at his house and I walked him up to his door, hugged him really tight, and we told each other, "I love you." Then he kissed me on the cheek like usual. We were basically alone because his parents were inside and my dad was in the car waiting for me, and he couldn't see us. I said, "Ugh..I wish you didn't have to go..." He said, "I know me either...but I will talk to you tomorrow!" So we smiled and then we looked right in each other's eyes, and he leaned in and kissed me right on the lips! It was so unexpected that I didn't know what to do, so I closed my eyes and went along with it and we held it there for a couple seconds. When we stopped he smiled and said, "So, I'll talk to you in a bit?" I said, " a bit..." We smiled and I left. Every time I think about it, I get a tingling feeling on my lips and butterflies in my stomach. ^_^ We're still going out and I'll never forget him or that moment.
Lex, 13, USA
I was 19 before I ever had my first kiss. People told me I was nuts to hold out so long. But to me...a kiss is important. When I was nineteen I had just started seeing a guy that I was falling in love with very fast. We met and spent every day from our first date out together for weeks. He knew that I had never kissed anyone before, not because I didn't want to, or didn't have the chance, or even that I was scared...but I was waiting...for when I knew it was right. He was gentleman enough to never make me feel pressured to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with. After spending a few weeks with this guy, I was leaving his house a few days before Christmas and he was walking me to my car. It was the most beautiful evening and we were standing in his driveway, bundled in coats and scarves with the cold making me hop up and down to stay warm. My mind was carrying on a conversation with itself. " know you want to kiss him, and it will be okay....this is the guy you should share this with." Before I even knew what was happening, I was reaching for his face...and he stopped me! He said "victoria! What are you doing?!" I said "Ben, I'm kissing you!" he says "are you sure? Is this what you want?" I knew it was, and he realized it....and then he reached for my face and kissed me like every girl always dreams of being kissed....swept off her feet, kissed with gentleness and passion.... Ben was my first kiss, my most memorable kisser and still the person that I love down to my core even though we are states away. Waiting for the right time and the person I truly loved was totally worth it.
Victoria, Wilmington NC, 21 years old
My first kiss was with this boy that i had liked for about 1 year, at lunch we would always hangout and flirt and we would lock eyes ocassionally we had hung out a couple of times outside of school it was christmaas time and we went ice skating together with a couple of our other friends. We were holding hands the whole time so when we got done we looked at eachother and smiled he kissed me on the lips and it was both of our first kiss it was amazing and now Andrew and i are dating and have been for about 3 years
anonymous, 14
My first kiss was the summer after 6th grade(yea i kno right early). i was at one of my best friends house and this guy that i had had a crush on for like a long time was there. when my friend left the room i was alone with my crush and we started playing this game that we just lind of made up. torwards the end of the game i was laying on top of him and he came up and i went down. we kissed and it was awesome but then we both just felt kinda awkward because we werent expecting it but now he has a girlfriend and barely ever even talkes to me. but we both still remember that day perfectly because that was when i had my first kiss.
Anonymous, 13
I'm 13 years old and my first kiss was with my neighbor. He moved in about 4 years ago but we started going out in like January of 07. We were always good friends but one night on the Internet he started to flirt with me. And it ended up with us going out. We always talked about kissing but always kinda chickened out when we saw each other in person. The one night it was kind of cold and we were sitting together on my back deck alone and it was really silent. Then he kissed me on the lips and it was like amazingly awesome. but after like 6 months of us going out we broke up. =[ we are still good friends but whenever things come up about us and how we went out with each other he always claims the he regrets it. but I know he doesn't.
my first kiss was yesterday, with my boyfriend. we had pecked really quick. but then at the end of the day, i had kissed him on the cheek in front of the pick up area at our school. when i turned to go, he grabbed my hand, and said "how about a real kiss?" i go in for a closed mouth kiss, and he pushes his tongue into my mouth, and we start frenching! after about 15 seconds, we pulled away. i just said merry christmas and walked away with a huge grin. that night all my friends were instant messging me and saying things like "you and christian were going at it pretty hard at the south entrance today." i was soo embarrased. i was too into the moment to realize that half of my friends had probably been watching the entire thing!
Jessie, age 12, new york
well my first french kiss was with my boyfriend. we were in his house and we were acting retarded but we were having fun. then he said have you played a game that you suck on an orange and the most juice you squezze out of it with your mouth makes you a good kisser? and i was like no and then we went into the kitchen and he cut an orange and gave one to me. so then i finished and i said 'ha i win im a better kisser thatn you are and then he came closer o me and grabbed me by the waist and he whispered in my ear 'prove it' and then we started kissing and he pulled me up into the kitchen counter and we starte making out for like 10 min. he was so sweet about it. then he walked me to my house and he gave me a hug and told me that he really liked me. after that we made out again. i didnt get nervous at all and neither should you as long as you do it with the person that you really like
anonymous, 15 years
My frist kiss was on St.Patricks day 2006. I was at my best friends house for a week, and her friends where having a party so we went. Well, I will admit I spent most of the night over the toilet throwing up, but during that time Steve; the guy I liked at that time; was there and comforting me. He was really sweet, he had his arm around my waist and stayed close to comfort me! I was amazed at him for staying there while the others were partieing. After I finished throwing-up I turned and looked at him. It was my first kiss, and I really wanted to, so I leaned in and we started kissing... Well 'French Kissing'. I happened to open my eyes and look over his shoulder to see the boy who owned the house looking in. I stopped the kiss, being well embarressed and yelled for him to get out. He ran downstairs telling people we were making out... It really fustrated me. Well to be honest I tried to kiss Steve the day or two before hand but he was to tall and I missed by just a bit. He was out of it so he really didn't notice. BUT the kiss was soo cute. I wont forget it.
anonymous, Canada, 15 first kiss was like in march of 07 i remember too it was at my cousin gina's slumber/birthday party. it was her my other cousin sherry and me. she invited about six other guys over, she called them the party boys i dont know why but she did anyway gina hooked up with some guy as did sherry and after they had there moments i didnt think nothing would happen to me so i just stood talking to the other two guys that were around me and i noticed that one of the guys named pedro was watching me so i went to sit down on the wall and he went to sit with me and we just started flirting with each other and like out of nowhere i feel his arm around me. i had just looked at him and smiled and not even a minute later he turned me to face him again and asked if it was okay if he kissed me and of course i said it was then we kissed.....i felt a little akward thougth cause i had no idea what the hell i was doing. but of course since then ive had my share of guys to know that he was kinda a bad kisser since he did nothing but put his tounge in my mouth and just move it from side to side and thats it.....well theres my story!!
Lea, 15, usa
My first kiss was with a boy that I had really liked for a looong time. I went to a baseball game with him and one of my best friends and then her mom dropped me and the guy off at his house when it was over. ( I lived right across the street) He invited me to come talk with him for a while and we ended up laying in this really comfy hammock thing on his porch After a while it got really quiet and he just turned and kissed me. It was really spontaneous but sweet. We started making out then but I was a little uncomfortable cause it was my first time so I just put my head on his chest. I listened to his heart beat and I guess we both fell asleep. The next thing I knew my mom was standing there trying to wake me up. Surprisingly, she wasn't mad or anything though. So it was pretty great. We broke up because I moved but we're still great friends.
Anonymous, Virginia, age 14
My first kiss was with someone called derrick. I am 11, I joined a secondryy school near me. My next door neighbour knew this lad calld ste; in her yr [[ 11 ]] and me and ste were friends. Then i got his msn addy and one night he went can my friend add you. I thought why not; all we had was a basic convo. But after 3 dayys he askedd me out considering he is like 14 and i am 11 i took 20min thinking time and said yes. Then 5 day after we went to loch park; with ste and my best mate, we stopped walking, and derrick looked at me, then just kissed me. I couldnt believe it, considering ste and my mate just stood there looking at us. Then we were just kissing all time. But then we went to loch park again this week; we ended up getting off [[ french kissing ]] I was so shocked; thought he wouldnt eva do that. Anyway we still together;; And wil be 4evaa---x
OMG!My first kiss happened about 2 weeks ago. My GF,Chelsie,is the prettiest and smartest girl I have ever met in my life. Anyway,we were at my house watching a horror movie in my room. My parents were in the kitchen downstairs. Chelsie said that she was really scared. So i put my arm around her. And she just looked at me for a while, so i looked at her. So i "went in for the kill". I kept getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes and kissed her right on the lips,closed mouth. She was kinda stunned,but she was happy. Then about 2 seconds later we kissed again,kinda making out,it lasted for what seemed FOREVER.But it was only really like 1 minute. We didn't really talk about until last week. She's like:"You know when you kissed me". I said "Yea". She said "Well i really liked that". And somehow,i have no idea how, we kissed again....I know how poeple think that boys "Are to immature to kiss". Well,i was mature about it! I LOVED MY FIRST KISS!
Shawn, 12, Ohio
The guy I kissed is named Kannon, and he was like forbidden fruit. He's 19 and I'm 15, so no one understands...we tried not to fall in love, but it wasn't something we could control. He is more experienced than I am, but he regrets every mistake he has made. We even fell in love before he kissed me, because he respects me THAT much that he was okay with waiting until I was ready : ). So, I called him to come over to my house while my mom was at work. We were cuddling and listening to love songs, and then i softly touched his lips with my tongue...he started doing the same. Then, at the same time, we just locked lips, open mouthed, and full of passion. We stopped to take a breath, and I said "Wow...we just really kissed!!!" and he replied, "Are you okay with that? ...I don't want to push anything." I assured him that was how I wanted my first kiss to be...with the guy I love. He told me that kissing me was better than any sex he's ever had...that means a lot. And, we've agreed to not have sex until marriage 😀
Azalia, 15, OR
This fall I finally moved out of my house and transfered to a university. I roomed up with a friend from high school and throught my friend I met Mary. I eventaully asked this girl out and we both fit togather well. We had been "offical" a couple weeks but I hadn't kissed her yet. Trouble was I had never kissed a girl so I was extremely afraid. On a Sunday night when I returned to school from work we were hanging out and I was tickling her. Eventually she attempted to pin my hands down. We were both facing each other and I was still trying to tickle her but I could tell she didnt want to let go of me, not becasue of the tickling but because of something else. She was looking at me really differently, with no expression, but her eyes were saying everything. Finally I strummed up enough courage to make a move. I stared at her for a moment and then slowly moved in. She did the same and closed her eyes. Before I reached her lips I shut my eyes and then felt her lips. I held my lips on heres and very lightly opened my mouth a bit and kissed her again. I moved back and we looked at each other. I told her that was fun and she said "It's pretty fun." I stared off in amazement of how wonderful that was and then I leaned in and kissed her again, this time staying there a little longer, and got a feel of things. We didnt make out that night but I didnt wait long to. Now all we do is kiss.
Tony, 21, Oklahoma
My first kiss was when i was 13, it was kind of embarrassing && was me, my b/f, && one of our friends Brittney just hanging out after skool one day[[it was the first time we've ever hung out when we were going out]] && Brittney was trying to make us kiss so it was really she locked us in my room, we just sat in there for like an hour talking alittle bit every once && a while, he said he wanted to kiss me but he was to scared. So finally we agreed to do it, the first time we went in we both turned our heads the same way so it was weird, but the second time it was all fine, but he went to give me tongue && ii just went for a peck since it was my first kiss, so it was really weird, but the third time it was just fine...but still awkward.
Amber, 14, MN
My BF and I have always been bffs forever, i no its dorky but thats what we say, and i was like totally in love with him. Well, one day he invited me over and i thought that all of my friends would be over to go and watch movies, like it always is, but then when i got there he was alone and he asked me out. I said yes and it was on and off for 3 years but the entire time, i never stopped loving him. We mainly broke up because he couldnt go out anywhere with me without inviting at least 2 other friends. Well finally i told him i wanted it to be just us, so late at night out on his old swing set, we were talking and all of the sudden, his swing broke. He didnt care because he knew it was going to break cause it was so old and dirty but i immediantly kneeled down and asked if he was ok. we ended laying down on the top of the picnic bench in his back yard watching stars and talking. Finally, he turned and stared into my eyes, after i had emailed him a link to your site, and gave me a really good kiss on the lips. I ended up sleeping over, we slept in his little brothers bunkbed, and had a great night, and no not in the sexual way. 13 years old, Allison, Oklahoma.
My first kiss was incredibly cute. It was last year, in spring 2007, during this 8th grade "Spring Fling" the middle school threw for 8th graders and their dates only. I went with my boyfriend (at the time) who happened to also be my best guy friend (at the time). The entire night, he offered to dance, but I was way shy about dancing. The only times we did dance were during the Muse songs I requested. But after a while, I grew slightly impatient. I knew he wasn't "the one", but I really liked him and he honestly earned a respect in my heart for my first kiss. So, after some time, he figured out why I was constantly gazing at him. At first, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. But of course, I wanted a real kiss - not a french kiss or a long kiss, but a just a cute kiss on the lips. Eventually, after encouragement from a friend and his girlfriend, he took off his hat, placed it to the sides of our faces (how adorable; to hide it from the chaperones) and we just...kissed. It was a very simple peck. No more, no less. However, this peck was enough to render me blind for a second after I opened my eyes. I could feel a burst of fireworks shoot through my toes to my arms and into my temples. It was an amazing feeling. Afterwards, we never kissed again much to my chagrin. Though, it was still a memorable kiss with a feeling that I still dream about today.
Hey My name is Hayley... I am 15 years old I live in Kansas... Well my boyfriend came over today Wednesday, February 6th , 2008! Well we were laying on the couch cuddling and talking and stuff and I knew he really wanted to kiss me but I was to afraid lol he really wanted to see my face but I kept showing it for like a second and then hiding it lol I hide my shyness by that lol... every time I would look at him he would try to kiss me but I hid my face again.... anyways we were cuddling and talking and he was kissing me on the neck lol... and holding my hand and then I finally looked at him and we kissed then I hid my face again but then I would look at him again and we would do it again we did that about 10 times lol. Then my 2 year old cousin came over because I said that I would babysit her... so she was over and stuff and we were messing with her lol! We finally laid on the floor and were cuddling but like 2 hours later he had to go see a movie with his friends so we didnt want my little cousin to see so we tried to tell her something so she would look the other way lol so when she did he pulled the blanket over us and we kissed lol... then I wanted one more so he took my hand to help me stand up and I gave him a hug and kissed him one more time before he left.. he didn't want to leave but he also didn't want to blow off his friends so we are gonna do that more when we hang out like every day lol.... anyways me and my boyfriend we actually met 2 years ago we didn't we didn't know it but we liked each other since that day lol but we didn't talk until this year lol.... and we have actually been together for almost 2 months it will be 2 months on the 19th so it is going great we are in love and we will be together for a long time I hope and pray well anyways that is my first kiss story wooo!!! LOL!!!
Hayley, 15, Kansas
I was at my friends house over a long weekend because my mom had a buisness meeting in Paris. While she was away, I stayed at Kaitlyn's place. I had always told her that her brother was hot, but she never belieeved me. He and I are the same age by the way. Anyway, while Kaitlyn was out with her mom getting some chinese take-out, her brother walks into the lving room and sits down next to me. We were talking when he admits to me that he really likes me. Before I knew it we were kissing and it felt great, until Kaitlyn walked in and screamed at him....that was a little bit odd, but other then that, he was really good. We are now going steady.
Ashley, 14, NJ
I was 16 when i got my first kiss! it was November 22, 2007 Me and my boyfriend had been going out for a month to the day, i'm still not sure if that was planned or not.. anyhow, it was Thanksgiving day, and both of us had dinners we attended. Then, we made plans for him to come pick me up and we were going to go down to the plaza and watch the Christmas Lights be turned on. (We're from Kansas City, and this is a huge event that happens every year) So, he came an picked me up really early, the lights came on at 7:30p.m. So we were down and it was cold, we were walking and just looking around. We still had about an hour to kill, before the band even came on, so we went back to his car, where it was warmer and just sat in the back seat... he was tickling me and we were just talking, when he leaned over after a few minutes of silence, and he kissed me! i had my mouth closed at first, but then we started frenching. And we stopped after probably a minute, then he kissed me more throughout the night! it was an amazing first kiss!! We are still going out, and today is our 4 month anniversary!
Tara, 16, Kansas City
my and my best friend were bored one summer day and decided lets bike to our school for the fun of it. were 12 and we live in a small town(the summer after grade 6). we biked over and we got there. so we really liked these two girls, i liked one he liked the other. and the one he liked, liked him. and the one i liked, liked me. we all knew this. so by coincidence they are there when we arrive. we decide to play some games with them. we got to a game were they had to chase us and tag us to win. so me and my best friend ran like crazy and split up. i ran to the other side of the field. i slowed down not knowing she was behind me. she kind of tackled tripped me. as i tried to roll away, she pinned my shoulders down. we were looking at eachother. then we slowly came towrds eachother and kissed for like a minute or two. it was amazing! then we kissed again this time less nervous. we made out for like 10 minutes. after that we kind of just lay there and looked at the clouds. after a while we all came back to meet in the field center. all i said to matt was she got me. he got a broad grin on his face and i could tell he got a kiss too. after we went to his house and we had a sleepover. somehow the girls got to stay for the sleepover too. we kissed a lot during the movie. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!
josh, canada
My first kiss was 3 days ago. I'd fancied this guy for ages, so I suddenly decided to text him and ask him out on a date. We went to the cinema, and all the way through the film, I was looking at him, hoping he'd kiss me, but he didn't. I thought he didn't really like me and that's why he didn't kiss me, but afterwards, we were standing in the street saying goodbye, and he said " you... erm....want to...erm...kiss me?". I thought it was so cute that he was so nervous, and I was so happy. I didn't reply, just leaned in and kissed him. It wasn't a big kiss, just a few little closed-mouth kisses, but it felt so good. Every time I think about it, I get butterflies in my stomach. I'm incredibly happy, and going on a second date with him tomorrow!
Anonymous, 15, UK
I was 16 and had been best friends with this guy named Ryan for almost 8 years. I always got so sad when he got a new girlfriend because i wanted to be his girlfriend. Well, a week after he broke up with the most annoying selfish brat of a girlfriend he could ever have, i had a bunch of friends come over to spend the night. Ryan decided to come because he had no other plans, which made me truly happy. Later that night he said that he wasn't going to be able to stay the night and that he had to call his dad to come get him. I prayed and prayed that something would happen to make him stay. I was shocked when he came back in the room and said that the police were searching for someone around his neighborhood and his dad wanted him to stay at my place. So, after everyong else fell asleep watching movies Ryan and I were still awake talking in a whisper like we were meeting eachother for the first time. I admitted to him that I had liked him for years and he did the same. Suddenly without warning he was holding me in his arms and slowly our lips touched in the most romantic way ever. It felt like we had been kissing for hours but in reality it wasn't even a minute. It felt as though time had stopped. My mouth felt like it was on fire. when we stopped we just looked at eachother and smiled and we started to kiss again. The next morning he admitted that I was the first person he had ever kissed that he wasn't dating and that's when he did the most romantic thing ever. He got down on one knee and asked me, "Jill will you please be mine?" I almost fainted right then and there, but i didn't. From that day forward I was Ryan's girlfriend and I've been happy ever since
Jillian, 17, California
I got my first kiss when I was 15. I was out with a really good guy friend of mine, and we were just starting to date. He's 17, but we're very, very close. He picked me up and we drove around for a while just talking and listening to music. Later we drove to a park and we just walked around and talked. It was nice, and he didn't pressure me to do anything physical with him. Afterwards, he had to pick something up for his sister so we went to the library. The whole date was really enjoyable, just because it was so casual and involved a lot of talking. When he dropped me off at home, I gave him a hug in his car and then he just leaned in and kissed me! Definitely on my top memories list.
Anonymous, Arizona, 15
My first kiss was so great! After reading some of the stories I knew I was ready. It was during spring break after a long day of my bf Chris teaching me how to skateboard. He lives right down the street and he had to go home for dinner. We were in my back yard and he was like I have to go....................................and I went in to hug him when BAM! I kissed him! It was awsome, we are still together (and I'm still NOT a good skateboarder!)
Brookelyn, 13, INDIANA
My First Kiss was in high school FRESHMEN year...I was 14 years old, i couldn't breathe with the kiss.We were in the gym watching a performance of drilling since i'm in a Military school. We were sitting together and then we both turned around and when we turned back all of a sudden our lips were touching each other. It almost took my breathe away and i jzt had to stop it because it was killing me..But other than that it was the best thing ever.
Yiovana, Chicago, IL.
when i was almost-14, i had been dating my [now ex]boyfriend for about, hm, a month or two. I know i know, first kiss after 2 months? i'm crazy. it was my first relationship, and, i must admit, i was nervous. anyway, it was almost christmas, and i wanted to do something special for my guy. so, with the help of my friend, i borrowed a little bit of mistletoe and snuck it into my house without my parents noticing. (they're a tad overprotective.) when i was in my room, i tied a little bow on it and wrapped it in a little box. the next day, when we were in school, my bf and i exchanged presents. i got a gorgeous bracelet, and i gave him a hoodie i bought at the local mall. then i whispered to him, "i left your other present in my locker. i'll give it to you later." that way he would be left thinking, and it wouldnt completely give away the fact that it was a kiss. so, when my best friend and i got back from band practice, i asked her to tell my bf to come out into the hallway. it wasnt that hard for him to get lit teacher is the best and my class was just talking about christmas break, blah blah blah. i was putting in my locker combo when he walked up to me. i asked him if he was ready for his present..and of course he said yes. so i gave him the box, he unwrapped it, and then looked into my eyes with a look of surprise and, satisfaction. and we kissed. it was a little, soft, closed-mouth kiss that sent chills down my spine and left me shaking the whole rest of the day. we got back to the room (at separate times of course!) and both sat quietly until the final bell. we said bye to each other and returned to our separate homerooms. later that night he texted me telling me he loved his present. about another month later he broke up with me because we were going to different high schools "and it would be hard". so he immediately hooked up with my (so i thought) best-ish friend. now me ex and i dont talk to each other. at all. the end (:
Anonymous, 14, NJ
We have been dating for 10 years now but we have never kissed before.I was 10 and she was 9 when we started dating.I have never kissed and same applies to her.One day i was alone with her and after talking for a long time,we were both staring at each other.We both moved forward to kiss but were both to shy and we could not do it.Just yesterday 28th,March 2008,i was at work when she called me that her dad wont accept me because i attended a different church from hers.She was afraid she will loose me and i felt same too.We both wept and i asked for a day off.When i came home,i called her so we find a solution to this,She came over and we talked for a while when we both she started crying,i told her that whatever should happen,i will certainly put a ring officially on her ring finger,she understood what i said and then stopped crying.I held her head in my palm like a cup,moved in gently with my lips closed and tight,when i got to her lips my eyes were shut and hers too.Our lips touched and we gave a light opening as our tongues touched.I felt as if an something like an electric shock through me and she almost fell from my hands.She said she felt something strange through her.But we both like the passion we felt too so she moved in again and we kissed passionately than before for a quite longer now.We were full of passion and love.She liked it and i liked it too.We kissed for a third and fourth time and the feeling was more anytime we kissed.When it was time to leave,she asked me to kiss her again,we kissed and this time it was a very long kiss with our tongues tangling in our tightly fixed mouth,the passion and love we both felt was too much and very enjoyable.After that she gave me a huge hug and i went to escort her home.We were both novices to the kissing job but had a very good kiss for the first time in our lives because we both did it at the right time and with someone we really love.She is my first love and i am her first love too.After ten years of dating,i am 21 now and she is 20,we had our first kiss.Its an enjoyable and pleasurable moment we both will never forget in our live.We are still virgins.We are both writing this together....
Samuel(21) and Vivian(20) from Ghana
I was at the movies with my boyfriend and we sat in the second-to-last row. Hardly anyone else was in the theater, and no one was sitting behind us. Then, just as the movie started, some random old lady just came in, climbed the stairs, and sat right behind us. We were a little freaked out, but soon forgot her. A romantic scene began, and my boyfriend leaned in to kiss me, but stopped (he said later that he was thinking about whether I wanted him to kiss me). I leaned towards his face and kissed him instead 🙂 It was very cute! We smiled at each other and laughed quietly. Then he kissed me again. As the second kiss started, I heard a WUMPH! and my boyfriend jerked forward in his seat, hitting my nose and breaking the kiss. I looked at him and he was equally stunned. We turned around and the old woman behind us was glaring down disapprovingly. She had kicked the back of his seat! Needless to say, we made sure to sit in the back row after that!
Anonymous, 15, TN now boyfriend is this guy named aiden. heres how it began with a kiss i was perfecting my surf moves at the beach and then aiden with that blonde hair and blue eyes comes over and says "hey" im like "hi" and when hes talking he leans closer and puts both hands on my face and says softly "come here" and kisses me softly on the lips twice then holds me because i tell him im cold.
anonymous, la, california
This happend a couple of weeks ago. Im 13 and was at the last mixxer of the school year. My boyfriend is really shy, but at the same time hes really corny. Which I love! So we were in a slow dance to the song "When You Look Me In The Eyes" by The Jonas Brothers. (BEST SONG EVER) We were really close and he was the one who pulled that close. Which really surprised me! We were more in a hug position than in a dancing one. He asked me... "Do you know how long we've been going out?' "Uhhhh... I think about 7 months now, we're getting close to 8!" "7 months and 16 days... and counting" Then he just started to look at me. I wasn't looking at him, but I could see it out the corner of my eye. I was hesitant but I looked at him. There was a 3 second eye contact... then I started to lean in, and then him, and we KISSED!(pssst... on the lips!) Oh my God! It was beautiful! Thats how every girl wants their first kiss to be isnt it? I'm such a lucky girl to have him in my life!
anonymous, 13 yrs, Fairway, KS
For years I envisioned my perfect first kiss. I tried to imagine what it would be like when a boy's lips actually touched mine for the first time. In my fantasies though, it was always a mystery figure. Well, a week before my fourteenth birthday, my best friends threw me this amazing surprise party! Of course they invited my crush. We hung out all night. Then someone put on a really scary movie. Me and a few friends (including my crush) retreated into the corner to play truth or dare. One of them dared him to kiss me, and it was really awkward so after we just stared at each other for a while, she changed the dare to cheek. So he did. Anyway, the game kind of fell apart shortly after that. I started to stand up when I got a glimpse of the movie on the screen. A guy shoved this live bird into his mouth. Usually stuff like that doesn't scare me, but it caught me really off guard and I screamed really loud. Me crush ran over and put his arms around me and just kind of held me for a few minutes. Well, then of course I just started screaming whenever something remotely scary happened in the movie so he would hug me. After doing this a few times he decided it would be best to remove me from the movie so he took me to the wall on the other side of the room. Several friends followed us. We were talking when, despite his efforts, I saw a guy in the movie blow up while sitting on a toilet. Of course, I screamed and he hugged me and took me to another corner of the room. We sat there holding each other for a while when all of a sudden, I saw him leaning in. I stopped thinking just about then. I didn't freak out or anything, it just seemed really natural. His lips pressed against mine for several seconds until he slowly pulled away when our friends followed again. I guess he didn't care because just a second later he kissed me again, while three classmates looked on. It was the most amazing first kiss I could ever ask for, and he asked me to be his girlfriend a week later (on my birthday)!
Anonymous, 14, CA
I had my first kiss when i was was really nice. My older sister said that it would be disgusting at first but then it gets a whole lot better. lol. Well i liked this older guy, he was 13. We snuck out to the park and walked around for a bit. When we were outside my house, as i was walking away he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a kiss. It was amazing, he was really gentle and used his tounge and everything. He didn't even know it was my first time, and it was really romantic. When he pulled away he said i was an amazing kisser, and then i started to laugh, and then he kissed me again. We were making out for like 15 minutes, untill a car drove by. Ever since then we kiss whenever we see each other.
S.A., anonymous
It was our first date, and i brought the movie disturbia over to her house. We were sitting on her couch in her basement and i was holding her hand she put her legs over mine and her arm across my chest, i had my other hand rested in her leg. I was falling in love with her and we had only seen each other a few times. I felt her looking at me, i could feel her beside me just looking at me, i turned my head and looked into her eyes, my stomach filled with butterflies. I turned my head and closed my eyes. God, her warm soft lips tasted so good, I pulled away and then kissed her again. later that night as we said our goodbyes, we stood at the bottom of her stairs and before i could turn to leave she put her arms around me and i placed my hands on her hips, we kissed again, and before i knew it her mouth was open and so was mine... I felt her tongue on my lips, i felt the adrenaline and the butterflies, i felt so numb and tingly, i felt so much all at the same time. It was amazing.
Joshua, 16, Colorado
I got my first kiss 3 years ago. It was March 10, 2005 I was just 16. My boyfriend, who was also my classmate, decided not to attend graduation practice since we already know what do to. We went to the mall and started window shopping until i felt really sleepy. I then suggested for him to get us a room since we can't do home yet because our parents didn't know about out relationship yet. By the time we got our room, I then decided to sleep. I didn't know what was going on with him that he doesn't want me to sleep. Instead, we curled together on the bed and started talking about things. Finally, he said "Ummm, my dad said i have to ask the question before i could do things to you." I replied .. "SO? ... um .. " (but i was really thinking why need to ask? .. .) my boyfriend is somewhat the prim and proper kind and I was his first girlfriend. I said "SURE" ... I kissed him in a zap! He said "I was supposed to do that!" ... then i replied " Oh, Sorry ... You're so slow hon" ... Then he kissed me .. but this time it was slow and very passionate ... and one thing led to another ... but we never had sex... just until the boobs part .. haha ... temptation ..
JerseyGirl, 19, Philippines, CDO
Hey this is my first kiss story. Its not especially cool but i thought id send it i anyway. Ok so i was with my girfriend at her house. Me and her had only been going out for a couple of weeks and i had wanted to kiss her 4 ages. Anyways we were taking a walk round hr house and i saw this cool mountain hill thingy we could climb and be alone. So we were lying up on this hill looking up at the sky and i was holdig her close to me and everything was quiet and perfect. Suddenly i looked up and saw 4 little 10 year olds staring at me open mouthed and giggeling and i thought to myself: "Oh god please not now!" wen i realized these annoying kids werent gonna leave i wispered to my girlfreind that w should go hide in the trees till thy went away. So we did. Wen they left the day was almost over and the sun was setting. We went down to this beach and we just stood there messing around. Then i just took her by the waist, looked into her beutiful blue eyes and kissed her. It was so perfect;) we are stll together and i hope we will be for a long time. Shes the most amzing girl i have ever met but if sh finds out i wrote this she would kill me.
Anonymous J, 14, Stavanger, Norway
omg my first kiss was amazing. ok my ex boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) and i were going for a walk one night. his family was there and we were walking his dogs. when we got back to my house, it was dark, and his parents left us to talk. so we were ust standing there and it was kindof akward because we were both thinking the same thing. then he was like, ''you know it is gonna happen sometime right?'' then i was like, ''yeeeaaaahhh i am just nervous!'' then he said' dnt worry itll go fine'! so he got so close to me and our forheads touched and we stared into eachothers eyes. then i kind of gave a nervous squeal ( dont ask) and he moved back. he was like, ''did i do something wrong?'' i was like' no i am just nervous".. then he was like, "ok do u even want to?" i was like' yea... i dnt know wat to do tho" so he kind of guided me through it. he had nver kissed anyone either, but he had seen it. so he put my arms around his neck, then he put his arms on my waist and pulled me veeerrrryyy close to him, i could feel his breath on my lips. then he moved in and our lips touched. then he pulled back and i blushed and smiled, so he moved in again and held me so close and passionatly, i didnt want to leave. then we got kind of used to it and we opened mouth, but no toungue. then he slowely moved his toungue into my mouth and french kissed me. i didnt do anything with my tounge because i was nervous. but after we just hugged and i said, " i liked that alot, i am glad we did that!" then he was like, "me too we definatly should do that more" and he smiled. his mom called and said he had to go so he gave me a goodnight kiss and left. i was so happy i will never forget it. we did end up breaking up a few weeks later, but we are still best friends.
Kelli, 14
my first kiss was when i was 15. it was with this guys that i thought only the popular girls could get. he was 16 and he was the funny kid. i first saw him in my science class and i tfell in love with him and couldnt take my eyes of his plaid jackets. but later that day i foud mout that he a as girlfriend and i was really depressed so i forgot all about him. then a few weeks later i found out that he broke up with her. so i started liking him again an i knew i had no chance because he was way out of me league. A few weeks later i was at my house and my dad said that a few of his friends were coming over to help fix our fence and i didnt think anything of it. So later on i was upstairs doing my homwork and the doorbell rang, i went downstairs to get the doodr and when i answered and let him in and as soon as i closed the door the bell rang again and when i opened it i saw him and i couldnt belive my eyes. i was shocked and i ran upsatirs, i started calling all my friends and while talking to them i watched him put up the fence from my balcony. soo to skip to the better dad and his friend found out they needed this speacial part for the fence and they had to go to copenhagen to get it. rerlived yet sad that he had left i went downstairs to get a snack but yet to my surprise he was still there . "hey im in your spanish class" me: "oh ya hi im anna" "i know" ( i thought was an idiot for saying that) Then started to talk and he was really cool and not what i expected at all. we sat in the gazebo and it started to get dark and really cold and he offered me his PLAID jacket. when he was putting the jacket on me and he turned me really close to his face and stared into my eyes for a while and said "you really dont know how beautiful you are" (and i didnt know what to say maybe this was a joke and he was goinna go back to school and tell all his friends what he did and i would be the laughing stock of my school) and then before i could say "funny joke" he pulled me in and kissed me on the lips and as ours lips met the song "oh oh oh its magic was playing.
anna, 15, soulvang
Ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out 4 like 5 months. Everyone was pressuring us to do it! & I really wanted to and he did to but he just didn't have the nerve to do it because we have had like 5 chances to do it and he still didn't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, finally he did it! Ok so our school was doing the play Annie and after the last performence of Saturday night we had a cast party. So of course we both went and so every one was dancing on the stage and 3 of my friends were like telling us and telling us to do it so out of no were he comes up infront of me, puts his arm around me and kisses me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never 4 get that moment. There is no other feeling like you have when u get your first kiss!!!!!!
12, North Carolina, USA
There was this guy I met and he seemed really nice and cool and funny and he was soooooo cute with the most amazing smile ever, but i didn't like him cause i didn't know him very well. So one day, i was coming out of class, and he was there in back of me and i turned around and he kissed me unexpectedly and it was really cute and this happened on January 9, 2008, and then that same day, he kissed me again when i was coming out of school,& i felt like the luckiest girl alive, and we got to know each other very well and we became really good friends and we liked each other alot, and then one day on January 22,2008, i was coming out of 3rd period and his class is right next to mine and i guess you can say we kinda made out cause our kiss lasted about 10 seconds! and now we've forgotten about each other, and he's out there kissing his girlfriend who i guess is his true love while i'm still loving him, but luckily i stopped after 3 months. Thank God, i did, but i do & will miss him ]:
Anonymous, 12, Miami,FL
I was thirteen and i was hanging out with at my best guy friends house with my other friends, and we were getting really bored. There was going to be a dance that night and we were all gonna go together so we were at his house for about 5 hours before. Anyway like I said we were getting bored with watching youtube videos, and my best friend Melinda asked me truth or dare, and i said dare, cuz im not a chicken, and they are more fun. So she dared me to do something stupid like get her a water bottle or sumthin, and it went on like that until i wanted it to get a little more serious, so i dared her to kiss her boyfriend ( at the time, hes a jerk now ) on the cheek, and she did. My best guy friend, David, had gone downstairs cuz he needed a different shirt for the dance, and it right when i said dare when Melinda asked me,he came back upstairs, And she said, i dare you to kiss David on the lips, and he was just like wow i came up at a bad time didnt i. I was kinda in shock, cuz i had never kissed a guy before, but i knew he had, he had told me all about it many times. And so i was just kinda standing there and Mel's boyfriend said to my friend Jess who wasnt paying much attension, look they have to kiss. And she looked up and and kinda laughed. so me and David were kinda just staring in shock at each other, and Jess pulled out her cell phone, and was gonna take a picture. And well David had a girlfriend, andhe really liked her, but he also isnt a chicken and always did dares, so i had no idea what was gonna happen, but as soon as Jess pulled out her camera phone, he was like noo, and he leaned forward and grabbed my face in his hands, and put his lips right on mine, and it wasnt just like a peck, but it wasnt a french kiss either, but our mouths were both kinda open and i didnt expect it at all it was so sudden at first i didnt know what had happened, and then the kiss was over, and i was just standing there in shock and he kinda turned around, and Me l said that while he was kinda turned around he had a little smile on his face, but when he turned back he looked normal, and it was only a second so no one noticed. Mel's boyfrien, Mark, was just surprised that he had actually kissed me, and Jess was trying to see if she had gotten the picture,but she didnt. Mark sais Dave, what about Becca ( his girlfriend at the time ) he said thats why i had to, i couldnt have a picture, and i was perfectly ok with that. I know the kiss didnt mean anything at all to him, but it meant everything to me, and he and Becca later broke up, but not because of me, because i found out later that she didnt care beacuse she knew it didnt mean anything, and shes also not the jealous type. Alot has happened since then, and i now think that i might be in love with aDavid, and i know its probably just teen love, but it doesnt really matter cuz i know he doesnt like me like that, but he is still my best friend, and the most beautiful person i have ever met. we are completely comfortable with each other, and i know he cares about me, and he knows i care about him, but im pretty sure thats all that we will ever be, and i think im actually ok with that, as long as i can still be his friend forever. Well long story short, i had my first kiss with the guy of my dreams, and it was definatly the best day of my life.
anonymous, 14, California
Hi my name is Carly i live in Kansas so here is my first kiss story! Ok! so theres this dude his name is tyler he goes to my church...he is sooooooooooooo hot and like outgoing but ive never actually talked to him or anything cause i never know what to say. So i always thought he was like 15 which is like kinda old for me but whatever.... so like one day i was at church and he walks by me and sorta smiles at me so i smile back.After the service i am by the water fountain in the entrance of the church and there is no one there cause its like 30 minutes after the service and everyone left so im sitting there waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom alll alone so then i see Tyler walking alone toward me.So then i start totally freaking out cause i have no earthly idea why he is freakin walking to me so i just try to stay calm and all so he comes and sits RIGHT next to me and is like hi im tyler and he smiles so im like hey im carly how old r u and he is like 13 and im totally freaking out cause im 13 then he gets quiet and is like can i tell u somethin.....and im like he is like ok well this may seem weird but i like u...alot..i think we r meant to be together.....then he gets down on one knee and is like will you go out with me ( i know hard to believe but its soooo true!) so im like um then i like spill the beans and im like well ive loved you for about 2 years then he starts like freaking out in a good way and is like.......can i kiss you? So im like OMGGGGGGGOSHH! totally! so he like grabbed my hands and BAM! there we go...he said he loved it...i loved it more way now we have been dating for about 8 months and cant be more happier 🙂
Carly, Kansas
Okay so i was hangin out wit my boyfriend cameron n he was skateboardin. I'm not really into the whole skateboarding thing but i was there for him 🙂 Anyway so i was textin my friend Linsie when Cameron rode up 2 me on his skateboard n kissed me!! It caught me off guard but it was absolutely wonderful! He later took me out 2 the pavilion out back n the sun was setting it was SOO romantic n he kissed me again! He tried 2 french me but i jerked back cuz i was nervous n we both started laughin n he goes "lets try this again." so we kissed again without the tounge n it was ahmazing!!
Anonymous, B*ville, Arkansas, 14
she was ma 1st gf..n i..her 1st bf. v both r of 16. a day i din't informd ma parents dat m going to meet her, cuz they were nt knowing about us(they a bit dint liked her.) was raining. she was at 1 of our frnd'z place. i went there too, other frnds were there too. n they all r vry nice, they left us alone. v were having some realy sweet sweet talks...but then only..all got messd cel phone rang and mom cald me home..dis was nt enough so she got upset..n ran upstairs. i walkd behind her..n it was raining so she dint go to the terris, i stud in front of her. she said..'u go,y r u standin hear? n stay away i'll nt talk to u..u go'.. then i got closer...she said the same to stay away..thn i movd more closer..n this repeated untill our faces were just few inches away n i took ma hands around her waist. then she turnd her face to left n i kissd her right cheek..n i all ok nw..she said no..n turnd her face to right n i kissd her left cheek..then she smiled i litle n looked into ma eyes with loads of love..n draged her hand in ma hairs..n v closd our eyes leeeend towardz each other..n.......all silent for few seconds..i felt like m made of eye balls were burning with pleasure..n ma lips were like a factory of energy.. felt gr8..lovely..
neo, 16, NY
So I'm 17 years old, and until today, I'd never kissed a girl before. So today, it was lunch time at school, and I was hanging out with my friend, who I'd known for about a year. We were laughing and talking and dancing and generally carrying on. We had hugged a couple of times that day, and as we dipped (dance move where she leans down over my arm), the 5-minute bell rang to warn us to get to class. We started to walk together, but I suddenly remembered I'd left my backpack in the lunch room. We went back to get it (I had to ask her to come with me) and a janitor helped us find it (they had moved it to the front of the commons). She was about to go to gym class, and I to a psych class, so I was about to say good-bye for that day. But then she turned to me and said, "Come here." She opened her arms wide for a hug, and I recieved her, but then she pulled me into a kiss. It lasted about 5 seconds, and felt really good. When we pulled apart, I asked her loudly, "Why did you just kiss me?!" I was taken completely off guard. She asked me flirtingly, "Why do you think?" Bemused and stunned, I said "I don't know," as in I didn't have the foggiest. She answered "When a girl kisses a guy, what do you think she's asking?" I finally got it. "Are you asking me out?" She smiled, nodded, and muttered sarcastically, yet sincerely, "Yes."
anonymous, 17
Here how it goes... I always dreamed of my perfect first kiss. We would sit in the park and he would kiss me like no one did before. But I knew that the reality was different. I liked this boy for about two weeks. We hung out every day, but at that time he had a girlfriend. So all I could do is wait for him to break up with her or to find someone else. But his girlfriend was from another town and he could only see her during the holidays. Soon he broke up with her because he wanted to be with me. And that night he kissed me. It wasn't a long kiss, just a short kiss on my lips for "saying goodbye". I was so happy, and next evening I had my first French kiss with him. It was amazing!!! I was a bit nervous, well actually very nervous because i never kissed any boy before. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. I want to say: if any girl is scared of her first kiss, don't be, I was scared and now I know that it was stupid. Just relax:)
14, Serbia
Contrary to most first kiss stories, my first kiss was neither memorable nor amazing. It happened during my 6th grade year, however old that would have made me, and it was simply awkward. What else could be expected from such an age? I didn't love the guy, but ironically I'm currently seeing him [An entire six years later]. The story goes that we had been "going out" for a couple of months when we both attended a friend's birthday party. And what game other than Spin the Bottle would be played at a 6th grade party? Of course the bottle mysteriously only landed on him when I spun it, go figure. It was a very awkward peck on the lips. Of course later during our three-year relationship we moved on to more intensive making out, but trust me on this, kissing only gets better as you get older and more experienced. We both enjoy it much more now 😉
Violet, 18, Georgia
My first kiss was with my boyfriend of several months. I had been wanting him to kiss me for a while, but he didn't want to move to fast. One night I was at his house watching a movie with him and some of his friends. They ended up all going home and we were left alone. In the middle of the movie a massive thunderstorm had started, and it was still raining at this point. I love thunderstorms and we went out on his deck to watch it. We were talking when all of the sudden he stopped and was just looking into my eyes. I knew at this point what he was thinking, neither of us had to say anything. We were both pretty wet, but we finally kissed for maybe 5 seconds, it was absolutely perfect! We stayed out in the rain for a while talking, and then went back inside to watch tv; we kissed again before I left that night.
anonymous, 16, Iowa
My first kiss was a surprise. Me and this guy on my bus was a bad boy and i loved that about him. One day i get on the bus and sit with as usual and he says want to play Principal and student and i said sure! well he was saying stuff like can i see u in my office. U have a dentention.etc. so finally were at the school and the bell rings and he leans over and says u have been very naughty and i turn to him and he kisses me. I was in heaven.i have liked him 4 so long and finally he kisses me! but we never went out b/c he was tooo old for me! I was 12 and he was 17!
My first kiss was on a field trip! Me and my bf went on a field trip to the capital and we were going to go to the top! I hate heights so i was freaking out! So we were climbing up the stairs and he was in front of me! And i saw his gr8 butt. Then when we stopped for a break he let me go in front of him and so i was getting really nervous and dizzy and we r finally at the top! I stay closest to the building as i walk around he i tell him that i dont feel very good and so he holds on to me. and right as the teacher comes i pass out. So my bf says ill take her inside and so him and his friend bring me inside and gets me water. I was laying down with my head on his lap and i wake up freaking out saying where am i and i wouldnt stop saying that and so he calms me down while everybody else is still outside looking at the river. he tells me where we r and he says that i passed out and that he knows something that can make me feel better. im still laying down. and he kisses me! I was so happy and feeling much better! It was like a spiderman kiss upside down. i was sooooo happy!
Ashley, 14, MO
well, i have this boyfriend who i thought was really sexy and hot. :] which he was, he wanted to kiss me but i could, because i was so shy. i didnt know what or even how to kiss him. he kept on asking me why i didnt want to kiss him and wanted a reason, so i told him ''i dont know who to kiss'' he was like ''its ok, it doesnt mater if you dont know how to, because you can learn.'' so he leaned in and kissed me. then i tried and he was like '' see your doing it. you learned quick, and you said you cant kiss'' soo we kissed more and more and practically made out, a second away from sex. and i couldnt believe i'd done it. but i did, and im happy now. becuase i cant believe i waited so long to kiss him, because he kisses very qood ! :]
ok so im dating this guy. weve been dating for like a month now.....last night i was over at his house for a party because a friend of ours is moving away and his mom had thrown a party. so we were in his room and everyone had left it was completely dark and the only light was coming through the window above his bed which we were sitting on together quite close together i might add and he said to me do you like me a lot? and i said well yeah other wise i dont think we would be dating right would we? and he said no i guess not huh? and we both laughed and then the most amazing thing happened.............he leaned in and kissed wasnt much not like a makeout session cuz we didnt want his mom to walk in or anything but it was amazing i loved it and later he told me that he was really happy and couldnt wait till camp where we would be together everyday for a month...yay!!!! yeah
anonymous, 13, Florida
My first kiss was absolutely amazing. It happened about five days ago. We have been together for about two and a half months, but we are completly in love with eachother. The kiss happened after our eighth grade graduation ceremony. We were both very sad about leaving eachother for summer, and we wanted to have a nice long hug, but we had friends, family, and teachers everywhere. So, we went behind a wall, and we started to hug like we normally do to say goodbye, but it lasted a very long time because we never wanted to leave eachother. I heard him whisper into my ear, "I love you," and i whispered it back. I felt him kiss my hair, and i lifted up my head to kiss his cheek. Then we both just matched our lips to eachothers. It was so passionate and romantic. I slowly felt his tongue on my lips, and the kiss reached a new level. It all stayed sweet and romantic. He brought his hands up into my hair and then he pulled me into his body tighter. It was the best feeling I've ever had,and I'm so happy it happened with him.
Anonymous, Arizona, 13
My first kiss was a couple of hours ago. It was an end of school party, and we were playing spin the bottle and i got chosen with this guy. But i dont count that as my first kiss because an hour after that, i had the best kiss of my life. My friend was having issues with his girlfriend because she was cheating on him, and he couldn't bring himself to break up with her. I was hugging him partly because of that, and partly because i was afraid i wasn't gonna see him for the rest of the summer. Well, he didn't leave until a couple of hours later :). I'm not sure how, but we just ended up kissing and i get butterflies whenever i think about it. He was so sweet. It was on the grass at a winery (the girl who had the partys dad owned one) and the sun was just about 2 set. I get chills just thinking about it.
Leb, 12, New York
Me and my boyfried had been dating for about a month (now over seven months) and neither of us had ever had a first kiss. We were in his living room, his parents downstairs as their living room is upstairs, and listening to music. We were sitting on the floor and both exhausted after taking a small hike/walk to an abandoned house we always seem to find money in. He laid down on the florr and i layed down next to him. He had just turned his iPod onto shuffle mode and teh music played in the background as we laid there. Chasing cars came on by snowpatrol and me and my boyfriend scooted closer to each other. He said you have no idea...and i said i have no idea? what? and he said yeah no idea..and i gently asked him if i could have an idea, he depends if u want to or not...i said i did..and he asked when..i said now...and with teh chorus still playin gin teh background he bent over me and gently kissed me....teh best he knew how... it seems as if it shouldnt really br our first kiss those kinds of kisses only happen in movies..but it was ours.
Lexi, 15, Hawaii
my boyfriend, jordan, & I have been together for 2 months & a bit. & he is soooo hot. we had done a lot of little not to important pecks. & just after the one month mark, jordan & I were downtown together & sitting in the emptied park outside theatre, where it was slightly dark & the sun was setting. & I had been teasing him & so he went down to sit on one of the steps & after a bit I followed. I went up to him & kneeled on the below step so I was just at his height, he said he loved me then leant in & we hooked up for about 10 seconds & then his mum called him! so it was a romantic, cute & funny kiss.
Helena, 14, Australia
This wasn't my first kiss, but it was first one with an actual bf. So i was at the park with 3 of my friends messing around then they decided to call my bf and invite him to the park. It was national make out day or so we thought because of some stupid txt FWD thingie. My bf came they like left us alone and stuff but i was extremely nervous and could not bring myself to make out! At about 9:45 I had to leave to ride my bike home. Before i left I was like "don't i get a kiss goodbye" and me and my bf kissed innocently for like a milisecond. It was sweet and innocent and I can't wait unti l"m ready to make out.
my first kiss was on Friday the 13th.. it was June 13, 2008. We had been dating for almost 6 months, doing the basics, holding hands, hugging, ect. The thing is, is that his dad doesnt want him having anything to do with me outside of school. We go to a private school, so our classes are very small. every friday our class gets together and goes to the movies or goes skating. last friday, we were at the movies watching the Incredible Hulk. we had been holding hands the whole movie and i had my head on his shoulder. in the end of the movie (right after the hulk won), i took my head off his shoulder, he looked over at me and asked if i was okay, and i just kissed him. it lasted for a good while, and it was the greatest feeling ever. after the kiss i just layed my head back on his shoulder and finished the movie. after the movie was over, i gave him a huge hug. And who says friday the 13th is an unlucky day... =]
anonymous, 14, OHIO
Hey first kiss was like un like any1 elses well I had ben going out for this boy and I invited him over to my house a bit and we stayd a wile and talk then took a walk around my neighboorhood so it was time for him to leav it was like 7 pm and my freind came running dwn the street saying dija kiss em !!?? I was like "no" (sadly) and I leand against my car and I said man! I wish he wud cum bak and kiss me like in the muvies (soooo) my stupid friend ran aftr him*by the way he walkd to my house lol* so she ran aftr him and said "hey! Cum bak to her house she wants u to kiss her!" so by then I was hiding in my house! So the door rang it was him and said "was it true?u wanna kiss me"? I was like "ppshhh nnooo" so he was likeook and he hugged me by again and we huggd 4 a while then our eyes met and he kissed me I felt like I was gunn a melt it was so awsome!!!
Ashley, FL
ok. so my first kiss happened at a school dance in 8th grade. I was dating this guy who was really cuite. and everyone knew that he was going to kiss me at the dance. I didn't know though. So, Jake and i were slow dancing. and then we looked into eachother's eyes, he pulled me in tighter and kissed me. it lasted about 4 seconds, i'm not even kidding. It was so romantic. and then after the dance, he was walking me out of the building, and suddenly he jerked me back and he pulled me down the hall and into a room and he kissed me agein and took my face in his handsand it just all started from there and we made out. it was so romantic.
Miranda, 14, Ohio
Hi, my name is Thomi Rose. I've had a few boyfriends but never kissed any of the except the last two. My first kiss isn't what I consider it to be. My ex kissed me and it shocked me. After than we never really kissed. But what i would consder to be my first kiss was truly extraordinary!(two first kisses for two types) I had just started dating Cody(October 19,2006) after knowing him less than a month. About 10days after declaring we were together (October 29, 2006), we were standing in my front yard waiting for his mom to pick him up. We were having a deep conversation about broken trust and how i have a hard time trusting guys because of a past relationship. But that's not the only thing i was thinking about. I wanted him to kiss me but i was too shy to do or say anything about it. And i just loved the way he was looking at me.His mom pulled up so he had to leave, but before he got in the van, he asked:can i kiss you? i said yes because something in my mind and heart told me i could let my guard down and let him know me. it was gentle and sweet. It lasted only about 3 seconds but it sent chills down my back. then he said bye and gave me another quick kiss. My second 'first kiss' from him was April 24, 2007. It was the first day that I told him that I truly honestly loved him. He had been waiting to hear that for so long. It was after school one day and he walked me to my car before he had to go to football practice. I was telling him bye and him to me when he just went for it. it caught me off guard but i had been wanting him to do it for a while. When he pulled away after about 5seconds i smiled at him and told him that i loved him. He gave me a big smile and hugged me. He had been waiting to hear those 3 words for so long because he had said he loved me since we had been together. We are still together after 1yr and 8months and happy! && his kisses are still AmaZINg!!!* We plan to get married a few years from now ...which isn't soon enough for me, but when it happens it will be AMAZING!!
Thomi Rose, 18 yrs, California
Hi, I'm Frances and I live in the North-East of England. My first kiss was on June 22nd- when I was exactly 12 2/3. it was about ten past midnight and me and my friends were on a Scout Camp. We were playing spin the bottle (obviously!) with two boys and to make it better. We played it in stages... hug, kiss on the cheek, kiss on the other cheek (of the other person- to make it different), kiss on the lips, hug and kiss on the lips, snog for 10 seconds, snog for 20 seconds. The bottle kept landing on me and this guy so we ended up just about to snog! It was ok though because a) I just thought it was a kiss on the lips but for longer b) I knew him and we were really good friends So my friends turned off the light in the tent and he came towards me- I put my arms around him because it seemed the natural thing to do and he stuck his tounge in my mouth!!!! Then they turned on the light again. I was in shock so I reeled back and wiped my mouth... I think I may have shouted that it tasted of fish! But they all said that it wasn't 10 seconds so we had to do it again! Then the light came back on and I just hid behind my friends back for a while! So, there you have it! The glamourous story of my first kiss.
Frances, 12, England
My 1st kiss was with a boy who wasn't very mature(considering the fact he was a whole year & a few months younger than me{with me being n 7th grade @ the time and him n 6th}) but he was nice. But anyways we had jus started going out dat day but it wasn't like I was being fast with the realtionship because we had known eachother 4 a year and a half and we would always flirt and talk it was spirit week and we were having a basketball/volleyball tournament and I told my bff that I was starting 2 like him n he still liked me so we started going out and he wanted 2 walk me 2 my grandmas house after skool so I let him it was only a few blocks. So we were walking and talking and he said "Can I hav a kiss?" and I said "IDK" so then I saw my lil cousins walking 4rm the store and I couldn't kiss him then cuz they saw me. But then I told him I can't kiss him but I could giv him a hug and he looked disappointed. So then I gave him a hug and he looked me n the eyes and gave me a sweet peck on the lips. IT WAS SO GOOD I COULDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING I JUS WALKED AWAY NOT SAYING A WORD OR SHOWING ANY EXPRESSION! We stayed 2gether 4 a few weeks then I dropped him. We don't talk anymore.
Marissa, Portland, OR
okay, so i was madly in love with this boy named kyle. i was hanging out with a few mates in town and he came up to me... and said " hey, theres some bands playing in town tonight, wanna come? " and i look at my friends and said " uhh, sure ! " he hugs everyone, all the time so he gave me a hug. ( he gives the best hugs ever ♥ ) and walked off. later that night, me and my friends where standing outside talking and kyle comes up to me and casually said " hey " he hugged me from behind and whisperd " your gorgeous " i blushed, turned around and said thanks. my friends giggled and went inside, and left me and george alone. he then said, lets go inside and he took my hand and walked me inside. later on im the night me and my friends decided to go get some dinner and then crash at my house, it started raining about 20mins before we left, i was standing outside cold and wet and he came over to me, hugged me and made me all warm and then without looking for saying anything to me he kissed me, it was soo perfect and sweet. i would never imagine my first kiss being in the rain. btw, he was 13, i was 12. (:
Jaz, 13 Years, New Zealand.
okay so my first kiss was soooooo amazingly romantic with one of the hottest guys ever! allright so i was at my friends house and also with my friend other friend and there was this text messege going around about like if you forward it you'll get a suprise in 15 min and like i had to leave my friends house and so his mom was giving me and the other guy a ride home. and i've liked this guy for the longest time but were not going out. and when we were sitting next to eachother in the car he texted me and said neither of us got the suprise yet. and i texted back "i know. :[" and he texted "its not too late..." and i look at him and asked what it ment and he's like this and he gently pulled my chin towards his lips and kissed me! and it was like total sunset and "i luv your girl" was playing on the radio. and after he kissed me for about 5 seconds. he was like "was that a good suprise" and i smiled and said "DEFINITLY!" and we both started laughing. and now me and him are sooo close to going out. but we've been out of town latlyy. but it was sooo romantic. and a moment ill rember forever! -
rylee , IL
Hi, my name is Billierae and I have a first kiss story! My first kiss happened a couple of days ago, and it was sooo amazing!! It happened like 2 days before my birthday, and it was the best birthday present I've ever gotten! I was visiting my girlfriend (I'm a lesbian), who I met over the internet, and me and her had been dating for almost 2 months online before I finally got to go to her state to meet her. So, I was staying at this hotel near where she lives, and me and her were wandering around the hallways of the hotel, trying to find my room so we could get our swimsuits. Well, I had forgotten my room number, so neither of us had much of an idea of where we were going. But it was still so much fun, running around these hotel hallways with her. Every so often we would hug, or say "I love you" or something, and then eventually, we got to this hallway that was totally empty except for us, and so she pulled me towards her and we kissed on the lips. It only lasted about three seconds, but it was still so amazing and I'll never forget it!
Billierae, 12, Ohio
My first kiss happened durring the summer after 8th grade. It was with a new kid at school (now a long-time friend and ex-boyfriend). We both lived in Laguna Beach and as you know it's a pretty small town so we both lived by each other. Coincidentally we both lived right by the water and decided to go surfing. Jake had met up with me at the usual un-touristy spot and we had gone surfing (duh) for about a half an hour. We decided to take a break and we both headed back to our spot at the beach. It was around sunset and he had stripped off his surf gear (and by the way he was so hot even back then). Then he just looked at me like he had never looked at me before and said, "I really like you." "I really like you too," I replied. Then, he leaned in and kissed me. It felt like it lasted forever. We kept on kissing and eventually made out. At the end of the day he asked if we could go out and we did. We went out for a few months but eventually we moved on. Now we're super good friends.
Allyson, 16, Laguna Beach, CA
I've heard from many people and books that 12 is the best age to get your first kiss. I really don't know why that is, but I got mine when I was 12, and it was amazing! I was at a New Year's party with my former boyfriend, this was over Christmas break so I didn't see my boyfriend for over a week and I missed him terribly. He came later into the party and when he came, we hugged for a long time on the couch saying how much we missed each other. A girl I met there became really good friends with me and we talked the whole time, basically. She kept saying how me and my boyfriend should kiss when the ball came down at midnight. I was really nervous about it!! So it was midnight and everyone yelled, "Happy New Year!" I hugged my boyfriend and my friend said, "You didn't kiss!!!" I looked at my boyfriend, but my friend pushed my head into his and I got a gash on my forehead. XDD She said, "Fine I'll leave you two alone." I looked at him again, and he sorta nodded. The next thing I knew, I leaned in and gave him a wimpy kiss. It lasted a millisecond, but during that millisecond, there were crazy fireworks that went off, boom boom boom! I'll never forget Jan. 1, 2008- Even if we are broken up now.
Nicole, 13, Pennsylvania
My first kiss was amazing and I will never forget it. I was in Minnesota visiting my cousins and I found out that my cousin Grace, who is 15, had this 14 year old friend named Zach who was apparently really hot. Well, we (me, Grace, my 13 year old cousin Nina, and my 14 year old cousin Madison) took a bike ride over to his house and talked. (By the way- he was really hot! I mean great abs!) He later called my cousin and told her he thought I was hot and that he wanted to see me again.We told him I was only 12 and he was like "That's OK". So, we took another bike ride to his house. The next day, he left for camp for a week. The day he came back, my cousin Madison (who lives in Colorado) reminded us that she never kissed a guy in Minnesota (She wanted to be able to tell her friends that she kissed someone in MN. It wouldn't have been her first kiss or anything.)So, Grace said she'd call Zach (since he is her only guy-friend within biking distance). Then, Grace asked me if I wanted to kiss him too and I reminded her that I'd never kissed anyone before. She told me that it was OK- he wouldn't care. So, since I did kind of like Zach I said yes. He agreed to kiss both of us, and so we went on a bike ride over to his house. Well, all of us except Madison. She had gotten in trouble that day and couldn't go. Grace asked me if I stilled wanted to do it and I said yes. When we got to his house, he was like "Where's Madison" and we told him. He was like "oh well. Rachel's the one I really wanted to kiss anyway. I walked over to him and he leaned in and kissed me. I was just 2 seconds, but that's OK with me. It was really romantic too, despite the fact that my cousins Grace and Nina were watching us. Oh, and just as I got back on my bike, it started raining! We had to ride all the way back with a thunderstorm going on but I barely noticed because I was so happy!!!!!
Rachel, 12, VA
im 15 years old and i just got my first kiss today. august4th2008. me and my boyfriend dated for about a month but started going out for exactly a week today. he was talking about how he really wanted to kiss me for a while now and i was like okay well when you next see me i guess. and today was the first time we'd seen achother since he asked me out. so me and my boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend were walking in hr neighborhood all th way up to her house.onc we got to her house we stayed on her front porch for like an hour all 4 of us juss talking. and me and him were cuddling and stuff. he had to go to football practice and asked me if i could walk him and his brother to the field they met us at. so me and him walked to the field. right before he left he gave me a tight hug and said i dont wanna let go and then he looked at me and gave me a soft goodbye kiss on the lips. it was the cutest thing ever and i will never forget it 😀
agustina, georgia
I find my first kiss story cute. Its not completely the way i pictured it, but it was still cute... It just happened like last week. Me and rechad had been going out for exactly 3 weeks. We were at band camp (im a majorette and he's a drummer), and we were both really tired because we were outside all day on the football feild. We were both in this closet (its more like a storage room, but anyways), its really small. He was putting away his drum and i was putting away some flags. When we were both done putting stuff away we hugged. It was like a really long lasted like 2 minutes, no lie. when we pulled away from the hug we were holdin hands and jus lookin into each others eyes...rite then he leaned in for a kiss. It was like just a regular kiss and then i felt his tongue rub against my lips. We were like making out until his mom called him bc she was waitin for him outside. Now we kiss like all the time.
anonymous, 13, Pa
My first kiss was when I went on holiday to Bodrum Turkey last week. I was in the pool when this really hot guy sat down almost next to me, Then he jumped into the pool so I got in the pool and he said something to me but he was German so I couldn't understand him, The next day he was on the same boat trip we were on and he was helping out by serving drinks and he smiled at me, On the second last night I was sad that I didn't speak to him and he was sitting at the table next to me in the restaurant so to stop myself crying I went and stood on the beach, Minutes later he came onto the beach and came up to me, He smiled but obviously understood I didn't speak German so he grabbed my face pulled it towards his and kissed me, He was so gentle and it lasted for about 20 seconds! after that we just sat and looked at each other, on the night I was leaving he didn't turn up to eat with his family so that made me sad but at least the memories will last
Lanie, 13, Los Angeles
Hey, my first kiss was with this girl, we'd both liked each other for a while but never did anything about it. She came over to hang out one night,when i dropped her off at home, she said yes and we kissed. we're now going out.
anonymous, 15, PA
This story doesn't exactly have a happy ending. My life is very different from others, I was born in Toronto, Canada. But I've been living in Hong Kong for about 9 years. Just 2 years ago I moved to Canada. I'm still not very used to the different customs and stuff here. I really enjoyed my life in Hong Kong, but my parents wanted me to study here. So I moved. My life in Hong Kong was basically perfect, I've been there from kindergarten to Gr.6 . My favourite years were Gr.5 and Gr.6. I always had a blast in that class. 6A. Never ever will I forget my awesome class. I had my best friends: Heidi, Carry, Angel, Nathan, Alan, Andy and many may more. Nathan was my crush, and I was his. We both knew we liked each other, but we were both very shy. So we never said anything to each other. As time went by, neither of us made a move. But there was one time where he was going to make his move: We all went to play volleyball in the park. And I had to leave early because i had swim practice after. So I told them I had to leave and I said my round of Byes. Just when I was about to leave, I saw my old friend Ann Marie. So I talked to her for awhile and she said she'll walk with me. So I did. The next day at school, my friend Angel comes and tells me that if Ann Marie didn't walk with me, Nathan would've walked me home. At that moment I felt so much regret, and I just wanted to go back in time. Until the day that I had to leave for Toronto was here, and I never got to show Nathan that I do really like him. And so badly did I want to tell my parents that I wanted to stay, (Did I tell you guys he was going to the same high school as me just so it's the same one as me??HOW SWEET!!) but i didn't know how to tell them, so I just left Hong Kong forever like that....This day right now at this moment Sunday, September 21st 2008 I have decided that in 2009 Summer, I'm going back to Hong Kong for a visit for my Buds. Nathan is in England right now, but he is also going to visit Hong Kong in the summer. So I am hopefully going to show him ny feelings for him. 2009 SUMMER BABY!!! P.S. I LOVE YOU NATHAN, FOREVER & EVER<3
Janet, Toronto, Canada
okay so when i was 13 i had my 1st kiss with this 15 year old guy named bobby. he was soooo cute! anyways it was in july of 2006. A friend of mine asked me to go to the lake with her, so i did, and i guess the real reason she asked me to go was becuse bobby wanted to meet me. he saw a picture of me and thought i was pretty cute. bobby brought along one of his friends... anyways.... we all hung out at the lake like all day! when the sun started going down we decided to leave, so jenna brought all the stuff back up to her moms car, and when i was about to leave he was al like hey wait, so i walked back to him and he took my face in both hands and VERY gently pulled my face to his! it was absolutly adorable. We never did kiss again, but i will always remember that. it was sooooooooo cute!
Sara, 15, Idaho
hah, i was 12 back then . i was in this camp in out of country with a lot of ppl from my school and some ppl from other countries. anyways. it all happened on a night while i was in the fronnt yard of a ping pong cape with luke.. we were together for like.. 2 days ago, but for it was my first kiss, i didn't wanna try it.,so after some days, he convinced me. we were laying in the grass, looking at the starts, when he put his elbow on the grass so his head would stand properly. i could see his brown eyes staring at me. then he started leaning and leaning..and i taught "wel..that's it.. i have to try, so i'll know what is it like" he leaned closer, i closed my eyes. and then he kissed me...the most amazing kiss ever. at first it was mouth closed kiss, but then it turned into a french kiss. i can say i loved him for an year after that..tho we weren't together anymore..but for far as i know, until now, that's the best summer i've ever had. summer of '07. back at the ping pong back yard.. the weirdest romance story ppl from my school say they've ever seen
Well , me and my friends , phoebe jack and gabe , were going camping , for the weekend , and it was gonna take 4 hours to get there , we were so bored , we started to play dares in the back of the car....It turned into , KISSING !! but , i hadnt kissed Anyone before , and was feeling wierd ....Then it was my turn , i had to kiss gabe so , he leaned over , and wispered , dont worry im nervous too, then Phoebe said : Go ! we had to kiss with toungue ! when it started i was feeling wierd , but after a while i got used to it Then , when we got there GABE asked me out ! i had a the BIGGEST CRUSH ever on his brother osh though !! i felt wierd.....but said yes then he kept on kissing me like every moment , his brother saw , and said , GABE man , thatsnot fair ! , and wnet off with his amtes , i said to gabe , what he meen ? gabe sed , oh he was gonna sk you out lol !!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH i was soo annoyed !!! now im going out with a boy called JOSH tho, an hes the best boyfriend EVER
anonymous, 10, London
My first kiss wasn't like anything I had ever dreamed of. I mean sure...when I think kiss I think romance fireworks everywhere. But I had no idea it would feel this good. Ok so, I had a boyfriend who's name I am restricting but he was HOT. I am talking serious torso and everything. Not that I care because I am not one of those shallow girls who just look for looks...not that its bad to be good looking. ANYWAYS. We were at this park and all my friends were there and all his were there...including my ex. He was moving to dallas the next month so we both knew we had to kiss eventually. When we were alone a.k.a my friends on the OTHER side of the park but us being still in plain view he simply asked " it ok if I kiss you now?" I laughed and said "sure thing." I didn't actually think that it was going to happen but when it did wow. At first he just kissed me, no tounges at all but then we got more passionate and I felt his tounge on my lips so i naturally opened my mouth. Meanwhile my friends were spazzing and screaming. We took a break and hugged instead and then we were at it again. When we finished, he picked up my hand and kissed it and whispered I love you. He's moved but I still miss him a lot 🙂
anonymous, 13, New York
my first and best kiss ever was one nite @ my friends house. i was having a sleepover w/her, and her brother (the guy i like since 4ev) was having one w/his friend. we all stayed up l8 watching movies and playing xbox. me + my friends brother stayed up latest and afterwards, we went and laid on top of our sleeping bags. he kissed me + it was so sweet and exciting. this happened on friday july 13th 2008.
ashley, 13, Minnesota
My first kiss was one that seemed like something out of a movie "besides the fact it took place when i was almost twenty, I know I am a really late bloomer", the only thing different about it was that I didn't initiate it, it all just sort of happened. I was talking to this girl who I knew when i was a lot younger and we hadn't really seen each other in like a good 14 years i want to say and our parents kind of pushed each other to hang out. So we hung out like a couple times and all but nothing serious mostly just stopping in and saying hi if we were around. then one night she invited me over for dinner with her family,after dinner She wanted to go to the beach so me being a swell guy that I am was more than willing to go. This is the part that seems all unreal now, we walk onto the beach and just talk about the stars and how beautiful and big the moon looks and we each say a couple of jokes then she asks me if I was cold and if I wanted to go and me being the experienced idiot I am said yeah and couldn't take a hint. So I start to walk back with her off the beach and then out of no where she Grabs my hand and says"wait" and then we embrace and begin to kiss under the moon light and stars it felt like it lasted for an eternity. Then she asked me if I liked it and if I wanted to do it again and I said sure why not and we happened to kiss again for a good 2 minutes. then we said good night i drove her home and well the rest has yet to come.
Andy, 19, New Jersey
I don’t really count my technical first kiss as a ‘real’ kiss, just because it was staged. But it’s an interesting story and it was still pretty amazing I had been picked to play Jasmine in my school’s all-school play (which is pretty huge, especially for me because just the year before I was only in the choir). I was 12 and in 7th grade. The guy who played Aladdin was one of my good friends, Jake, who was in 8th grade. He also happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend (yeah, I know, confusing and awkward). So anyway, it was the day before or dress rehearsal and 2 days before opening night. The director called Jake and I into the small music room to talk to us privately. He had told us earlier in the year that he was thinking about making Aladdin and Jasmine kiss after a Whole New World. Somehow other people found out and teased us about it. He was really sweet about it and stood up for me. But anywayys…. This time our director wanted us to practice the kiss. I was pretty nervous. He went back into the theatre with the rest of the cast and the school secretary came in. She got out the CD player and changed it to the end of a Whole New World. We kneeled down like we were onstage, and after a few lines, he took my hands. We looked at each other and sang the rest of the song. I closed my eyes, but got scared when his lips touched mine, so I pulled back. We tried it a few more times before I got over my nerves, and when we actually did it, it lasted only a few seconds. I was kind of in shock afterwards. I walked back into the theater and told my sister about it (at the time she was in 5th grade). But she didn’t really care, so I just went on with rehearsals like normal. On opening night, right after intermission, I remember being backstage and telling him I was really nervous, and he said he was too. I will never forget how sweet he was and how he comforted me. We agreed to just make it a kiss on the cheek. So the song came and we sang it just like we had done for weeks. At the last few lines, we looked at each other, held hands and I nodded very slightly so he could see it, but the audience couldn’t. Then we sang the last line and he kissed me on the lips! It was amazing (and I know that sounds bad being that he was my best friend’s BF, but it was :] ). The rest of the cast was kind of amazed. I remember seeing the kids in front of us stop what they were doing to watch us (we were on a raised platform about 7 feet high) After that, he didn’t really talk to me any more, I guess cause it was awkward for him. He left that year for high school and we weren’t really on good terms. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t talked to him at all. My best friend broke up with him that summer (for other reasons) but we are still close. Girls, NEVER LET A GUY COME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. My BFF and I handled it well, and I am so thankful. True friendship means WAY more than any crush/kiss/BF or whatever.
Loren, 14, Cincinnati
My first kiss was super romantic and sweet. I had been dating the guy a couple for a weeks and I was dying to kiss him. But I thought he didn't want to, so I pretty much gave up. One day after school, we went to house for the first time to hang out. But when we got there, he couldn't find his house key (he found the next day in the bottom of his backback 🙂 We went into the backyard and sat on a swing. I was freezing, so he sat a little closer. Slowly, without me really noticing, he edged closer and closer to me until his arm was around me. My heart was pounding like crazy, and my my mind went completely blank. I cuddled in closer and put my head on his collarbone (he smelled so sweet!) at this point neither of us was speaking. I turned my head up a little bit at a time. And just when I was about to give up, he looked deep into my eyes. We both smiled and, at the same time, closed the 2 inches between us and kissed... The longest 10 seconds of my life, and the sweetest too. We kissed exactly 4 times, and then I said I had to go (my plan to keep him wanting more 😛 He said, "no, don't go" and tried to kiss me again, but I just touched his cheek and stood up. He walked my to where my parents picked me up. We dated for 8 months, and we went our own ways. But I will always remember that kiss...
Eva, Portland, OR
Haha, my first kiss kind of sucked. So, there was this boy named Tyler at my school, and the only class we had together was 6th per. gym. I got to know him pretty well over the 5 months we were in that class, and two days before school let out, we sort of asked each other out. It was awkward, and it didn't even seem like we were dating, haha, just better friends. We hugged a couple of times, and exchanged phone numbers, and then it was the last day of school!! We walked out of gym together, right after they announced it was SUMMER, and we were standing under this tree, and we hugged. Then, he pulled away, and leaned in and pecked me. God, it was so awkward. He said bye, and we turned around and walked different ways. Haha, I saw my friend, Maddy, and I was like," Ew! Tyler just kissed me!" And she laughed and made fun of me. Then, I went to go tell my best friends, Lauren and Sophia, who totally freaked out. Yeah, I guess I don't really count it. People shouldn't date in Junior High anyways, that's my theory.
Maddie, Washinton, 13 (kiss at age 12)
this is my first kiss story. it happend just yesterday, december 17 2008. i was at this spaghetti dinner at my school that was fundraising omney for the seniors who are going to rome. and i went and ate spaghetti. then there was this living nativity after that at seven, and i hope my boyfriend would be there. we have been going out for a year but he didn't kiss me, i know it sounds weird. and so i ran between the ladies' locker room like 4 times. and sure enough by the eagle door (our schools mascot is the eagle), is my boyfriend. he had just gotten done with basketball practice. and i was talking to him and he said he had to go and im like, ' no please dont leave '. and then he motioned for me to come near him and i hesitated then he put his arm around me and said, ' you dont want to hang out with me because im smelly? ' sarcastically though he said that. im like, ' no freaking way dude. i love you anyway '. then when one of our friends finishes talking to us he points up at the ceiling. he says, ' look a shiny light. ' i look up at the ceiling and as i look down he kisses me on the cheek. and then he tried to make me laugh, and i laugh way too easily sometimes. he said pudding, and i laughed. i told him, ' dont make me laugh or i'll cry.' he just puts his arms around me and hugs me in the best way ever. and then 5 minutes later, he again points to the ceiling and says, ' look the light '. and this time i fall for it. i look up and then i look at him. then he just catches me off guard and he kissed me on the lips. and just today, december 18 2008, we were waiting for his basketball game to start and we were in the hallway. he had changed into his uniform. we were by the library door talking. he tickles me and i poke his shoulder a few times. then he says, ' look the light went out'. and i look up and i look at the guest locker room door. then he leans over and kisses me again. im like, ' wow best day ever! ' and i plan on kissing him on new years and on the 23rd, our last day of school before christmas vacation. it is something i'll sure as heck never forget
My first kiss was really hott! Me and my boyfriend ,Michael, had only been dating for like 4 hours. We've totally known each other for like a year and were totally best friends but he was dating one of my friends so i couldnt date him, but we flirted alot. Well, she cheated on him so they broke up and he kept askin me out but i kept sayin no cause she was my friend. Well finally on August 28, 2008 on our way to the clinton game he texted me and i said yes. well after they won the game he got excited and had his hands like ALL over me on the way home, then when we got to the field house we were talking on the stairs and he grabbed my butt and lifted me off the stairs while he kissed me!!! It was SO sweet!
As I am writing this it is the day after my first kiss, so I remember it fairly well, I'm mormon and not technically supposed to have a girlfriend, yet I have had two, one who was never very affectionate and we had lots of issues, we broke up recently (we are both in 9th grade) and i'm also in band, she broke up with me the day before the state game, I realize I should have waited longer, but I dont think I liked her as much as I thought. Anyways, at the state championship game, I met a college freshmen (yes, 4 years older then me) and we admited we liked eachother on the long bus ride back and kinda snugled, afterward she said she wished I kissed her, I promised I would next time I saw her. We went on our first date yesterday (we went two a movie, actually we ended up going to two) and about halfway through the movie my date actaully fell on the ground (because she had her feet up on her friends next to her and her head in my lap) when she got back up she kinda leaned on me and put her head back, so we where a few iches from eachothers faces, we both kinda leaned in and kissed for a second. She got back to her own seat and wispered in my ear "you suck at kissing" The rest of the night she gave me lessons and I got a little better
Robby, 14, Austin, Texas
It was Febuary 14th, 2008, I was 14 when I finally got my first kiss. Ironic enough. My boyfriend and I had been going out for 12 days and we were both looking forward to our first kiss together. We'd always say that we would kiss, but I guess we were both too nervous. I had liked this guy for a little under than a year, but never went out with him because he liked someone else. So it wasn't till Febuary 2nd that we finally became girlfriend and boyfriend. Anyway, on Valentine's Day morning my boyfrien had given me a silver ring with a zirconia on it and a letter to go with it too. After we exchanged our gifts we both knew our first kiss together was going to be today, we just didn't know when. The bell for the end of recess went, and my boyfriend and I were hand in hand, walking. We both stopped and looked at each other, and without hesitating we both leaned in and kissed. It wasn't French, but it was an open mouth kiss. I think I was more excited than he was considering he had already had his first kiss the year before. So I was very happy my first kiss wasn't a mistake and I got to share it with a person I really liked. It's the beginning of 2009 and we have both gone our seperate ways, but I don't think I will ever forget my first kiss
My first kiss happend two days ago. We are both 12 and have been going out for about 3 weeks and 1 day. Me and my boyfriend were going out to eat and then to a movie. After we got into the theater we started to hold hands(this was also the first time we held hands). He kept asking me if i was confortable and staring at me. I smiled back alot. Then he scted closer so i saw it coming. The he slowly leaned over and said I love you. Then he kissed me. It only lasted about 3 seconds but was magical. When it was over we both smiled and walked out of the theater. We hugged goodbye and that was my first kiss
Okay so it was with this guy who i had been going out with for 4 and a half months. We had done little pecks before but never had a real kiss with him. So i had a party one night and i invited him. Nothing happend at the begining of the night just layed on my couch together and talked while i had my iPod playing. Well my mom rented a scary movie for us called dead silence (which, for the record, was not scary at all) All night we were looking forward to the movie cause we knew what would happen. So after we ate i was like "Come on guys lets go watch the movie!" and he was like yeah! so we all ran upstairs. When the movie first started, the lights were out and he had his arm around me. But we realized my mom was standing behind us so we were like crap. Every once in a while i would glance back so i think she got the message and left about ten minutes into the movie. We said finally and we really cuddled. He had one arm wrapped around me and i had my arms around him and every once in a while we hold hands or he would rub my leg or id rub his back. So at one point he turned towards me and said "i love you" and i told him i loved him too. I was suprised cause he never had said it to me in person.. so we both leaned in and started close-mouthed kissin and after like five seconds we started makinng out and that lasted for like forty five. it was a lot longer then it sounds. we stopped cause we heard giggling and realized we had everyone staring at us. i got up, and went to the bathroom and when i came back he was stretched out across the couch and i said "were am i supposed to sit?" and he pointed to him self. So i layed on top of him and just layed my head on his chest for a while untill we kissed again but it only lasted for fifteen seconds cause his parents called. It was still really nice and was the best party EVER!
anonymous, 12
I was going out with a girl and she cheated on me, I was friends with her best friend and we got closer (as friends) then one day we went out and I bought her a drink and we were flirting and we both could feel the chemistry but denied to acknowledge it. I walked her to her bus stop and we hugged and I said can I have a peck on the cheek for the drink I bought. She leant in and I turned my head to face hers quickly and we both kissed, I looked into her eyes and we started to kiss for a long time, now we have been together for 2 years. =]
hi. my first kiss was not like i expected it to be, but it was kinda cute. it happened about a week ago. i was sitting next to my crush. he was also kinda my friend so... yeah. anwyays my friends were teasing me around him, which made me nervous. he was talking to me and i LOVE how he makes eye contact when he talks to me, so we eye-locked. my friends were right behind me, seeing that i wasnt paying attention to them. all i rember is, i felt someone PUSH me into him, and our lips met. we were both confused, but it lasted for about 3 seconds. then my friends were like OOOOOOOOH!!! and after we parted we were stairin at eachother in shock. after about 10 seconds, i staired at my friends, who were giggling. then i looked back at my crush and he was laughing. i was totally confused, but i didnt care. i laughed too, and he hugged me out of the blue. it was a day after my birthday, so i guess it was the BEST birthday gift in the world!!
Kristina, 12
My first kiss was literally 6 days ago. Three days before Valentines day. I was over at my best guy friends house for the night. It was the first time that my mom was trusting me over at his house alone. His dad was home, and me and Zach [my best friend] were downstairs playing Mario. We went and hung out for a while before we got tired and went up to his room. I laid on his bed and watched him while he played his drum set for a little while. After a while he came and we laid together. We were cuddling and whispering things to each other. We've always said i loved you to each other, as friends. The sad part was, I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend. Then the lights went out and he held on tight to me before he just leaned in and kissed me. It lasted about 5 seconds, but then I pushed him away because my mom called. After the lights came on, i went to go get my stuff on because my mom was on her way over to pick me up. He came up behind me and held me for a while and then kissed me. It was really romantic. We got into a fight after that though. And then the next day, it happened again. In my bedroom. He said he was crazy about me and addicted to kissing me. He kissed me in front of his dad! And that's huge. Though now...things are awkward for us
Mariah, 13
My first kiss was when I went out with a couple of my girl friends and the guy that I liked. We sat down and had lunch in a Park and then played spin the bottle. And it just so happened that I had to kiss Alex (the guy I liked) So, I did, on his cheek. It was really nice 🙂 but it was just a little friendly one. So I didnt count that as my first kiss. Afterwards we went into the Cinemas to watch a movie. During the movie he took my hand and held it without looking at me. Then I realised that he was actually holding my hand! So I held it tighter and we looked at each other for about a minute. Then started watching the movie again and then he came closer to me and kissed my softley on the side of my cheek. Just before the movie finished, he took my hand again and took me outside the cinema we were in. He then said "I really like you, and I'm sorry you missed out on the movie." Then he put his arm around my neck and brought me closer to him and we hooked up! & then asked me out. This was the best time and it was so romantic! Then my friends came out and were so puzzled haha, and then for fun we starting kissing infront of them and they soon got the point and were so happy for us! 😀
anonymous, 14, Australia
so my bf and i were dating for like 10 days. we were best friends and we thought that us being together wouldnt last that long. i was hanging out @ my high school with my bro since i went to his wrestling tournament. ended up that danny was there too and i didnt realize it until we saw each other! i totally forgot that his older brother (josh) and my brother were on the same wrestling team! so without my parents knowing it, danny and i slipped out the back door to the gym and we started walking around poway high. this ended up lasting for like an hour... so i called my mom and told her that i was just wandering the high school ALONE! course, she believed me! and then danny and i were standing in the last few outdoor raquetball courts. of coures, it started drizzling... so we both were huddled under danny's GIANT jacket in the corner of a court trying to get out of the rain! and with me pretty much laying on him HAHAHA he just looked @ me and asked if i was ok... and i said yes... and he grabbed my shoulders and kissed me! it was REALLY nice for him being a lip virgin... we call it his natural talents
Asia, 14, Poway / San Diego
It saturday Feb. 28, 2009 I had my first tongue kiss. My friends and I went to see Madea Goes To Jail. It was a double date plus one. So myself and this boy named Devin were sitting next to each other. He put his hand on my knee then he wrapped his arm around me. We were so close to each that I made the first move. So I kissed him then we kissed again! Lastly my friend told me to kiss him again. So as the movie goes on he wanted another kiss but this time he slipped his tonngue into my mouth. Then we talked for awhile. Then our eyes met and we had another tongue kiss. The third tongue kiss came naturally our faces were really close. He pulled me really close and once again another tongue kiss. Then we held hands for a while then he put his hand on my knee. After we left movie we hugged how cute!
I just had my first kiss today, March 9th, 2009. The guy is my first boyfriend and we've been dating for over a year now. We were running errands for the band teacher after school and we sat down behind the coats the band wears at football games. We were just talking. I showed him my violin and next thing I know I'm kising him. It was very romantic until the band teacher called for us. I'm definitly gonna kiss him again.
Sharon, 15, Pennsylvania
Hey, my first kiss happened 2 days ago!! It was on December 9, 2008. It was my birthday and I was meeting my bf at this italian place for my b-day his name is Trevor. He is so cute! He said he was giving me a 'suprize'. I had picked this really cute. Black velvet dress and I saw his dad drop him off, and he came up to me and took my hand and said, " after you, Leynissa." we walked in and got food and when wew l left, it was raining, and he leaned in to kiss me on the lips, his hands at my waist. His warm lips tasted like milk. We are still dating TODAY. I will never forget it.
Lynessa, 11, CA
I loved my first kiss. Not because it was really romantic or because it was planned or anything, but because it was with someone i really love;my boyfriend Chris who is the smartest, hottest, sweetest guy on the face of the planet. Because it was with him, it was perfect. It was four days ago, on monday. I had known that he was gonna kiss me soon for a while but i didn't know when. So we were hanging out in front of the history room on the third floor of my school on monday at lunch. We were just talkin and then i looked at my cell-phone and I'm all "well i gotta go to class now" and i hugged him and started walking away. But there was no one in the hallway so he's like "wait come back" and he pulls me back gently by my arm and twirls me around to face him. Then he starts kissing me, tounge and all. The kiss lasted for a minute and 30 seconds or something. We kiss like that everyday now and I love him more than anything in the world. Everybody, people say that their first kisses sucked all the time, and i dont know about them, but if you want a perfect kiss, just wait to kiss someone that you really like. It makes it so much better and you will remember it forever.
yellowsoccergirl, 13 SC, Cali
My first kiss was on Friday the 13th. It was kind of awkward.. My friends and I were walking home with a big group of boys. All the boys turned on a different street and my friends hid behind a stop sign, so me and my boyfriend of 2 months were left alone. He asked me if i wanted to kiss, and i said sure. He grabbed my neck and pecked my lips. The kiss lasted a half a second. Nothing like I pictured. I really really like him, but i just didnt feel anything. I smiled then he said, "yeah, im kinda bad." so i walked back to my friends and about 5 minutes later he texted me and said that it was magical.
anonymous, 13, OH
It was on Rugby 7s weekend (i live in Hong Kong) and me and this guy stewie had been hanging out all day watching rugby and messin around (cos basically the focus of the weekend is not to watch rugby... its to get smashed off your face) ANYWAY... we went for dinner with some friends and it was totally obvius we had a thing cos we were hugging the ENTIRE time and holding hands and flirting etc.(we were sober by then) so his friends left after dinner (he payed for me :D) and we walked to this park in the middle of HK and sat in the middle of this huge field (it was raining btw and night so all the HK lights were on) and just talked. We moved to a park bench and kissed eachothers cheeks and lips with mouths closed. Then we made out 🙂 it was the cutest thing ever and we were there for like 30mins. Im glad my first kiss was so sweet. It was raining, in a park, at night with a sweet guy :D.
Hannah, 17
My first kiss was last week at my church's youth group. My friend and I were playing Ultimate outside. I'd thought I liked him since I met him, but he was my first real guy friend, I didn't know if I would act this way around any guy. He suddenly threw me a high throw and I jumped, catching it, but landing awkwardly on my ankle. I couldn't get up on it, and he ran over, putting one hand behind my back and his other on my knee. I said, "Sorry, my ankle..." he cut me off saying..."Don't worry, it's all right." I began to say something else, but he put a finger to my lips. Quietly, he said, "No, I've got you." I relaxed a little, still in pain, and he picked me up. I was set on my good leg, and he still had an arm behind me. I was tearing up a bit and trying not to show him, looking at me feet. He said, "You're beautiful when you're crying." He took his other hand and pulled my chin up. "Close your eyes." I did, with more tears in my eyes, though not from pain. He kissed me softly, just hesitating before we touched and as we kissed. My heart soared, and I put an arm around his neck, loving him more and more. We came apart, and he smiled. "I love you." I responded, crying, "I love you, too." He then picked me up, kissed me again, and this time I lingered even longer. I loving him, and he loving me! He carried me inside. He's such an amazing guy! We're now going out, and I know it will last long, maybe (hopefully) forever!
Lindsey, 15, Eastern Mass
It was the period before lunch and there was a rumor about people playing truth or dare at lunch and my friend asked me if I wanted to play. Sure, why not, I thought. So about 8 or so people, including me, met up outside in the far back field. Surprisingly, I was the first one asked. "Truth." I said. But everyone groaned as soon as I did. "Okay, fine. Dare." The person dared me to kiss a guy in my class named Shawn. I had never kissed anyone before. Shawn stood up and so did I, then I closed my eyes and for the second that seemed the longest in the world, our lips touched. Eventually, I was chosen again, and as if I was kiss drunk, I spoke "Dare." Everyone decided for me to kiss Chase, for 10 seconds. I stood on my tiptoes because Chase was so tall and then out lips met, and during the kiss I felt his tongue slide past my lips. Alarmed, I pulled away before the 10 seconds were up, giving me another dare because I didn't complete it. I was dared to kiss Corey, so I walked over and began to lean in. He closed his eyes and leaned his head to the side, grabbing my neck and head. After the kiss I waited for another turn. I chose dare once more, and I was dared to kiss Taylor. Taylor walked over to me and I pecked him quickly as the bell rang. It was one of the best days of my life, but I regret that my first kiss wasn't with someone who actually loved me.
Lauren, 13, Alberta, Canada
I was fourteen years old when it happened. It was a briliant bright summer day. One of my brothers friends wanted to hang out with me. I didn't think my mom would approve. So I told him that they were going to make me ride my bike there for excersise so I had an excuse for his parents not to drive us to our meeting place. We were walking on the walk way down by the riverat a local park. We looped back around and someone called my name. The sun was blinding me so I couldn't tell who it was. So I ran towards them and after a few seconds I realized it was one of my friends "April" who was "Daniel's" exgirlfriend. She thought I was walking with my brother. We all started talking and it was very awkward. Later she left and "Daniel" and I were sitting on the grass we cuddled for a few seconds than he layed down. I soon joined him. We sat there looking at the clouds. A few seconds later he was hovering over me and we kissed for several minutes. "Frenched kiss". Later that week I found out him and "April" were still dating at the time. He didn'tknow it was my first kiss till we went out for several months.
Anonymous, Alaska
hi I'm Nicole my first kiss was so amazing! i was 13 and every year my mom sends me off to summer camp for a week. this was one i will never forget. i made alot of new friends real soon but there was one guy who was 14 and really CUTE! 😀 so i like crushed on him the whole week. on the night before the morning when the parents come to pick us up we had a movie night. so of course i told my friends that i liked him and they thought it was cute. so we got to pick the movie while the counselors would be in another room watching a diff. movie. we chose a scary movie well the guy that i had been crushing on btw his name was Zach walked up to me and asked if he could sit by me and i said sure. my friends "decided" to move to better seats which left me and Zach and a few ppl i did not know. i screamed once in the movie and when i did he asked if i was ok (so sweet) at the end of the movie he pulled me outside and the next thing i know he was kissing me! it lasted about 5 seconds. but i luved it we tryed to keep in touch after that. and that i must say was the best day ever!
Nicole, 14, California
I was going out with this guy for about 2 months. Though we always came close to kissing on the lips, we never did. One day as we were sitting outside in the woods, the radio playing "What hurts the most- Rascal Flats" he looked over at me and smiled. I started laughing and held his hand, leaning my head against his shoulder. He sighed and put his free arm around me. "What's wrong?" I said looking up at him. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Nothing, everything is perfect." I giggled and pushed him onto his back, my legs on either side of his waist. He put his hands around my lower back, causing me to try to pull away blushing. He nudged me forward and I looked him at him questioningly. "I love your eyes, you know that, violet is a gorgeous color.." he said, sitting up, still holding me in his lap. "I like your blue eyes..." I said, covering my blushing face. He pulled my hands down gently. My heart thumped irregularly, making me feel nervous. He cupped my face in between his hands and brought my lips down onto his slowly. We made-out after that for about 15 minutes, seriously. When we finally stopped I smiled and lay against his chest, slowly falling into a deep sleep. "I love you" he said, but it sounded so far away. I heard myself say something like " I love you too....always" just before I drifted off into a deep sleep. It had to have been the best day of my life! I was 16 when it happened. We're still together now, and we're 19. We kiss like that every day now. And we still go out to the woods. But I'll never forget the day Rascal Flats played on the radio, and my first kiss finally happened.
Bella, 19, New-Brunswick,Canada
Okies hi im megan and my 1st kiss was when I was 12. Ok so there was this guy I had gotten a small crush on in sixth grade when we were in a school play together. He was in 7th grade at the time though so yea. He was really nice and we became close friends. So the next year when I was in 7th and him 8th we both really did love acting and we had been voted the best actors together. Anyway we were in a play together my crush on him had not gone away but it had only grew a little. Well my good friend Hannah always would be telling me since 6th grade that its obvious he likes me and we should be goin out. Ok so it was the show night and I had gone to the girls bathroom to change and get into my costume he ran after me and smiled then he pulled me to a corner and the next thing I know I feel his soft warm lips pressed against mine. It was the moment in my life I will never forget and we hav been goin out for 2 years now!
Megan, Tampa, 14
My first kiss was something long dreamed of and long waited for, but totally amazing! I had made a promise that my first kiss on the lips to any person on earth would be to my husband on my wedding day. (My parents and family members always kissed me on the cheek) My husband-to-be had also made that same promise, so neither one of us had ever kissed when we were engaged. During our year-long engagement, I'd long pondered HOW on earth we would kiss. I didn't have anything to fear. On our wedding day, March 8, 2009, we were both 25 years old. When the minister said the words, "you may now kiss the bride", my husband swooped me off my feet, lifted me up in his strong arms, and gave me a full french kiss! It was truly the kiss of a lifetime and I am forever grateful that I'm married to the only man I've ever kissed! It was worth waiting for!
Kristina, 25, Kentucky
My first kiss was really awkward. my girlfriend was in town and we were just hanging out. so that nite when she was leaving, i walked her out to her van, she was staying at a friends, and before her parents came out i grabbed her hand and i pulled her in really close. then i told her good bye and just gave her a light peck on the lips
okay so me and this guy had been best friends for as long as we could remember (and we still are best friends!) plus i had always really liked him as more than a friend, but i never said anything because i didn't want to mess up our friendship if he didn't feel the same way. we were hanging out at my house, and we were sitting on my bed and just talking, as usual. i wasn't having an excellent day, so you could say i was kind of down. he wanted to cheer me up, so he started tickling me to make me laugh, which it did, but i also fell off the bed from laughing so hard, because i'm so ticklish! and i brought him down with me (because i was holding onto his arm) and he fell partially on top of me. it was sort of an awkward position, but we were laughing so hard it didn't really seem awkward. once we finally stopped laughing, he turned to look at me, and his face was inches from mine, and just stared deeply into my eyes for a moment, and kissed me. it was so amazing. i kissed him back, and eventually we were making out for what seemed like forever. we both confessed how much we liked each other, and we are still together to this day. :]
Hollis, 14, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ok me and my bf had been going out for about 2 months but we were in the 6th grade so we didn't actually really go out on dates yet. At the end of the school day we would hug goodbye by my locker because there was like no one there. About a week before he had started to kiss me on the cheek after we hugged. Then on tuesday february 3 2009 I didn't feel him kiss my cheek and I looked up at him (we were still in each others arms) and we looked each other right in the eyes then he leaned down and kissed me. 😀
"cutey", 12, it
My first kiss wasn't how i planed it. Me and my girlfriend went to kingsdom.for a school field trip we went on scooby doo haunted masion just before we hit the cam. we kiss bells started ringing angels started to sing.It lasted 2 sec.
Matt, 12, va
My first kiss was when i was 15 and it was magical!!! Me and A big group of my friends (about 10 people) were hanging out at one of the guys in the groups house, and his parents and older brother were out of town at a baseball tournament and we had the house to ouself. So we were all watching a movie, and all the couples were sitting together and the only people who werent in a relationship were me and brandon,so we decided we would sit next to each other. But everyone else that was there were making out and the movie was really he was like "uh wanna go some where else?" and i was like "yeah" so we snuck down the hall into his older brothers room and i sat down on the bed and he was checking out the room. When i was like "oh my gosh its freezing in here" and he was like "here,have my jacket" i was lk "no im fine i'll just get under the covers" and he was like "haha i'll join you" and i was like "okay haha"! So me and the guy i've secretly liked since kindergarten are both laying in bed together!!!! And his hair was in his face so i leaned over stroked my fingers through his hair and he pulled me in closer so my head was laying on his chest.... And he was was playing with my hair then sat up and leaned in for the kiss and he pulled me in closer and we kissed and then kept on kissing until his best friend walked in on us totally making out and he was like alrigt!!! And walked out!! Haha now im eighteen and still are still going out with brandon!!! 🙂
Amy, Texas
im 13 im from georgia and i got my first kiss about a week ago with my boyfriend. he has a twin sister who is like myy bff so i go to her house alot. he (jordan) said he had liked me for a really long time and he asked me out. he was hott so of course i said yes. that was about a month ago. about a week ago was my birthday, he said he would get me something really special. i went over to his house **to spend the night with his sis** and he told me to come to his room to see it. when i went up there he grabbed me and held me close, whispered in my ear and told me he loved me. i told him i loved him too. he spun me around and he stared at me for a second. then he kissed me!! it was wonderful!! no words can describe it. i know i love him...
anonymous, 13, Georgia
I remember it , it was 2 days ago. May 24 , 2:52 am. The guy I like came to my house at like 1:00am ! So sweet , we walked around && he asked me can he hold my hands <3 I was so nervous , I never held or kiss a guy before ! I felt like such a dork xD . Then it was getting late &&he walked me to my house && he said , I want to kiss you. I said , sure , then I started asking him " do I stand or do I lean in or do I ...what do I do ?!" Oh man , am I a dork. Then he said just look in my eyes , then he went in for it. The whole thing was the sweetest thing ever. I'll never forget. Now all I want to do is smack myself for how dorky I was x] I can honestly say that I'm in love. He told me I wish there was a moon , so he could dance under the moon with me. && said he's gonna buy a star for me <33 I'm not afraid anymore. I let my guard down.
anonymous, 14 , Tennessee
Here's my first kiss story: So my boyfriend and I set up a group date at this skating rink, and we were both extremely excited. I had told him earlier that my best friend had her first kiss, and she cut her boyfriend with her braces (lol). My boyfriend was standing outside the wall that separates the rink from the tables and stuff, and I rolled up in front of him while I was on the skating floor. At first, we just stood there looking around (our heads were only a few inches apart). Then, suddenly, he said, "Don't cut me, " and we both leaned in for a kiss. I was expecting for just a peck, but he had put his lips around my upper lip. The way his lip felt inbetween mine was just amazing. It lasted for about two seconds. After we had pulled back, we just stared at eachother and then he said, I love you." I said, "I love you," back. Most "first kiss" stories that I've heard are usually awkward or uncomfortable. Mine was far from it. It was wonderful; I'll never forget it, even though he and I are now broken up.
Victoria, 14, Wisconsin
so i was really upset one day because my ex boyfriend wanted to get back together but he really hurt me(we did kiss but this is way better). I went down to the beach near my house and i was crying because of the way i felt then and what i was going to do now.......and then my mom texted me and said my best friend that is a boy (i always thought he was cute) was coming down so i tired to stop crying(it was to late) he came to sit next to me he didn't ask any questions and he pulled me closer to him and just let me cry on him.....i stopped crying after a Lil bit and then he made me look at him (not in a mean way) and he softly kissed me and said "he doesn't deserve you" so i was guessing my mom told him.....after he said that i started crying again and then he kissed me again that was the not only the best kiss but moment i have had in my life and i have kissed him everyday from then on.
Morgan, 16, N.Y.
It was with my boyfriend of about 3 months now- I know- we like to take things slow. We are both new to this and he’s very nervous around me. It’s cute- I adore that about him. Anyway, we were in his truck in my driveway. We had just came back from a night at his house. He started getting all nervous, saying how special I am to him…and rambling about other random things. I kind of played dumb, and tried to lighten the mood. I also knew he wanted to get up the courage to ask. I just wanted him to calm down, but I knew exactly what he wanted. Then he said, “Well, I was planning on kissing you tonight…but…”. I looked at him expectantly and kind of leaned in. Then he chickened out and started talking about the song on the radio. I just keep staring at him, and he turns it off. Then he says, “Okay then.” And kisses me. It was sweet and soft. It was easy and considerate. It wasn’t gushingly romantic and It didn’t feel anything like I had planned for so many years that it would. It was better, so much better. After the first kiss, we just kind of stared at each other and I leaned in again and kissed him this time, with my hand on his face. It was gentle and kind. I pulled away and said goodnight without another word. doesn’t get any better than that, you guys. Find someone you truly care about and take it slowly. It’ll work out for the better in the long run. The best things take patience.
Anonymous, 16, Texas
My frist kiss wasn't good at all ! We were at his grandmothers house and he knew i hadn't had my first kiss yet ! I was sitting in the room on the floor and he was in the other room ! We were texting each other ! He asked me if I had had my first kiss, i said no, and he asked me if I wanted it ! I walked over to the other room and we talked for like two seconds . He was sitting on the bed and I walked over to him, he grabbed he by the waist and pulled me closer to him ! I was scared cause I didn't know what to do . He tried to kiss me and I just kinda looked at him . I kept my eyes open and it was really weird ! He tried twice then he just let me leave the room . The next day he wanted to try it again ! His bestfriend has in the room with us ! His bestfriend asked me if I knew how to kiss and i said no ! He tried to teach me with a teddy bear . I was sitting on the bed and he (not the bestfriend) came over to me and kind of got on top of me and tried to kiss me again ! We never got our perfect kiss in, but I am trying ! We are like bestfriends so it will happen again ! Nobody's perfect ! I thing that kiss was the worst !
I am 13 and my first kiss was last week. Me and this girl ive liked for about a month went on a date ice skating. I play hockey and was trying to be real sweet with hslping her skate. As we were skating, she slipped and wanted to go outside for a few minutes. While we were outside we climbed up a huge tree and were sitting together at the top. It was a little weird cause we just sat there looking at eachother for a bit. We both just started to lean in and we ended up making out for like 10 minutes until a car drove by. We then had to go back in. The whole rest of the time we were dboth just kinda quiet and looked at eachother a lot. It was the best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had some clue of what im doing now.
James, 13, Ohio, USA
My name is ariana and my first kiss story is: I was wearing my favorite v-neck tee and new jeans and high heels. I was in 5th grade. My boyfriend was walking me home from school like any other day. We sat at a bench on our way their. I told him"I going to give you your present here so sit down." I gave him a personized jeresy with his fave sports team and his name and favorite number! He was so amazed. Then I got real close to his face and breathed out kiss me. We kissed and then after he said"Do you know how to french kiss." I told him"I'll try to keep up and then we frenched kissed it was was so romantic.
my first PROPER kiss was with my boyfriend. we had had a phew attempts before but just ended up with touching foreheads and looing in eachothers eyes! i really wanted to do it and so did he we just... never did. things changed and he was being really paranoid and scared about things so it ended after less than a month! we then spent more time together and got real real close and are back together and have been for some time now. the first proper kiss was in my best friends cupboard! see my friend is a total nutter! and she was trying to tidy her room up! however me and jacob were round. so she put a fake eyelash on her mout and acted like she was hitler it was histerical and me and jacob playfully went along with it haha. she made us go into her wardobe cupboard its ish big. but still cramped up! she had a seethru net pink curtain forthe door and when she lefft the room i was up against the wall and jacob was leaning on me and then we hugged looked at eachother and it just happened. i was so happy! now.. we kiss, make out and pull all the time! its totally no big deal i duno why i stressed about it. (this was my first proper one not my first all together!) =)
i was my crush's b-day party and i was talking to my crush for like hours. i could tell all my friends had been watching us for a long time too. i really really wanted to kiss him but i didn't know how to. everyone always says that he likes me and he wants to ask me out but i didn't know if those were just rumers.... so i just acted like friends and nothing more. then he said omg i have to show you something upstairs! and i looked at my friends and they motioned for me to go. so i said ok sure c.j! 😀 so then he grabbed my hand and pulled my upstairs to his balconey!!! and it was beautiful! i could see the lake from there and it was night time so there was like 1 million lights! so i said aww c.j! thats so beautiful! and he said just like you! and i said omg your so cute! but i meant it in a friend kind of way! and he said so are you and he leaned in and kissed me for like 2 minutes!!!! then he pulled away and started walking away! so i said c.j. come back! i'm not done yet!! he smiled came back to me and we started kissing again,then slowly he started slipping his toungue in my mouth and started holding me tighter! i was so happy that i started holding him tighter too! then after a while he started to move his hands down my back untill both hands were on my butt! i was loving every moment of it! and after that we rlly just made out for a while. so that was my first kiss.
I had kissed a few other guys in my time but I never really got my first " Real Tongue Kiss " `till summer of 08 * . I didnt think the kiss was going to be special because I didn't really like the person . Soo everyday he would tell me that he likes me && that he wanted a kiss && I would usually say the casual No because I didn't feel the same. Until one day that he was begging soo much that I actually just did it, I was actually in the moment && that day I felt like I really wanted to kiss him, soo I just did . We were in this dark ally, We made out for like 1min . I actually felt sparks && that's when I knew I was hucked. But then, since we lived really far from one another, I knew I wouldn't be seeing a lot of him. I was really scared though, because I never put my tongue in someone's mouth before but it was really good ! It felt amazing . 1 week ago we made a year of not seeing each other.
Anonymous, 14, U.S.
Alright so last year, my 7th grade year, I was dating a boy named Blake. He was just about the same size as me and he was the perfect kissing level :). Anyways, it was October the 29th when we kissed. We were walking outside of school like any other day then he hugs me and pulls me and kisses me, it was just a peck though nothing major. -- this wasn't my REAL first kiss though. My real first kiss was just the other day(Tuesday, September 15th). I am now dating a boy named Jordan. He's about 5'3 or so and i'm only 4'11 haha :P. So after school I walked up to him at his locker and we're just talking. Then he hugs me and I stood on my tippy-toes because I was pretty sure he was gonna kiss me(; He's not the patient kind of guy haha. He hugs me realllyyy tight, pulls me away some, pulls my face back in. Then before you know it, we kissed. And no way was it a peck, It wasn't a closed kiss either! IT was open mouth. Then He pulls back and goes "i love you babe" (: It was AMAZING<3!!! I LOVE YOU JORDAN!!! - Ashlee, 13, KY hi im cherise and my first kiss happened about three weeks ago august 13 2009. I really liked this guy and he always told me he wanted to kiss me but we never really had the chance to do it. So one day when my mom wasnt home we saw each other and we were talking a little i wasnt really looking for him to kiss me but he was like "cant you hug me" and i was like "u should hug me" and he grabbed me and we were hugging for good while then he just started kissing me his lips were so warm it was beautiful and it was night while i was in his car i was shocked because i didnt expect it but i never stopped thinking about it it will be a night ill never forget.
Cherise, Jamaica
This girl and I have been best friends for a long time, I’ve loved her for nearly a year, and even though I knew she liked me a lot, she had decided not to get together, and I was trying to respect that decision. She and I had been hanging out all that day, and that day especially, I noticed how amazing she was... I mean, I always noticed, but that day I couldn’t not notice it. We went to my place after school, had some popcorn and talked to my parents, went for a walk around my neighborhood, went back to my place and played some guitar. I was being driven crazy with all this pent-up romantic energy. We leave my house to go to hers, about a half-hour walk, and she’s singing opera for me, and she has the most beautiful voice. At one point, as she’s singing, she’s walking along, the sun’s setting behind her, and it silhouettes her and shines off her hair, and I’m so struck by her beauty that I completely slow down, captivated. I tell her, “You have to do me a favor. Right now, like a third of me just wants to kiss you like nothing else, and the other two thirds are like, ‘What, dude? That’s a horrible idea!’ So I need you to stop me if I do it.” I got a call from a friend right at that moment, asking about this party I’d had to blow off. So I field the call, and I get off as quickly as I can. Turn back to her. “So promise me this, okay?” “Okay.” We get back to her house, we play some music, and we go out for her going-away dinner. After a few disappointments, we (she, her mom, and I) finally find somewhere good to eat, enjoy our dinner, and head back. It’s nighttime by now, so we light a fire in her backyard. It’s just the two of us, alone in the moonlight, the firelight, on the swing, with her acoustic guitar. We spend at least half an hour just playing songs for each other, slowly getting more personal with them, her treading into the softest, prettiest ones, and my favorites, me playing new romantic ones. After one of the songs, I stand up and put the guitar in her case. Sit back down leaning up against her. We joke around a little, tickling and stuff, and I end up leaning my head against her shoulder, half laying down. She starts singing to me, beautiful things that sound so much better for the mood of it all. I begin to stare into the night sky, which is one of our many shared passions. We stare together at Venus (perfect, no?). I tell her how much I’ll miss her, how she’s the best friend I’ve ever had and probably will ever have, and thank you so much. She says her own things along those lines, and as I lay there, head against her shoulder, I kind of hug her leg and we keep staring into the night. I look over, and I can tell she’s deep in thought. I ask her what she’s thinking about. “Your thirds,” she tells me. I sit up, lean near her so that our faces are on the same level. She looks away. “What do you think about them?” She tells me she doesn’t know. I lean in, so our faces are only a few inches apart. “What would you do if I were to kiss you right now?” She whimpers. I reach across her face, gently press my fingers against her cheek, and turn her face towards mine. She does not resist, she even follows, but her face she seems to shake. I brush the hair out of her face. Kiss her cheek. Tell her, “I don’t want to do this if you don’t want to.” Silence. I lean in. So does she.
anonymous, 15, NV
my first kiss was with this guy who had known since i was in 3rd grade. i had liked him since fourth grade and we were really good friends. and one day, as we were walking out of school he pulled me over behind the building and he told me he liked me and i then i told him i liked him and we were talking and we looked into each others eyes and both had the same thought on our mind "i want to kiss you". so we both leaned in and kissed. it was amazing.
emma, 13,
My first kiss was yesterday... on Sweetest Day (it's like valentine's day in ohio:). My boyfriend got my a Snickers, which he got me on our first date @ a football game.... how cute... i know! Well me and my boyfriend are both in this school club called Pride, and we went on a trip to a Haunted House. So on the bus ride up there, we held hands and talked about how much fun it was going to be. All through out the hayride and the trail we held hands and hugged (we ran like little kids, but i think i was the only one screaming lol:) Well when we got back on the bus, it was pitch black and i was a bit tired, so i layed my head on his shoulders. He put his arm around me and we just snuggled for a bit. Well... then we kidda looked at each other and our heads were really close together (i could feel his breath on my lips), and his friend pushed him! I totally forgot that there were people around us, but don't worry we didn't kiss then... that would of been a bit awkward. But after we settled again, i put my head back on his shoulder, he put his arm around me and we just sat there. Our faces were really close again (i still could feel his warm breath on my face:), and i kinda just turned my head a tiny bit and he turned his head, just like mine, and he put a little peck on my lips (his lips were soooo soft and felt like silk:) When we pulled away, he whispered "I love you" in my ear. I whispered "I love you 2", and put my head back on his shoulders. We just kidda sat and snuggled next to each other all the way back home:) We hugged goodbye (we didn't wanna worry our parents lol), and said our goodbyes and left each other to ride home. I was breathless and I still am. That was the best first kiss ever!
J.I.S, 14
Okay so my first kiss was, 3 days ago an it was the most AMAZING thing i have ever done, okay so i hadthis halloween party and my bf was there and we were hangin out together all night and then we all decide to play this hide and go seek game, so of course me and my bf hid together, and i live in the woods so there are coyotes and all that jazz out by my house and anyways so we were hidin together and the coyotes started howling right oitside my fence ans we were hiding like 5 feet away from the fence so i was really nervous, and my bf austin, goes, dont be scares, i love you too Much. And he proceeded to sweep me off my feet, he is TOTALLY buff, and he kissed me on the lips for like ever, i felt like a disney princess:), and he was like are you scared anymore? And i was like, maybe if u kissed me again i wouldnt be, and we totally made out again.
sarah, 13, wi
My first kiss happened yesterday. On Halloween, I was hanging out with this guy austen I really like and a few of his friends. We both knew we liked eachother after awhile we went to his house and it was only me him his one friends rich and his sister. they were on the other side of the room and we were snuggling on the couch at one point he whispered something in spanish in my ear I asked him what it meant and put his hand under my chin and kissed me gently on the lips it only lasted about 3 seconds he said it means "I'd like to kiss you" after the movie finished he lifted my chin up and kissed me again I kissed back this time and it was a little longer then the first. When we were waiting for my mom to pick me up he said "i have one more thing to ask you, but im not sure if I should do it now" "what is it?" I asked he said "Autumn will you go out with me?" I said "yes"
Autumn, 15, PA
Lol, just a week ago I was on this website looking at other peoplez first kiss stories. And now I have one too. Okay, I'm in high school, freshman, and for a while, there's this boy in my neighborhood that I've hung out with. A lot, and for hours at a time. We go to the playground with our little brothers and sisters and my friends little brothers and sisters, and we flirt a lot. But, the thing is, he's a senior, so I never really thought that it would... Happen. Then at school, we would flirt too, and we would act all couply like. He would put his arms around waist, and tickle my obsessively, and we were just really touchy feely. So, I was on the bus yesterday, and we were sitting next to each other. We were flirting a little and joking around with his friends, and then he pulls me to him and wraps his arm around me, pulling me tight against him, and intertwines out fingers. It's so hot next to him, and I feel like I'm going to burn up. And he whispers: "I hate how young you are." My heart like stopped beating, cuz at that point, I finally realized he liked me the same way. So when we got to our bus stop, we started walking home and we were talking about this. And the thing is, he only JUST turned seventeen, but yeah, it's still bad and actually... It's against the law. And he's trying not to break the law too much anymore. So, by the time we've gotten to my house (he always walks me home) we've decided not to go out. Then he reaches out to hug me and we hug for a while. But when he starts to pull away, I refuse to let go. So we hug for a little longer, and it's not too awkward. And I cant help asking softly: "Why can't we just go out?" He pulls away a little so he can look into my eyes, "It's not that I don't like you, it's the age gap... It's just too much." I nod, looking up at his lips, my only thoughts now are- just one kiss. Just one kiss. As if he can read my mind, I feel him leaning forward again, and I start to lean forward too, and we... Kiss. I didn't even realize it until I felt his tongue on my lips, and I couldn't help it. I laughed and pulled away and hugged him. Now, I don't know what's gonna happen, but yeah, that was my first kiss, and it couldn't have been with a better, or more amazing person. I'm so glad I waited.
Anita, 13, Maryland